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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 199: Simple Happiness

Chapter 199: Simple Happiness

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Lu Zhaoyang had prepared millet gruel with pumpkin and jujube. She heard footsteps behind her and spoke without looking back, “It’s your turn to try my cooking.”

Huo Chen slowly walked to her and noticed the dark circles around her eyes.

“Did you have a restless night?”

“I need time to get used to the new place. I couldn’t sleep well, so I woke up earlier.” She forced a smile on her face and replied with affected ease.

The golden millet sprinkled with red jujube was served in two bowls. They smelled wonderful.

She took the bowls to the dining table and said, “Please forgive me if it doesn’t taste nice.”

Huo Chen followed behind her, bringing an egg dish with him. “You’re doing alright. This is typical breakfast in Z Country.”

Huo Chen seemed to be focused on his breakfast, but he was constantly casting quick glances at her face.

What should he do if she continued to unable to sleep well?

He had thought that bringing her away from Huo Yunting and that horrible place would be the best solution.

Lu Zhaoyang noticed his attention and pretended to ignore him and ate her breakfast.

Did she really look so haggard?

After breakfast, she paid close attention to herself in the mirror and found that she looked a little weary.

Huo Chen took over the cleaning up work again, so she went to the second floor to explore the four empty rooms there.

She walked to the balcony and enjoyed the scenery outside. She was bathed in cool but glaring sunlight that nevertheless seemed to thaw a little bit of the darkness in her heart.

“What do you think, Yang Yang?”

Lu Zhaoyang turned around to see Huo Chen walking toward her. She smiled and said, “I want a big bookshelf made of wood, the kind that I can build myself. We can color it mint green, it’s good for the eyes!

“I want a swing chair that I can read a book on when I’m free. There should be a round table beside it. When the weather is fine, I can sunbathe while enjoying nice cuppa! Oh, what do you think the table’s color should be?”

Huo Chen rubbed the tip of his nose as he suggested, “Erm… white?”

“You’re still the same, everything is either white or black, or navy blue. White is a good idea though, it matches, so white it is!”

She had to accept his suggestion sometimes. After all, he was the house owner.

“I’m honoured to finally have my suggestion approved.”

Back when they went shopping together, she never chose the clothes that he suggested to her.

They shared a knowing smile.

In the afternoon, they drove to a workshop and brought back tons of materials in a small truck.

This was Lu Zhaoyang’s first time doing something like this. She was excited and keened to get started.

Huo Chen saw her holding an electric saw and standing in front of a plank. He quickly went to her.

“Let me do this, it’s dangerous work.” He had only stepped away for awhile and already she had started on something so dangerous.

“I’m not a kid, I’ll be careful!”

Lu Zhaoyang held on tightly to the electric saw. Huo Chen stared at her without a word like he was demanding her to show her stuff!

She blinked twice and said, “I’m doing it now…”

Huo Chen huffed and held out his hand at her.

Lu Zhaoyang reluctantly passed the saw to him. “You’re no fun, why can’t I try it out?”

Huo Chen put the saw aside and poured her a glass of water. “Come have a drink, don’t be mad. If you really want to contribute, I’ll prepare the things for you to start painting, what do you say?”

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