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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel)






Action Fantasy Xuanhuan

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One of the few self-cultivator who exist in this modern world; due to an unfortunate event, completely destroyed his body in an explosion. Using all his effort to save his primordial spirit, he ended up in an strange magical world and had to start all over again. From a fallen aristocrat to the Warlord of Chaos, this can no longer be summarise as legendary; this is the life of the God of War.

116 • 2019-11-08 14:20:17


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 171: Rescue2020-04-05
Chapter 170: Bigotry of A Magus2020-04-04
Chapter 169: Demonstration of Extraordinary Ability2020-04-03
Chapter 168: Sunier’s True Identity2020-04-02
Chapter 167: Groups of Enemies2020-04-01
Chapter 166: Ambush2020-03-31
Chapter 165: Basic Stage of Cultivation2020-03-30
Chapter 164: Invisible Foe2020-03-29
Chapter 163: To Work Harder2020-03-28
Chapter 162: Dragon Slayer2020-03-27
Chapter 161: Friends Coming from Afar2020-03-26
Chapter 160: Bad Friends2020-03-25
Chapter 159: Bringing the Dead Back to Life2020-03-24
Chapter 158: Miraculous Art of Taoism2020-03-23
Chapter 157: The Method of Dan2020-03-22
Chapter 156: Resolution2020-03-21
Chapter 155: A Moment of Life and Death2020-03-20
Chapter 154: The Sudden Battle2020-03-19
Chapter 153: Self-created Suspicion2020-03-18
Chapter 152: Roaring Lightning2020-03-17
Chapter 151: A Real Partner2020-03-16
Chapter 150: Greed2020-03-15
Chapter 149: The Wisdom of Holy Animals2020-03-14
Chapter 148: The Truth of Forest2020-03-13
Chapter 147: Superior-Grade2020-03-12
Chapter 146: Rookies2020-03-11
Chapter 145: Retirement2020-03-11
Chapter 144: Value2020-03-09
Chapter 143: The Blood of Black Raven City2020-03-08
Chapter 142: Purifying Crystal2020-03-07
Chapter 141: Clash of Strength2020-03-06
Chapter 140: Internal Strife2020-03-05
Chapter 139: Exhaustion2020-02-26
Chapter 138: Prologue2020-02-25
Chapter 137: Exclusion2020-02-24
Chapter 136: Asking for a Battle Assignment2020-02-23
Chapter 135: Inducement Leading to Confession2020-02-22
Chapter 134: Conspiracy2020-02-21
Chapter 133: A World of Sensual Pleasures2020-02-20
Chapter 132: Obscenity2020-02-19
Chapter 131: Black Death2020-02-18
Chapter 130: Titan Kojacs2020-02-17
Chapter 129: Methods2020-02-16
Chapter 128: The Legend2020-02-15
Chapter 127: The Bet2020-02-14
Chapter 126: Heart-to-heart Talk2020-02-13
Chapter 125: Explanation2020-02-12
Chapter 124: Impotence2020-02-11
Chapter 123: Pain2020-02-10
Chapter 122: Prisoner2020-02-09
Chapter 121: Going for A Battle2020-02-08
Chapter 120: Teaching2020-02-07
Chapter 119: Curiosity And Favorable Impression2020-02-06
Chapter 118: Ambush2020-02-05
Chapter 117: Subconsciousness2020-02-04
Chapter 116: Monitor2020-02-04
Chapter 115: Profound Conspiracy2020-02-02
Chapter 114: Round Up2020-02-01
Chapter 113: A Boorish Fellow2020-01-31
Chapter 112: An Extraordinary Person2020-01-30
Chapter 111: Meet Strength with Strength2020-01-29
Chapter 110: The Abyss2020-01-28
Chapter 109: Man and Boy2020-01-27
Chapter 108: Surprising Discovery2020-01-26
Chapter 107: Who’s The Real Fool?2020-01-25
Chapter 106: Carefree Man2020-01-24
Chapter 105: Execution Ground2020-01-23
Chapter 104: Mutiny2020-01-22
Chapter 103: Real Legacy2020-01-21
Chapter 102: A Blow to Reg2020-01-21
Chapter 101: Women2020-01-19
Chapter 100: Dead Body2020-01-18
Chapter 99: Opportunity2020-01-17
Chapter 98: The Truly Powerful2020-01-16
Chapter 97: Bloody Knight2020-01-15
Chapter 96: Road2020-01-14
Chapter 95: Sobriety2020-01-13
Chapter 94: Sudden Change2020-01-12
Chapter 93: Man2020-01-11
Chapter 92: The Coming Storm2020-01-10
Chapter 91: Conflict2020-01-09
Chapter 90: Loneliness2020-01-08
Chapter 89: The West City2020-01-07
Chapter 88: Graveyard Spiral2020-01-06
Chapter 87: Deadly Foe2020-01-05
Chapter 86: Farce2020-01-04
Chapter 85: The Great Prophet2020-01-03
Chapter 84: Strange Magic2020-01-02
Chapter 83: Burden2020-01-01
Chapter 82: Departure2019-12-31
Chapter 81: Virtues And Shortcomings2019-12-30
Chapter 80: Sworn Enemy2019-12-29
Chapter 79: Allies2019-12-28
Chapter 78: Guards of Vampires2019-12-27
Chapter 77: Norms2019-12-26
Chapter 76: Uninvited Guest2019-12-25
Chapter 75: Spirit Possession Operation2019-12-24
Chapter 74: Fish in Troubled Waters2019-12-23
Chapter 73: The Strong2019-12-22
Chapter 72: Reunion2019-12-21


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