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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 546: Father and Son Talking

Chapter 546: Father and Son Talking

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Zhaoyang also found out that her son had gone to bed, so she sneaked into his bedroom.

When she opened the door, she saw her son watching TV from his bed. The boy promptly turned to face her when he noticed her.

“You’re awake, Yangyang.”

The boy crawled down the bed and wobbled his way toward her.

“Aren’t you taking a nap?” She bent down and took his hands. “Did you hear the argument outside just now?”

That was completely inappropriate for him!

“No, I’m a good boy. I don’t listen to what I’m not supposed to!”

He retreated into his own room right before the argument started.

“I see, please continue.”

She thought of what Lin Yazhi had said earlier and felt grateful that her son heard none of it.

Then, she remembered that Huo Yunting was still upstairs. She must find a way to get rid of him…

The man was dangerous. She must keep him well fed to avoid any crazy stunts.

Thus, she entered the kitchen to prepare dinner. In a rare moment of generosity, Lin Yazhi offered to help out.

Her son, on the other hand, was idle and decided to go upstairs.

Huo Yunting had just woken up on Lu Zhaoyang’s bed. He scratched his chin and thought about how to convince her to let him stay the night.

Suddenly, the door opened.

He looked up but did not see anyone. Then, he slowly shifted his gaze downward and saw a tiny human wobbling his way toward him. The boy tilted his head and studied him curiously.

“Uncle, why did you sleep on Yangyang’s bed?” The boy took off his shoes and climbed onto the bed.

Since they had “slept together” before, little Huo Xu had come to consider Huo Yunting as family.

He walked to Huo Yunting’s side but stumbled butt-first onto the man.

“Hey kid, how heavy are you?” He put a hand behind the boy to stop him from falling.

This is Huo Chen’s son…

What a cute and sensible kid. More importantly, he was Lu Zhaoyang’s son.

He must admit that he felt very jealous!

Had he tried to make Lu Zhaoyang pregnant in the past, their son would have been a primary school student by now.

“I’m almost 17 kilos…”

“Not bad.” He lay back against the headboard and picked the boy up with one hand. “Did you behave when you were overseas? Did you cause any trouble for your mum?”

“I always behave myself. Yangyang calls me her little knight because I never bring any trouble to her. I also protect her!”

Suddenly, little Huo Xu reached a hand out to touch Huo Yunting’s face.

“Uncle Yunting, do you think you look very much like me?”

“It’s you who look like me.”

Huo Yunting had just finished his sentence when he suddenly realized something!

What if… what if Huo Xu was his son?

Before Lu Zhaoyang’s accident, they had been intimate a few times. He had even lied to her once about her fertile period after they had sex.

“Yea, we both have the surname Huo and we do look alike. Are you father’s brother?”

Huo Xu’s question promptly decimated his suspicions.

The boy called Huo Chen father. How could he be his son?

He should accept the truth…

“No.” They were uncle and nephew, not siblings.

“But… Okay. Are you ready to get up, uncle? Yangyang is making dinner.” Huo Xu got back onto his feet with much difficulty.

“So soon?”

Huo Yunting pulled away his blanket and picked the boy up with one hand.

“It’s already five o’clock.”

Lu Zhaoyang was busy in the kitchen while Lin Yazhi mostly sulked in a corner.

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