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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 819: Rare Species, Night Rakshasa

Chapter 819: Rare Species, Night Rakshasa

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Some help, anyone? This creature is tough!” Guan Yu quickly requested backup while flying higher into the air.

“Feifei, go!” Jiang Yu pointed ahead, not sure who he was talking to.

Guan Yu saw the White Sobbing Demon jumping right at him while he was falling from the sky. The pale-white body of the creature started spinning like a drill as it approached Guan Yu.

As the White Sobbing Demon flew past the height of the building nearby, a pitch-black shadow appeared behind Jiang Yu and dashed forward!

The black creature had four limbs, its movements as nimble as a cat. It did not make a single noise when it landed on the ground.

Its speed was like a black arrow, reaching the edge of the balcony in an instant before pouncing at the White Sobbing Demon…

“Meow!” The creature’s cry was very similar to that of a cat, yet it held a hint of savagery!

It slashed like a sword as claws extended from its paws. The claws were almost half as long as its arms, it looked like it was holding two rakes in front of its paws…

There was a sharp flicker as the cat-like creature moved past the White Sobbing Demon in the air. The White Sobbing Demon’s attention was fully focused on Guan Yu, so it did not anticipate the ambush from the black creature. Its body was already slashed open when it tried to dodge the attack.

The wounds formed a huge cross on the creature’s chest. The black creature kicked the White Sobbing Demon away with its furry legs after landing its attack.

Even though the creature was rather tiny, the power of its kick was extremely shocking. The White Sobbing Demon was just about to counterattack as it was sent flying. It slammed into the wall and fell into the water!

Guan Yu quickly recovered and found a safe landing spot. He turned around and stared at the black creature that had inflicted serious damage to the White Sobbing Demon with a blank expression.

The black creature spun in the air and landed confidently on the balcony of the building opposite the team. Its claws were dangling beside its furry body.

The blood did not leave stains on the claws. Drops of thick liquid dripped onto the floor. The creature’s long and sharp claws reflected a silver luster after the blood fell from it.

“Meow!” The little black creature turned around. It was a cat-like creature standing on its feet like a human. Its fur was pitch-black, yet its whiskers were white. Its slanted eyes displayed bewitching cunning and ferocity, and the look it sent them was quite aloof!

Most people would assume the creature to be an adorable pet, unless they saw how the creature had dealt a deadly blow to the White Sobbing Demon with a single move. The disdain and elevated look in its eyes were enough to shatter a cat-lover, forcing them to surrender and be its eternal slaves.

“Feifei, come back!” Jiang Yu felt awkward when he realized everyone was staring at his Contracted Beast. He immediately summoned the little creature back.

“Damn, I was wondering why you have never summoned your Contracted Beast to be your ride, even though you’re a Summoner. Your Contracted Beast is adorable! Why didn’t you give her a pair of boots? It’s like a cuter version of Puss in Boots… but yours looks more 3D, and fiercer!” yelled Zhao Manyan.

“She’s so cute, can I give her a hug?” Jiang Shaoxu was overflowing with love.

” (Cough cough) … well, I suggest you not touch her. She doesn’t like being touched. Even I am not allowed to fondle her head,” warned Jiang Yu.

“What kind of creature is she? Not only is she adorable, she’s so strong, too! That White Sobbing Demon was at least a Warrior-level in its Advancing Period, yet she managed to tear it to pieces!” asked Guan Yu curiously.

“She’s a Night Rakshasa, a rare species from Anli Forest. I was lucky to sign a contract with her and have her as my Contracted Beast. Don’t be fooled by her looks; she has the worst temper, and always goes mad in fights…” explained Jiang Yu with a serious voice.

“Night Rakshasa, Night Rakshasa… a very rare species indeed. Your Contracted Beast might be comparable to Mo Fan’s,” mumbled Zhao Manyan subconsciously.

“Mo Fan? Did he have a Contracted Beast, too?” asked Jiang Shaoxu immediately when she heard it.

“Oh, oh, forget what I said,” Zhao Manyan realized that Nanyu was the only person in the team who knew about Mo Fan’s Little Flame Belle. The others had not seen Mo Fan’s Contracted Beast yet.

Speaking of which, Little Flame Belle used to be very naughty. She would appear randomly and set everything on fire even when Mo Fan did not summon her. However, she had been behaving well and stayed in her Contracted Space lately. As a result, the team still did not have the chance to see Mo Fan’s Contracted Beast.

“Enough talk, the army of sea monsters is here!” said Ai Jiangtu sternly.

Unlike the others, his eyes had never left the surging currents under the building.

After the White Sobbing Demon went missing in the water, lots of creatures with spiky scales on their heads had appeared in the water. Their bodies were green, their skin thick and sturdy. The lower halves of their bodies were similar to the White Sobbing Demon, allowing them to swim in the water or stand on land!

Unlike the White Sobbing Demon, they did not have tentacle-like arms, but their paws were jagged. The edges were sharp enough to slice bones in half!

“Those without scales are most likely easier to kill!” Nanyu guessed after analyzing the creatures.

The sea monsters had different levels, too. Even if the Servant-class sea monsters had scales, they were mostly decorations. Their main defense was provided by their flesh.

Warrior-level sea monsters had sturdy skin, with lumps of meat on their bodies. Some of their body parts had also evolved into weapons, granting them strong close-combat abilities.

Most Commander-level sea monsters were covered in scales, as if they were wearing armor made of metal. Normal Intermediate Spells were just a little scratch on their skin, unable to pose any threat to them!

Judging from the thick skin and jagged paws of the green creatures, they were most likely a bunch of Warrior-level creatures!

The team had no trouble fighting Warrior-level creatures. However, before anyone could feel relieved, more heads began to poke out of the water. Since these new heads had spikes in the shape of a fan, they looked like giant sea urchins floating on the current. The spikes almost filled up the entire street.

Their team was in charge of protecting the street. As more spikes began to appear in the water, the hearts of the team members sank heavily.

The Healer of their team, Nan Rongni was severely injured, and the sea monsters were extremely cunning and vicious. They might actually die in the battle if they were careless. No one was treating it like training anymore… especially when Nan Rongni’s painful moans were still lingering in their ears, reminding them that they could not afford to lose focus for even a second!

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