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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 714: Corporal Punishment?!

Chapter 714: Corporal Punishment?!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Bai was captured? The commander brought him in himself?

How is that possible?!

“Alright, good night…”

Having lost her mood, she made it slowly to the bed. The man on the sofa did not reply to her.

Wen He remained optimistic, but she did not sleep well that night as she was contemplating on whether Hou Chen was telling the truth.

She finally managed to take a short nap in the break of dawn.

When she woke up, the sky was already brightly lit.

She hurried out of bed and dashed out of her room without changing out of her pajamas.

“Huo Chen!”

“Let’s have breakfast.” The man said to her from the dining table.

Her left shoulder was slightly exposed under her pajamas, and there was something enticing in the way she looked with her messy shoulder-length hair.

He averted his gaze and looked mildly uncomfortable.

Wen He made her way to him and shook her head to shake off the sleep. “When you said you caught Bai last night, were you telling the truth?”


“Then bring me to him!”

“Right after we have breakfast.”

They quickly finished their meal and left the dormitory. Wen He was preoccupied in her own thoughts as they made their way to the interrogation room.


Every soldier they met along the way saluted respectfully.

Their greetings made Wen He jump in surprise. She looked at the man beside and laughed dryly. “Your soldiers are all so lively. You should learn from them.”


Huo Chen ignored her.

When they reached the building which housed the interrogation room, Song Shou was there to meet them.


Huo Chen acknowledged him with a slight nod and hastened his way into the interrogation room.

“We’re here to see Lu Bai. Open the door.”

Song Shou looked hesitant. “Sir, Lu Bai is not here anymore. He is being locked up in the underground cell.”

Huo Chen frowned. “Show me the way!”

“Yes sir!”

Wen He grew worried and trailed closely behind the two men.

When the lights were switched on in the dark underground prison, she immediately noticed Lu Bai in one of the cells.

Sitting in a corner of the room, his hair was a mess and his face was unnaturally pale. Wen He was also shocked to find his body covered in red bloody streaks as a result of whipping.

“Bai —”

Wen He’s eyes widened as she dashed toward him, but she could not reach further beyond the cell bars!

“Bai, how are you doing, talk to me!”

Lu Bai was deadly still and did move make a sound.

“Huo Chen!”

Wen He turned to glare at Huo Chen, who had a grim look on his face. “Why did you do use corporal punishment on him?!”

Huo Chen shifted his icy cold gaze to Song Shou.

“What happened?”

Someone had ordered for Lu Bai’s punishment without his permission.

“Tell me!”

Huo Chen order with a loud and stern voice.

Everyone else in the underground prison trembled in fear.

Nevertheless, none of them spoke up. In the end, Song Shou offered hesitantly, “Sir, it’s…”


Huo Chen cut him off. His gaze turned colder still.

“I know who it was.”

There was only one person who could override his position as major general and caused these men to keep silent.

“Get the medical officer here.”

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