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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 2: Young Master And His Slave

Chapter 2: Young Master And His Slave

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Not long after Steelberg’s leaving, the scarlet beads popped into Han Jin’s brain. He got up and fumbled his cloth, only found one beneath his bottom, the others were all gone. “Maybe they have been put away by Steelberg.”thought to himself. Han Jin held the shabby earth wall with his right hand, trying to support himself up.

His body stumbled. Although he had already totally absorbed the energy of the bread, it was too little to accumulate to form one basic energy unit. In the world where he came from, the popularization of computers had made life digitized. But ninety years ago, his teacher had already created a set of digitized cultivating method by using Yuan as its basic energy unit, ten thousand yuan constitutes one Jia, and ten thousand Jia equals to one Xuan, ten thousand Xuan made up one Tai Yi. If someone successfully accumulates ten thousand Tai Yi, then an immortal body is formed, just like Han Jin’s teacher! This method had no bottleneck, as long as one got resources, he or she could put on energy with same speed, regardless of which level he or she was in, except at the beginning while building basis. One could draw energy zero point one percent of that already possessed by him, the more energy one had, the faster he could absorb.

As a good boy industrious in studying and practicing, Han Jin had taken the way of cultivation since he found its effectiveness. After merely several days’ practicing, he had accumulated significant amount of energy, making him full of confidence in his future. But he didn’t know his teacher chose him from thousands. Han Jin was really very sensitive to energy. He could sense very subtle changes in energy, which most people can’t. His such talent made him stand out.

Though little energy absorbed, it was enough to support him for a few steps or more. Han Jin stretched the body and walked towards the direction where Steelberg left, aiming to found out more about this completely strange world and the whereabouts of those red beads. A red bead contains almost twenty or thirty yuan of energy, although he could not absorb them right now, he could do that a few months later after he had accumulate a certain amount of basic energy in his body from normal food. Zero point one percent was a conservative amount, what really caused danger was one percent. Anyway, this was not the right moment for him to be over cautious and indecisive, he must restore his power as soon as possible.

Radon Town was too small that a few minutes’ walk had revealed itself the cornfield outside its edge. No sign of Steelberg. A peal of kids’ shrieks arose Han Jin’s attention. He turned around and saw a flock of children were playing a horse riding game. Though the game was to some extent dangerous for kids, this one was different, for that the “horse” they were actually riding was a boy.

And that boy was none other than his solely servant, Steelberg, who were crawling on the ground with his back holding a young boy aged thirteen or fourteen, several kids running in front of him, as if alluring him with something.

The rider was extraordinarily fat, at least seventy five kilograms in weight, while Steelberg was thin and petite, every movement seemed to be burdensome to him, making him wobbled. The fat boy whipped Steelberg’s bottom with a stick to vent his resentment.

When those kids changed the direction to run, Hanjin could see clearly what they were using to induce Steelberg, it was a piece of bread! At the moment, memories from an unknown place flooded into Han Jin’s mind as tidewater. This body he was using now was named Raphael, a sorehead aristocrat whose parents died very early and who had to take over his family businesses at the age of fifteen. This naive juvenile knew nothing about how to run family businesses and as he had been used to eating his head off. He dissipated all his family fortune within three years, left himself homeless.

The only property Raphael reserved was Steelberg, a servant that had accompanied him since childhood. Though Steelberg had many shortcomings and also made great contributions to Raphael’s homeless status, he was definitely a loyal servant! Even they had sunk into beggars, Raphael still sat around and did nothing for living, leaving all burden on Steelberg’s vulnerable shoulder. Growing up with his good-for-nothing young master, there was nothing else Steelberg could do to make a living other than betray his self-esteem to go begging or amuse others.

Raphael knew nothing about what Steelberg did outside, nor cared about Steelberg’s sufferings as long as he can get something to eat. But Han Jin was not Raphael, he immediately understood Steelberg’s grievance.

