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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 549: Uncle Yunting Is One of Us

Chapter 549: Uncle Yunting Is One of Us

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was not known whether Huo Yunting would marry Ming Yue. Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang would have to divorce first if he wanted to. If that happened, would Lu Zhaoyang be heartbroken or just relieved? She was not so sure.

“She is nothing but trouble. By troubling her, you two are double trouble!” Huo Yunting took out his cigarette and lighter from his pocket. He would have carried her inside on his back had Huo Xu been not here.

“Uncle Yunting, Yang Yang said that people should not smoke; it is harmful to your health.” Huo Xu shook his head and said with his kiddish voice.

“I am already twenty-nine years old; unlike you, who is only three.” Despite saying so, Huo Yunting still tucked the cigarettes and lighter away.

“It is all the same. Yang Yang is always right!” In the eyes of the little guy, Uncle Yunting is family. So, Uncle Yunting should listen to Yang Yang, just like him and his daddy.

Huo Yunting spotted his car parked not far away before arriving at Lin Yazhi’s mansion. Huo Li, the rascal, left when he should have stayed and come back when he should not. Stupid! Huo Yunting said in his mind.

Little Huo Xu stood next to Lu Zhaoyang and waved him goodbye. “See you again, Uncle Yunting!”

“Go to bed early.” Huo Yunting patted Little Huo Xu’s head before climbing into the car reluctantly.

The silver Aston Martin zoomed past the mother and son, kicking up a blanket of dust in the air.

Huo Yunting sat in the car and took out his packet of cigarettes again. He was in a pickle.

Huo Li glanced at him from the rearview mirror. “Brother Ting, where are we going? Golden Capital?”

“Go home!”

Tsk tsk, he did not even want to go to the Golden Capital now; his wife meant the world to him now, Huo Li said in his mind.

Huo Yunting saw the white cane on the side of the closet in the bedroom. After four years, Lu Zhaoyang no longer needed it. He walked over and picked up the white cane in his hand. It was spotless. He had been holding it up in his hand countless times for the past four years. Stroking it in his hand, he knew that it was time to discard it. Huo Yunting opened the window and tossed the white cane out. Only after hearing the sound of the cane landed on the ground that he strode into the bathroom.


It was Monday when Thunderbolt Corp held its routine morning meeting. All the top executives did a double-take when they saw Lu Zhaoyang sitting on the right-hand side of Huo Yunting. After being absent for so long, Secretary Lu was back. Wonders that would never cease! Everyone thought.

The morning meeting went on smoothly. The only unresolved item on the agenda was the Autumn Water project.

Lu Zhaoyang followed behind Huo Yunting on the way out from the conference room. Her face lacked emotion. “I suggest that you go see the owner of Autumn Water,” she said.

“As far as I know, it is not easy to get to that woman,” Huo Yunting replied.

“With President Huo’s irresistible charm, the woman will not decline to see you. Besides, Xiang Jinxi will surely go to see her,” Lu Zhaoyang said with a smile. If Xiang Jinxi got his hand on the right to develop the land of Autumn Water, Xiang Yuan Corp would gain a foothold in the city and it would spell trouble for Thunderbolt.

“Let him go, I am not interested. It is not easy to shake the foundation of Thunderbolt in this city.” Huo Yunting was only interested in the woman sitting next to him. As for other women, it was none of his business.

“Well, since you give up, I will go instead. After all, I am the one who is in charge of this project.” Lu Zhaoyang threw her hands in the air. She suddenly stopped in her tracks and asked, “Can you take care of Xuxu?”

“Mhm.” Huo Yunting went straight back to his office without even looking back.

Lu Zhaoyang grabbed her handbag and left to meet the owner of Autumn Water, Qiu Jin, at the high-end manor.

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