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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel)






Action Fantasy Xuanhuan

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One of the few self-cultivator who exist in this modern world; due to an unfortunate event, completely destroyed his body in an explosion. Using all his effort to save his primordial spirit, he ended up in an strange magical world and had to start all over again. From a fallen aristocrat to the Warlord of Chaos, this can no longer be summarise as legendary; this is the life of the God of War.

424 • 2019-11-08 14:20:17


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 282: A surprising meeting with an old friend2020-07-15
Chapter 281: Attack2020-07-15
Chapter 280: A Huge Threat2020-07-15
Chapter 279: Childish Lies2020-07-15
Chapter 278: Red Lotus Hellfire2020-07-15
Chapter 277: An Unreliable Alliance2020-07-15
Chapter 276: The Trial of a Forbidden Spell2020-07-15
Chapter 275: Righteousness2020-07-15
Chapter 274: The Exiled Seven Brothers2020-07-15
Chapter 273: Expedition2020-07-15
Chapter 272: The Real Guru2020-07-15
Chapter 271: Scream and Shout2020-07-15
Chapter 270: A Huge Trouble2020-07-15
Chapter 269: Success2020-07-15
Chapter 268: The Storm2020-07-15
Chapter 267: The Temptation2020-07-15
Chapter 266: Refinement2020-07-15
Chapter 265: The Boat2020-07-15
Chapter 264: The Notes2020-07-15
Chapter 263: Characters2020-07-15
Chapter 262: The Nest of Abyss2020-07-15
Chapter 261: Jeddes’ Interest2020-07-15
Chapter 260: Counterattack2020-07-03
Chapter 259: Metropolis2020-07-02
Chapter 258: Questions2020-07-01
Chapter 257: Upcoming Seperations2020-06-30
Chapter 256: The Killing Strike2020-06-29
Chapter 255: To Learn and Change2020-06-28
Chapter 254: A True Hallucination2020-06-27
Chapter 253: A Surprise Attack2020-06-26
Chapter 252: First Clash2020-06-25
Chapter 251: The Horny Dragon2020-06-24
Chapter 250: Opportunity2020-06-24
Chapter 249: Moon Water2020-06-22
Chapter 248: The Elven Village2020-06-21
Chapter 247: Intervention2020-06-20
Chapter 246: A Mad Cat2020-06-19
Chapter 245: Encounter2020-06-18
Chapter 244: Light and Free2020-06-17
Chapter 243: Conspiracy2020-06-16
Chapter 242: There’s always Someone Better2020-06-15
Chapter 241: A Murder Case2020-06-14
Chapter 240: The Almighty2020-06-13
Chapter 2392020-06-12
Chapter 2382020-06-11
Chapter 2372020-06-10
Chapter 2362020-06-09
Chapter 235: Harassment2020-06-08
Chapter 234: Competition2020-06-07
Chapter 233: Discovery2020-06-06
Chapter 232:c2020-06-05
Chapter 231: The Wager Agreement2020-06-04
Chapter 230: The Lost Paradise2020-06-03
Chapter 229: Coincidance2020-06-02
Chapter 228: The Passing of Winter and The Arrival of Spring2020-06-01
Chapter 227: Closing In2020-05-31
Chapter 226: Interception2020-05-30
Chapter 225: Intelligence2020-05-29
Chapter 224: Distant Worries2020-05-28
Chapter 223: Favor2020-05-27
Chapter 222: Spies2020-05-26
Chapter 221: One Tragedy Is Enough2020-05-25
Chapter 220: Hardship2020-05-24
Chapter 219: One Bears The Fruit of One’s Own Doing2020-05-23
Chapter 218: Battle to the Death2020-05-22
Chapter 217: Tracking2020-05-21
Chapter 216: Clues2020-05-20
Chapter 215: Betrayal2020-05-19
Chapter 214: A Lunatic2020-05-18
Chapter 213: Their Future Lord2020-05-17
Chapter 212: Enemies, Enemies Everywhere2020-05-16
Chapter 211: Making A Scene2020-05-15
Chapter 210: Ring of Restraint2020-05-14
Chapter 209: Fighting for attention2020-05-13
Chapter 208: Inspiration2020-05-12
Chapter 207: The Past2020-05-11
Chapter 206: The Perilous Clash2020-05-10
Chapter 205: The Beast In Man’s Clothing2020-05-09
Chapter 204: Dominating Strength2020-05-08
Chapter 203: Weathervane2020-05-07
Chapter 202: Roars2020-05-06
Chapter 201: One-Sided Brawl2020-05-05
Chapter 200: Beating2020-05-04
Chapter 199: Visitors From The Frozen Highlands2020-05-03
Chapter 198: Two Birds With One Stone2020-05-02
Chapter 197: Equipments2020-05-01
Chapter 196: The Left Hand2020-05-01
Chapter 195: News2020-05-01
Chapter 194: The Mysterious Element2020-04-28
Chapter 193: The Costly Laboratory2020-04-27
Chapter 192: Advancing2020-04-27
Chapter 191: The Whimsical Young Master2020-04-27
Chapter 190: Refining2020-04-24
Chapter 189: The Crippling Debt2020-04-23
Chapter 188: Moonlight Perfume2020-04-22
Chapter 187: The Master Payboy2020-04-21
Chapter 186: Passive vs Aggressive2020-04-20
Chapter 185: The strength that came with a calling2020-04-19
Chapter 184: Celebrities2020-04-18
Chapter 183: Reversal2020-04-17
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