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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 707: Caused the Suicide Of His Own Mother-in-law

Chapter 707: Caused the Suicide Of His Own Mother-in-law

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After the autopsy, the doctor said that her health had been poor, especially after the abnormal miscarriage that many other abnormalities followed.

One misstep, followed by many missteps ruined her life ruined her body and everything else.


And now, whatever she had wanted to say, she could only saw it to herself.

She could no longer hear her anymore.

Ten minutes later, Huo Yunting returned.

Lu Zhaoyang stood like a statue beside the body with her hands holding the already cold hands.

“Huo Yunting…”

She turned around and threw herself into his arms as tears came falling down.

Huo Yunting hugged her delicate body and looked down at her sobbing state. He felt nothing but pain and took her away from the place.

Xuxu was still at home and they had to go back. By the time they reached the mansion it was already late.

The little boy sat on the sofa quietly waiting for them as he shook his legs. The moment he heard sounds from outside, he quickly ran out.

“Yangyang, daddy, is grandma…okay?”

While he did not like that woman, she was still Yangyang’s mother.

“Grandma passed away.”

As it stands, she had no choice but to accept everything, chin up and move on. She could not let the child see her wallow in sorrow.

If mother had decided to leave this way, she could only respect her and perhaps for mother, it was a form of release.

“Don’t be sad, Xuxu and daddy will always be with you…” The young boy delicate fingers held onto her hands before touching her face. “Rest, rest, tomorrow will be better…..”


While she was very hungry now, she had no appetite to eat.

She could not reject him but seeing the little one’s cute face, she dragged by his tiny hands over to the dining room.

Huo Yunting was relieved and at key moments like this, still he needed his son to smooth things out.

Lu Zhaoyang managed to eat a little before putting her chopsticks down, as she held her chin, looking listlessly at Huo Yunting.

“Did my mother, got worked up into doing this?”

She wanted a life full of extravagance, so why did she chose to commit suicide?

And, that she chose to die before their house…

Was there a scheme behind this?

“I already gotten Huo Li to investigate,” Huo Yunting had the same thing in mind and as he looked at the small bowl before her, he continued, “Eat a little bit more.”

“No, no appetite.”

As she thought of her mother’s body still lying inside the morgue, how could she have any appetite?

After handing Xuxu over to Huo Yunting, Lu Zhaoyang went to bed.

That night, Huo Yunting did not disturb her and slept together with the little boy, giving her some personal space.

The next morning, they had went to the hospital to claim the body and move it to a funeral parlour.

As for Huo Zhenning, Lu Zhaoyang had already informed him. As husband and wife, whether he appears or not was his business.

Just as the hearse was taking the body out of the hospital exit, it was blocked by a swarm of reporters and the vehicle could barely move.

“What’s happening?”

Lu Zhaoyang frowned as a bad premonition rose in her mind.

Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang was sitting in the car behind. They could see the crowding reporters and the flashing cameras.

At that moment, Huo Li called.

“Bro Ting, everyone outside is saying that you had caused the suicide of your own mother-in-law, forcing her to kill herself before your house and the pictures yesterday too had been spread out!”

Huo Yunting listened to the voice from the phone and smirked.

“Was it Xiang Jinxi’s handiwork?”

This sort of third rate defamation, you didn’t even need to think twice to know it was him.

“Should be!”

And with that, it seems like Xue Yuming’s actions were comprehensible now too.

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