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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 551: Good Job, Kid!

Chapter 551: Good Job, Kid!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“No, I accept your apology. I am not angry anymore.” It was not that she was bossy, it was just that she knew Huo Yunting too well—he was only using dinner as a pretense to lay his hand on her.

“Uncle Yunting, did you secretly smoke? You smell like cigarettes; Yang Yang is not going to like it.” The little guy was innocent with his words and serious on his face.

Huo Yunting carefully smelled and paused for a second before going away. She had never shown her disgust, although he had been smoking in the past.

After Huo Yunting left, Lu Zhaoyang immediately gave his son a big thumbs up for driving Huo Yunting away. “Good job, Xuxu!”

However she did not expect was that when she opened the office door after work, she saw Huo Yunting had changed into a new set of clothes standing at the door. He leaned over and lifted up Little Huo Xu in his arms. “I don’t smell like cigarettes anymore. Let’s go for dinner.”

The little guy did not forget to look back at Lu Zhaoyang. “Yang Yang, let’s go. Uncle will not repeat the mistake again, just forgive him once.”

Good job, kid! Huo Yunting said in his mind as he kissed Huo Xu’s chubby cheek with a loud smack.

Reluctantly, Lu Zhaoyang followed them from behind into the elevator. “Thank you for your generosity. You don’t have to do that and we have to go home.”

Huo Yunting ignored her, holding the little guy with one hand and gently jolted him a couple of times. “Little guy, what would you like to eat?”

“Hey, can you be more reasonable?” Lu Zhaoyang snapped before Xuxu could answer. How could he make use of the kid?

“Did I do something wrong? Dinner as a gesture of atonement is reasonable.” Huo Yunting walked past Lu Zhaoyang out of the elevator with the child.

During off-duty hours, many employees in the lobby saw them and were all perplexed and surprised. They knew that they were brother and sister but somehow felt they were husband and wife.

Lu Zhaoyang put on a smiley face but deep down, she was cursing Huo Yunting to high heaven: Mucker! Mucker!

Huo Yunting disregarded her expression and brought Little Huo Xu into his car. Lu Zhaoyang had no choice but to follow. She then sent Lin Yazhi a text message.

Upon witnessing her reaction, Huo Yunting lips smiled. He had found more and more of her soft spots, which included Xue Yuming and Huo Xu, to name a few, of which he could use to rein her in.

The so-called dinner place was actually Huo Yunting’s house, to the Lu Zhaoyang’s chagrin. She sighed and carried Little Huo Xu out from the car. “Is it appropriate to invite staff to dine at your house?”

“Then, you should feel honored.” He walked into the house at a lazy pace.

Lu Zhaoyang was rooted to the spot, unsure of whether the same maids were still in the house. She was afraid that they would address her as Mrs. Huo. Huo Xu might be young, but he was intelligent; he would surely sense something was amiss.

Lu Zhaoyang did not want to disturb the status quo nor let Huo Yunting threaten her with the child since Huo Yunting had misunderstood as to who was the real father of the child and she would only work in Thunderbolt for a month.

Huo Yunting was already in front of the door when he suddenly turned around and saw Lu Zhaoyang was turning around and leaving with her son. He looked on and did nothing as he knew her concern. Then Huo Yunting told the butler to replace all the maids at home.

This time, he had made a blunder and the opportunity slipped away. He got his retribution.

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