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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 548: Family Walk

Chapter 548: Family Walk

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“It was all your fault. Had you told me earlier, I would not have prepared the wrong gift.”

However, looking back at the chain of events, Huo Yunting must have been angry at that time and did not have time for such intricacies.

Huo Yunting thought she was clumsy, but in a cute way.

“I had no idea what you prepared anyway. Next time, you can ask for my advice before you do anything. Of course, there will be a price.”

He stared at her intently, making it very clear exactly what the price would be.

“Well, I’m glad they are married now.” She ignored him and steered the conversation away from that particular topic.

“They even have a child now.”

“That’s wonderful. Mu Xian’s parents will have to acknowledge their union then.”

“What’s wonderful about that? Ye Zhiyu ended up with postpartum depression.”

“…” Lu Zhaoyang was taken aback. “Mu Xian loves her so much, he would never let her stay depressed, right?”

“She’s doing fine now.”


What the hell? Can’t you just tell the whole story in one go?!

She felt like she was being toyed with!

Huo Yunting shrugged in mild amusement.

“It is a boy or a girl?”

If the chance presented itself, perhaps she would bring Xuxu over to play with their child.

Her son would benefit from the company of his age.

“A girl. They named her Mu Qinyu.” A thought came to him and he looked down at little Huo Xu. “Do you want to come with me to see her one day?”

“A girl?” The boy nodded, but quickly backtracked. “Only if Yangyang is okay with it.”

Lu Zhaoyang was preoccupied with the name they gave their daughter.

Qinyu —”devotion for Ye Zhiyu” [1].

That must be the meaning of her name.

“That actress called Fu something… Oh, Fu Yuhuan. Did she cause any trouble?”

She did not keep up with the local news when she was overseas for fear of seeing anything related to Huo Yunting.

“What can she do?” Huo Yunting replied dismissively. He had almost forgotten about her.

“Even if she left Mu Xian alone, she tried to include you in her plans. Didn’t she propose to you during the wedding?”

Lu Zhaoyang took the opportunity to tease him. After Mu Xian backed out of the marriage, Fu Yuhuan set her eyes on Huo Yunting instead.

If it wasn’t for the shooting incident that followed later, things would have gotten more interesting.



Lu Zhaoyang was reminded of Lu Bai. She had lost touch with him since she left.

He was now at an age suitable for marriage. She wondered how he was doing.

Hopefully, he was still free and living a good life.

“Don’t challenge me to carry you back to the house if you continue to provoke me like this.”

If she was going to talk about these things with her son present, he would not hold back too.

“I’m just chatting idly, or do you feel guilty and prefer not to talk about it?” Lu Zhaoyang looked at her son and shook her head. “Uncle Yunting has a bad temper, try not to get too close to him.”

Huo Yunting was speechless.

Hell, who is she to say my temper is bad?!

His wife had a son with another man, and yet here he was taking an evening walk with them. No other man in the world could be more tolerating than him, right?

Lu Zhaoyang guided her son and turned around. The family of three made their way slowly back home.

Lin Yazhi lived in a scenic and peaceful neighbourhood. The air tasted fresh and the neighbouring mansions were a good distance apart from each other.

He asked, “Do you plan to continue staying here?”

“I’m only staying in the city for a month. Yazhi is willing to help me out.”

When it was time, she would bring little Huo Xu back to continue his studies.

There was nothing here that she missed.

Except… him, maybe.

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