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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 860: Pacing in the Air

Chapter 860: Pacing in the Air

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The Death Saber Mummy raised its giant saber. Its vicious eyes were fixed onto Mu Ningxue.

It took a step forward once again, before swinging the saber in a full arc!

“The same move again!” Bai Dongwei’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the Death Saber Mummy executing the same move.

The students watching the duel reacted the same way, too. It felt like the saber was dangling right above their heads, sending a chill down their spine.

Mu Ningxue felt like she was locked down by some force. She had no chance of dodging it at her own speed.

She calmed her thoughts and waved her finger around, controlling the ice chains around her.

The ice chains stacked on top of one another and bundled up tight. Mu Ningxue was well aware of the Death Saber Mummy’s strength. She was strengthening her defense the moment the mummy raised its saber!

The death saber swung down and fired off a crimson-red shockwave. It slashed through the air and tore the ground apart. The terrifying force produced a strong gust of wind, colliding with the line of defense that Mu Ningxue had set up with her ice chains.

Each of the ice chains was around twenty meters long. The wall was quite thick as the chains combined together, yet the slash still managed to break them to pieces!

White links scattered in the air. The ice chains were slashed apart. The defensive wall failed to endure the Death Saber Mummy’s attack. The black shockwave continued to travel toward Mu Ningxue.

Mu Ningxue’s eyes glittered. A blinding glow burst out of her body.

The light spiraled and accumulated at the spot around two meters in front of Mu Ningxue. When the brilliance completely disappeared, a white shield in the shape of a heart floated firmly there!

The heart shield stopped the black shockwave. Its energy disappeared just two meters away from Mu Ningxue…

The crowd let out a relieved sigh.

Either way, Mu Ningxue had survived the attack. Every time the Death Saber Mummy attacked, it brought an incredible pressure to the crowd.

“Nice…nice one!” exclaimed Li Yijun.

It was fairly difficult to endure the attack. Even those with defensive spells had to rely on their shield equipment and armor.

Mu Ningxue had used the ice chains to build a wall of ice. The thick wall had nullified the majority force of the attack. She then summoned her shield equipment to block the remaining force and guarantee her safety!

“Her ability to summon so many ice chains in such a short time… as expected of someone who was on the national team; incredible talent, and still able to remain calm during a fight!” Bai Dongwei nodded.

Being strong was one thing, but if a person did not have the right attitude at the start of a duel, it would still influence the outcome. Dongfang Lie was the perfect example; he could not even defeat the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy, as he was too cautious.

“That’s nothing to be proud of!” Sayed soon regained his confidence with the dimples on his cheeks.

The Death Saber Mummy was not as agile as the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy. The creature did not even move this time. It slowly raised the saber to its waist.

Its hands held the saber tightly, before moving it horizontally for a hundred and eighty degrees, the saber now facing its back.

The Death Saber Mummy let out a cry like a mad ox as it swung the saber forward horizontally. It produced an extremely sharp flicker of light!

The flicker continued to expand to a length of fifty meters. It looked like someone slashing across with a fifty-meter-long giant saber!

Everyone was stunned when they saw the length of the slash. The dueling ground was around two hundred meters across. It was a fairly spacious area, yet the slash had occupied a quarter of the available space. Even the students who were seated quite a distance away subconsciously tried to dodge the slash when they saw it.

The truth was, they were around two hundred meters away from the duel, with a barrier in between protecting them. The death saber could not possibly reach them, yet they had all reacted subconsciously from the overwhelming pressure of death!

It was utterly terrifying. None of them could possibly survive the slash if it landed on them.

The giant saber had such wide coverage. How is it possible to evade the attack?

Mu Ningxue was surprised by the mummy’s approach, too. However, she was an experienced combatant who had fought many Commander-level creatures before, and did not lose her ground.

Her legs were already circled by winds, but they were far from enough to dodge the attack.

Moving away was not an option, as she could not outrun the long saber. She could not dodge sideways either, as the slash was coming at her horizontally.

Mu Ningxue clenched her teeth. She completed a Star Pattern in the nick of time and altered the direction of the Wind Track. She used the wind to lighten herself.

She leapt into the air and reached a height of five meters…

However, she still had not escaped the threat. The death saber might be traveling horizontally, yet the force it was exerting was spreading further in all directions and would still reach her. Mu Ningxue gathered her focus when she saw the slash approaching.

“Crap, she wasn’t quick enough, nor did she jump high enough!” Bai Dongwei was panicking.

Based on Bai Dongwei’s experience, Mu Ningxue needed to jump at least twenty meters high into the air to completely dodge the attack. On top of that, she had to move faster than the speed of the slash, too.

However, both her height and speed were not enough to guarantee her safety. The terrifying slash would surely hit her in the air. He only hoped that Mu Ningxue was able to summon her armor in time, and hopefully the armor was strong enough to endure the attack!

Mu Ningxue felt she was still in extreme danger, too. The wind circling under her feet grew stronger. Meanwhile, an ice chain was forming close to her. The ice chain was made of the ice particles lingering in the air, and she managed to produce the ice chain fairly quickly without needing to start from scratch.

The ice chain appeared under Mu Ningxue’s feet, serving as a stepping stone for Mu Ningxue to jump higher.

She had not achieved the Advanced Level, so her physical strength was not as impressive. A vertical jump of around five meters was her limit…

Like walking on a tightrope, Mu Ningxue’s boot kicked the ice chain in the air heavily while she controlled the wind to lift her up…

The force of the kick and the wind immediately launched Mu Ningxue higher into the sky. She quickly reached a height of over twenty meters!

A second later, the ice chain that she had used as a stepping stone was slashed in half with a clean cut, as if it was a stalk of grass.

The black slash swept across the place with strong gusts of wind blowing in all directions. Luckily, Mu Ningxue was high enough in the air. Otherwise, her fragile body would have been shredded to pieces by the force!

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw Mu Ningxue dodging the ferocious attack by skipping in the air, disbelief all over their faces!

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