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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 552: The Mysterious Mr. Ma

Chapter 552: The Mysterious Mr. Ma

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The following day, Lu Zhaoyang went to work as usual. She went to Huo Yunting’s office and saw him busy at work as if nothing had happened before.

They discussed but there was no way to win back the Autumn Water project.

“Let it go since the Autumn Water project does not belong to us. This is the most important thing.” Huo Yunting took a document off the table and gently pushed it before her. “Take a look.”

Lu Zhaoyang bowed her head and took it. “I will study it and get back to you soon.” She turned and left as her tone of voice was businesslike.

Lu Zhaoyang returned after studying it carefully. “Mr. President, if Xiang Jinxi’s habit is anything to go by, he will surely not let this opportunity slip away. If he has the support of Mr. Mason, Xiang Yuan Corp will not have to spend a single cent of their own money into the Autumn Water project.” In that case, Xiang Jinxi would divert more of his attention on them.

“What do you think he will do next?” Huo Yunting looked lazily up at her.

“Secret meeting. He will send someone to fetch Mr. Ma from the airport and butter him up all the way. Xiang Jinxi might look cold on the outside but he will go out of his way to keep this important target happy.” Xiang Jinxi would do anything to get what he wanted.

Lu Zhaoyang had only worked for Xiang Jinxi for a few months but she already knew him like the back of her hand. Huo Yunting could not help but feel jealous. Meanwhile, Lu Zhaoyang, who was still talking before him, did not notice the displeasure on his face.

Huo Yunting tapped his fingers on the desk and said, “I will not let him get to the target so easily. Huo Li will get the flight information. You will pick up Mason personally. And I will cut quick a deal with him.”


So, Lu Zhaoyang went away again. She had nothing to say to him except for official business. He thought she was so obstinate.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Lu Zhaoyang went to meet the target at the airport in her standard black and white business suit. Her colleague held a sign written ‘Mason’ standing next to her.

Mason, the director of the foreign consortium, had always been keeping a low profile. No one had seen his photo. So, Lu Zhaoyang had no clue of how Mason looked like. Even Huo Yunting did not manage to find out. The guy, Mason, was surprisingly mysterious.

A crowd suddenly came out into the arrival hall; the plane had landed. In the chaos, Lu Zhaoyang could only look for Mason based on her intuition.

Instead of identifying Mason, Lu Zhaoyang saw a familiar face. “Bai!” She called out excitedly, waving her hand.

Used to being draped in vests, shorts, and flip-flops, Lu Bai was now in a white shirt, black pants, and shiny black leather shoes with a suit jacket on his arm. He looked handsome and spirited. His skin looked healthier unlike the pale texture last time. All in all, he looked manlier now.

Lu Bai was rooted to the spot when he saw Lu Zhaoyang. He never expected to see her on the first day of his return after a long four-year absence.

Lu Bai had wanted to contact Lu Zhaoyang after he left but she seemed to have changed her number and disappeared into thin air.

“Sister!” Lu Bai lost his composure and scampered up to her. He could not hide his excitement. But when he saw the sign in her colleague’s hands, he let out a sly smile.

Lu Zhaoyang held his arms and asked, “Are you okay? They will not go after you again?”

“We shall talk later. Let’s get out of here,” Lu Bai said.

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