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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 326: Blackmailing

Chapter 326: Blackmailing

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was the last call she wanted to answer.

“Su Cheng, what more do you want? I am not going to join your company. I do not want to be a star! Perish that thought!” Lu Zhaoyang shouted as soon as she picked up the phone.

“Beauty, you have a bad temper. How hard did Brother Ting screw you last night? You guys were so passionate, eh?”

Lu Zhaoyang was convinced that Su Cheng was a jerk; he was one of those good-looking guys that she wanted to give a slap on the face.

‘I am hanging up!”

She didn’t want to say much. She could land herself into trouble if Su Cheng’s phone was tapped.

“Your temper is more and more like your brother. I have told you not to emulate him.” Su Cheng sat in front of the computer leisurely with footage of last night’s concert playing on the computer.

“Yeah, he asked me to ignore you.” Lu Zhaoyang had work to do. She had no time to entertain him and was about to hang up.

“Yang Yang, I know that you are going to hang up on me. But I have something to show you. You must share it with your brother. If you do not come to my office, I am going to release the video clip. You know what I mean.”

Su Cheng hung up. He watched the video clip of a couple kissing and shrugged.

What an eye candy scene, he thought.

It would be a hit if he could convince Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang to play the leading roles in his new movie.

Lu Zhaoyang listened to the disconnect tone in the phone and felt something amiss.

Not long after, an email notification sounded; she thought it was Yu Jingxi. She opened the email, and a video clip was automatically downloaded and played.

Wasn’t that the concert last night?

Lu Zhaoyang was not interested. She moved the cursor to close the video until the scene of her kissing Huo Yunting appeared.

It was not conspicuous with so many people around. But when looking closely, she could see their faces clearly!

“Su Cheng!”

It turned out that it was why Su Cheng had insisted for her to go to the concert; it was a setup.

She could not handle this matter on her own. So, she decided to contact Huo Yunting.

She first forwarded the video clip to Huo Yunting’s work email and then called him.

“Miss me already?” The call was quickly connected to Huo Yunting.

“Stop the crap! Something has gone wrong!” Lu Zhaoyang pinched her glabellar. “Su Cheng recorded a video of us kissing last night. Now, he used the video clip to blackmail me into joining his company. Fix it!”

Huo Yunting could not help but respond with a hah. “Now, you know how important I am. That’s right. Keep it up.”

“Yeah, Your Excellency Huo. Please fix this and make sure he gets the message that I am not interested at all in the entertainment industry and don’t bother me again!”

Lu Zhaoyang hung up.

Huo Yunting was startled as he looked at the phone. It seemed that Lu Zhaoyang had found hanging up on him as a matter of course.

Huo Li came in, seeing that his elder brother was in a good mood, he and quickly buttered him up. “Brother Ting, you look so awesome today!”

“Oh, am I?” Huo Yunting switched on his computer listlessly to check what the video clip was all about.

“Of course, you are, Brother Ting. So, is there anything that I can do for you?” Huo Li asked smilingly.

“Of course, you can. Get me Cheng—now.”

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