On the ground, Steelberg was too tired to move one more step. He stopped there, gasping for breath. A boy got closer to Steelberg and teased him with bread in hand. Unexpectedly, Steelberg fell prone and grabbed the bread in a flash. This action accords with the memory Han Jin had received, Steelberg was not fool, he had his own petty tricks.

Loud guffaw came out from the kids. The youth on Steelberg’s back jumped down, swearing and kicking at his waist. The force of the kick made Steelberg falling flat on its back, with hands in front of its chest like a puppy. Fawning smile crept on Steelberg face. Apparently, Steelberg had been used to this and knew how to protect himself while winning favour from his benefactors.

More guffaw. Han Jin lowered his head. Moments later, he raised slowly, appearing a totally different temperament. Though still in shabby robe, the frail profile was now emitting some kind of incredible disposition, as sharp as the edge of an unsheathed sword.

“Go!” The fat boy waved his hand.

The next moment Steelberg had already climbed up and rushed towards the direction of the market, but froze after a few steps, facing Han Jin right in front of him.

Without any words Han Jin turned around and walked away, while Steelberg followed at the heels of him, looked like a pup who had just made a trouble, fearing his young master would blame him for his disgraceful behaviors. Even though Raphael had lost all the fortune and status, Steelberg still considered him as his sole young master, and would do so forever.

“Young master…” a low voice came out tentatively, breaking the silence.

Han Jin turned his head at Steelberg and let out a sigh, not knowing what to say, after all, the one who was shamed was not himself, but his poor servant. He tried to utter some words of comfort, but turned out his brain was empty, thus he could only patted off the dust on Steelberg’s shoulder to show his goodwill.

“Young master, you…” Steelberg dodged slightly backwards with timidity due to Han Jin’s too intimate motion. Regardless of the extravagant life before or the impoverished life at present, Steelberg had never forgotten nor discarded his own position.

“Look at yourself, your face was so dirty” a bitter smile crept on Han Jin’s face, and he continued “Is there water nearby? River water or any other water? I can imagine my own face by taking you as a mirror.”

“River?” Steelberg stared at his young master, startled: ” Do you forget that the Cui River belongs to Lord Manhanna? Last time we attempted to take a bath in the river we were…”

“Last time means nothing right now, anyway, we could run faster if they try to catch us” Han Jin interrupted.

“oh”, muttered Steelberg.

The next moment the two had taken their way towards the market. They stopped at the dilapidated wall. Han Jin sat at where he used to be, while Steelberg sat down with him side by side. The two fell into silence again. Han Jin had made up his mind to say less and watch more because he had just had received the memories belong to the owner of this body, while Steelberg dared not to say much in fear of annoying his young master.

Over a long time, Steelberg could not help but murmured: “These little brats have gone too far these days!”

“Why did you say that?” Han Jin seized the opportunity to defuse embarrassment and asked back naturally.

“They used to give me bread as long as I call them “young master”, but today…Damn it, we will see!” grumbled Steelberg, his face showed hatred.

“Do not beg them any more.” Han Jin said in a calm and slow voice. Different from Steelberg, Han Jin knew clearly that humans were born with deep-rooted bad nature. Aristocrat is aristocrat, whether declined or not. Since Steelberg was the servant of an aristocrat, it would brought one great vainglory if called by him as ” young master”, let alone teasing and tormenting him. And it was also in human nature to pursue more fresh stimulus, the more one gets, the more one wants. When taking an inch, they would try to reach out for a yard. Also, Steelberg never fought back, causing those kids bolder and bolder.

“Ah? Then how can we…”

Again not finishing his words, Steelberg was interrupted. “Leave it to me.” Han Jin had already out guessed what Steelberg was going to say: if no one went begging, they would be killed by hunger.

Stared at Han Jin with a doubtful and surprised look, Steelberg found his young master somewhat different.

“Have you eaten anything today?” since the two were now living a terrible and poor life, three meals one day was just a dream, it would be a blessing if they could have anything to eat.

“Ah…” Steelberg took a tumble and passed the bread in his hand to Han Jin, but stopped half way, recalling how it was obtained, he didn’t know whether to give it to his master or not.

