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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 550: Getting Fooled by Him

Chapter 550: Getting Fooled by Him

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Zhaoyang could already hear the beautiful song played on the piano from afar. The maid brought her straight to the back of the manor where Qiu Jin was swimming in the open-air swimming pool.

This time, she came not to convince Qiu Jin to pass the project to Thunderbolt but to learn more about Qiu Jin’s preferences so that she could come up with a better proposal later.

“Zhaoyang!” Qiu Jin came out of the water, revealing her skinny black bikini together with her proud figure. She took off her swimming cap and swung her hair in seductively.

Taking the bath towel handed over by the maid, Qiu Jin wiped the water off her body. “It has been a long time. I didn’t expect you to work for Thunderbolt again.” Qiu Jin ambled towards Lu Zhaoyang. She threw away the towel, took a glass of light pink cocktail and drank it.

“Oh, I’d like to drink, but I have to drive. Thank you.” Lu Zhaoyang politely declined the wine handed in front of her. “It is just a temporary job.”

“Don’t be so modest. Since when is it so easy to become the chief secretary of Thunderbolt?” Qiu Jin put down the glass and lay comfortably face down on a chaise lounge, enjoying the massage of a professional masseur under the shade of the large patio umbrella. Her life was the envy of many people.

“Just for one month. After that, I will return to Washington.” When offered a glass of juice, Lu Zhaoyang happily accepted it.

“Why go back there? After spending a long time abroad, you will know that the city was a land of feng shui. Oh, our Autumn Water land will be developed.” Qiu Jin suddenly looked at Lu Zhaoyang. “Is this not why you are here?”

“It seems that nothing can escape your eye.”

“But Zhaoyang, I am very sorry…” Qiu Jin pursed her lips, “Our evaluation shows that most people prefer Xiang Yuan. So—”

“Do we really not have a chance?” Never did Lu Zhaoyang expect that they would have made the decision so early.

“Zhaoyang, the business world is a dog-eat-dog world. I hope you could understand.” Qiu Jin was euphemistic but her meaning was loud and clear.

“No worries.” Lu Zhaoyang now knew that Xiang Yuan Corp was one step ahead of her.

Lu Zhaoyang was thinking about how to tell Huo Yunting about it when she got a call from him while driving back. “I am on my way back,” she said via her Bluetooth headset.

“How does it feel to run into a stone wall?” Huo Yunting asked with a slothful voice.

“You knew about it?” She could not help but raise her voice as she realized that she was fooled by him again.

“Not long, just knew it. Come back, your son misses you.” Huo Yunting leaned lackadaisical back in the chair while the little guy was sleeping in his lounge.

“I got it.” Lu Zhaoyang hung up, feeling upset.

Lu Zhaoyang went straight to Huo Yunting’s office once she was back in Thunderbolt but she found that Xuxu was still sleeping. So, she left without even talking to Huo Yunting.

Lu Zhaoyang honestly doubted that Huo Yunting did not have prior knowledge about Xiang Yuan Corp getting the contract before them. Otherwise, why did he appear so nonchalantly about the Autumn Water project?

Damn it! She cursed.

An hour later, Huo Yunting carried Huo Xu into Lu Zhaoyang’s office. The little guy was awake and playing on the couch. Huo Yunting walked over and looked down at Lu Zhaoyang. “Are you angry?”

“Not at all. Who am I to get angry with President Huo?” Lu Zhaoyang forced a smile and continued to type on the keyboard. “I still have work to do. Please help yourself!”

“All right. It is all my fault and I apologize. To show my sincerity, I am going to bring you out for dinner.” Huo Yunting did not hesitate to eat the humble pie just to have dinner with her, showing how sincere he was

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