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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 553: Have Money To Burn

Chapter 553: Have Money To Burn

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Wait a minute, Bai! Leave me your number. I can’t go just yet; I have to pick up an important guest.” Lu Zhaoyang pointed to the sign next to him and shrugged. “I am still at work.”

When Lu Zhaoyang previously left, Lu Bai was still on the run. She wanted to know how he managed all these years.

“Sister, I am the one you are waiting for!” Lu Bai had a bright smile on his face. This was his character; unlike the usual icy cold expression on his face.

Lu Zhaoyang was startled for a moment before she made out what was happening. Raising her thumbs up in the air, she laughed. “No wonder they want to catch you. You are really amazing. When did you change your name?”

“I could not have survived with only one identity. But Lu Bai is my real name; I did not lie to you.” Lu Bai held her hand as they walked out. He breathed a sigh of relief seeing that she was safe and sound.

“It has never come across my mind that you are an expert in financial management. Let alone a senior director of a consortium.” Never in her wildest imagination that Lu Bai was the mysterious person that she was waiting for. Their close relationship would make sure Xiang Jinxi could not challenge her as Lu Bai would surely be on her side.

A long-wheelbase Lincoln suddenly pulled up as they walked out of the airport. The car door swung open with Xiang Jinxi holding a wine glass inside.

“Secretary Lu, Mr. Mason, if you don’t mind, I can give you a ride.” Xiang Jinxi slightly swirled the wine in the glass. The bright red liquid seemed to exude a mysterious temptation. Together with Xiang Jinxi’s handsome face and cold expression, Lu Zhaoyang felt an evil vibe.

“Thank you for President Xiang’s kindness. We have a car.” Lu Zhaoyang glanced at him briefly before walking to her car on the side.

Lu Bai took only a glimpse of Xiang Jinxi and consciously followed Lu Zhaoyang from behind. “Sister, that man looks a bit like Brother Ting.” He did not see it clearly and had not seen Huo Yunting for some time but he could still make out the similarity.

“It should be. They are half-brothers,” Lu Zhaoyang briefly replied. “Is it safe for you to come out in the open just like this?” She was worried about Lu Bai instead.

“It is fine.” Lu Bai would not roam around if he were scared.

“It is better to be safe than sorry, especially during this critical period.” Lu Zhaoyang felt that Xiang Jinxi would not give up so easily. If he found out who this Mason really was, things might blow up.

“To be honest, I have no clue about investing.” Lu Bai scratched his head. “Just because I am flush with cash, so…” He had all the assets of the organization in his hands; so much so that he could not possibly spend it all in his entire life.

“Have money to burn, eh?” Lu Zhaoyang mocked but at the same time, she was curious. “Did you buy yourself the job?”

“Sort of. I am too bored staying at home doing nothing all day.” Lu Bai was tired of living this way.

“That’s why I say have money to burn.” Lu Zhaoyang threw her hands up.

Perhaps, God looked after him and rewarded him for his good-heartedness all this while.

During the dinner at night, Huo Yunting was surprised to see Lu Bai was Mason. The rascal had changed a lot after four years, he lamented to himself as he poured Lu Bai some wine.

“Brother Ting, I don’t drink.” Lu Bai immediately shook his head.

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