Han Jin took the bread and gave it a bite, again asked: “Have you eaten today?” He meant to spare this bread to Steelberg, but was afraid that Steelberg would mistaken his goodwill and feel hurt.

Hearing this, big smile crept on Steelberg’s face, he kept nodding his head and said: ” Yes young master, I have had so much and I am almost stuffed now.” After saying so, Steelberg made a belch deliberately.

But how could such a trick deceive Han Jin, for he had long been aware of the importance of details. Details can reveal everything, in other words, details determine success or failure. If you want to see through others’ intentions, pay attention to details! With keen insight, Han Jin could easily found out what Steelberg had tried to cover up.

The bread was split into two parts and the larger one was passed back to Steelberg, “Eat more, you need nutrition since you are in your growing age.”

“Ah…” Again Steelberg was stunned.

“Eat as I have told you to.” Said Han Jin in a condescending tone.

Steelberg took the bread with trembling hands, carefully turned around, and nibbled the bread with tears shedding down along his cheeks like two trickles of stream.

“What are you crying to?” Han Jin knitted his brows.

“Nothing, it’s just, young master you are too good to me.” Sobbed Steelberg.

Although weak in body, unpredictable shrewdness and ingenuity were hidden behind Han Jin’s uninhibited behaviors. However, at this moment, Hanjin was transfixed, even thought if Steelberg was just ironic, after all, who was the self-giving one?

He did not came to himself for a moment. After seeing that Steelberg had finished the bread, he took out the red bead and asked “Steelberg, did you see this kind of bead when you found me almost dead?”

“No, young master, seeing that you are lying on the ground unconscious, I was scared out of my wits, and thought you were…”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sure, young master.” Steelberg seemed to understand suddenly why his master told him to stop begging. ” So young master, you want to exchange this magic crystal for food,don’t you?”

” Magic crystal? How much does it worth?”

“Not very much, it is from the long-ear rabbit, a holy animal of the lowest grade, and it’s useless to magicians. But this crystal is beautiful in its color and shape, moreover, the fire element it contains is rare, making it safer to be made as jewelries.”

“A holy animal of the lowest grade? Rare fire element? Do you mean that magic crystals from high grade holy animals will contain more fire elements?”

“There are many kinds of holy animals, thus their magic crystals are also different, some contain the element of fire, some contain the element of water, and others… How could you not know this? Is anything wrong with you, young master?” Steelberg glanced at Han Jin up and down, as if looking at a totally strange man.

“Oh, my head hit against the ground when I fell unconsciousness and I am a little confused now, I almost forgot who you are just now.” Han Jin gave a bitter smile, though he was aware that he should say less, Steelberg’s information was so important that he must make it clear.

“Are you alright, young master?” hearing the word “hit”, Steelberg asked worriedly.

“I am fine, maybe just need some rest, continue your words.” Han Jin shook his head, as if trying to figure out something.

Then Steelberg told everything he knew, though limited by his own knowledge, Han Jin have had a more clear picture of this strange world.

“Well, what kind of magic crystal contains the most element?”

“Of course those from holy dragons.” Steelberg then grinned and continued: “Do not think those unrealistic any more, young master, even if we could sell the whole town, we can’t afford one magic crystal from the holy dragon.”

Han Jin sunk into contemplation, his hands trembled. Even the magic crystals from long-ear rabbit had dozens of energy, then how much energy the magic crystals from higher grade of holy animals would contain? Let alone those from holy dragons! As for the difficulties to hunt a holy dragon, little did Han Jin care about, for that the day he would try to hunt one holy dragon, his own energy must had surpassed hundreds or even thousands of times than that of the dragons, which may both ensure him to absorb the energy safely and to beat the holy animals successfully. Down to the basis, he needed to prepare himself by accumulating his basic energy first! At present, even the energy of a magic crystal from long-ear rabbit is out of his reach, let alone that from the higher grade holy animals.

“Go and sell this crystal to exchange for some bread.” Han Jin put the bead in Steelberg’s hand. As for him, at present, the more food the better.

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