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WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 941: I was Forced to Sleep with a Girl, and She Looked Exactly Like You

Chapter 941: I was Forced to Sleep with a Girl, and She Looked Exactly Like You

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Hence, she did not pull away. In any case, they were both girls.

When they reached the commercial area, they passed by some shops.

“Hold on, I want to get something,” Liu Beibei said.


Just a moment later, Liu Beibei came out of a shop with a gray checkered scarf.

“The weather is chilly now, Mo Ning. I think you will look good with this scarf, it suits you.” Liu Beibei took a brief and casual look at her bare neck and said evenly, “Think of it as a welcoming gift.”

“Thank you.”

Mo Ning took the scarf and put it on immediately. “What do you think?”

“You look so handsome!”

They exchanged smiles.

After a long walk, they went to a cafe near the university and ordered two cups of coffee.

Halfway through her drink, Mo Ning excused herself to use the washroom.

After hesitating for a second in front of the female washroom, Mo Ning braced herself and stepped into the washroom opposite it. When she saw that she was alone inside, she let go a breath of relief.

It was super awkward to be there!

She entered a stall and quickly did her business.

Everything went smoothly and she was ready to leave.

Suddenly, a black shadow appeared in front of her.

“Hey there…”


Mo Ning looked up and, to her great surprise, saw a devilishly familiar face looking back at her.

Those gray-blue eyes seemed to twinkle in mischief and that scared her. She stepped back quickly until her back was against the wall.

Her eyes were fixed on the unwelcome intruder.


She was about to call him by his name, but realized she was still in disguise and stopped herself short.

“I am not Caesar.”

Yan Sinian leaned against the wall and looked entirely at ease. His bespectacled face featured a languid smile that was in sharp contrast to his calculating eyes.

Nevertheless, the contradiction was alluring.

“My name is…”

“I don’t know you, and I don’t need an introduction!”

Mo Ning narrowed her eyes, frowned, and gave a look of impatience.

Yan Sinian ogled at her boyish short hair and then at her unisex attire that consisted of a white shirt and khaki pants.

He smiled and said, “It’s been only less than two weeks since I last saw you, and yet you here you are imposing as a different sex! Did you pay a visit to T Country for this?”

Mo Ning saw the flippant look on his face and felt like punching him right there.

She had never seen anyone so debauched and shameless… What an *sshole!

“Sir, I think you got the wrong person.”


Yan Sinian stood up straight and slowly made his way toward her. He ignored her wary eyes and put one hand on her shoulder.

Since he was taller, it afforded him to look down at her expressionless face.

“You blend in well. I can already see you swinging both ways.”

“…” Mo Ning refused to blow her cover.

Although, it was true that she was androgynous.

With her symmetrical features and youthful face, she looked stunning both as a girl and a guy. She always had an air of aloofness and indifference that was hardly seen in girls.

“About ten days ago,” Yan Sinian spoke slowly in a whisper, “I was forced to sleep with a girl, and she looked exactly like you.”



Mo Ning stopped herself in time when she realized that she had fallen into his trap. She saw the look of derision in his eyes and gathered herself.

She spoke flatly, “Exactly like me? If that’s the case, then I know for sure that you got the wrong person. You have mistaken me for my twin sister. I am a guy, through and through.”

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