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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 3: Obstacles

Chapter 3: Obstacles

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It was getting dark. But Steelberg still had not come back. Instead of sitting there and wasting time, Han Jin decided to make a meditation. But just as he closed his eyes, a burst of noise came towards him from far to near.

Han Jin opened eyes. Ten odd men were standing right in front of him. Everyone’s wearing a sword at waist. Their leather armors were rough, as if made of rawhide with a hole to thread the head. Judging from their armors, their swords must be birds of a feather.

These people might be from groups like the enforcement team or some other gangs since they were organized and armed. Han Jin slowly stood up by holding the shabby wall, knowing clearly that himself was their target.

The group was led by a pitch-dark sturdy man in his forties. Two fellows followed, dragging a bloody boy, whose scars of wounds strung together like beads. As if felt the gaze of Han Jin, the dragged guy moaned and struggled to raise his head. Steelberg?! Seeing the face of the boy, Han Jin’s eyelid jumped with a jerk.

From the information Han Jin had received, Steelberg was a nasty boy. In fact, he and Raphael were like Tweedledum and Tweedledee. The main reason why the mayor of Radon Town was hard on them was that Steelberg once climbed a wall of a family’s manor, trying to peek at girls, but was caught red-handed and nearly beaten to death.

Steelberg was in trouble again? Han Jin frowned his brows.

“Oh, young master Raphael, long time no see. ” shouted the middle-aged man in lead.

Although in a rather ordinary tone with respectable face, Han Jin could clearly feel a deep sense of contempt from the man’s words.

“What is this?! “Han Jin asked.

“You can’t blame me, young master Raphael, this bastard dare to steal!” the middle-aged man grabbed Steelberg’s hair and yanked his head forward rudely. “Ha ha, don’t know what this guy was thinking, dare to sell the magic crystal he stole … by the way, young master Raphael, he claimed that you have given him the crystal, is that true?” That middle-aged man deliberately leaned closer to Han Jin with eyes wide opened. His face revealed an aggressive look, as if want to arrest Han Jin and to interrogate him with torture.

Han Jin sunk into silence. He’s not afraid, but the memories he had received was too chaotic that he needed time to sort them out before made a decision.

“I got it. ” The middle-aged man thought himself had already suppressed Han Jin in momentum, forced a crafty smile and said “this guy must be biting others, such a righteous man as young master Raphael would never be an accomplice to a thief, you guys, take this bastard back and interrogate him more strictly. ”

Several sturdy men grabbed Steelberg. Steelberg did not cry or yell, just gazed at Han Jin with a desperate look.

“It’s true that I gave him this magic crystal, which dog’s eye saw that we stole it?” Han Jin said coldly.

Stunned by Han Jin’s reply, everyone, from the armed men to the crowd of onlookers, stared at Han Jin, dumb as a wooden chicken. Even the middle-aged man gasped in shock, exclaimed with an unbelievable tone : “You … … What did you say?? ”

“I am asking you, which dog’s eye saw we stealing? ”

“Are you courting death?! “the middle-aged man was pissed off, drew his sword backhand and roared: “You really think you are still a young master? Believe it or not I will kill you bastard right here?! ”

“Oh. “Han Jin snorted with an expressionless face.

This made the middle-aged man raged off the deep end. He strode one step forward, lifted his sword and then chopped down at Han Jin.

Han Jin’s face was still expressionless, at this moment, he should still have the mood to look for loopholes from his opponent’s motions.

Screams came from the crowd of onlookers, this scene was rarely seen by people of Radon Town who had lived in a peaceful and tranquil life for a long time.

The rough sword hovering in mid-air, less than half an inch from Han Jin’s head, but could not fall down any more.

A crack of sardonic grin appeared on Han Jin’s face. Any world has its own rules. Raphael was a Baron, a member of the privileged class, though he had no money or power and lived as a beggar, his status had not changed. Even killing a civilian in public would be punished, let alone killing a noble, still less the two had no unsolvable animosity. The memories of Raphael hinted him that this middle-aged man was this town’s sheriff named Sifanti. He exerted to his utmost to persecute Raphael and Steelberg just because the mayor of the town, Manhanna, hated the two. He would definitely not intent to come to an end together with Raphael.

“Humph, a theft like you should dare to act arrogantly?’ A sandy-haired old man jumped out from the crowd.

“From whom I stole? ” unwilling to submit, Han Jin asked back.

“From me! ” That old man unfolded his hand, produced a red-colored bead.

Han Jin turned his eyesight to Steelberg, who struggled to exclaim: “Young master, this old bastard said such intentionally! I went to his … … ” before he could finish his words, his face was slapped by a hefty fellow beside him, his tongue swallowed back.

Seeing this, Han Jin was distressed, but he could do nothing, only coldly said to the old man: “How do you know that Steelberg stole from you? ”

“He attempted to sell the magic crystal to me, and I recognized it was right the crystal that I have lost!” sneered the old man: “Young master Raphael, you said this crystal is yours, considering your present situation, how could you afford such a magic crystal? ”

“You mean Steelberg stole things from you, and then sold back what he had stolen to you? Is there really such a fool in this world?” Han Jin shook his head and scorned: “It’s not your fault to be as foolish as a pig, but you should not take others as pigs too . ”

“You … …” the old man was obviously flabbergasted. People in this town had all considered Raphael as a beggar for many years since his bankruptcy and had never thought he would still be so shrewd and bold. Being humiliated like this, the old man was miffed, though puzzled too. He tried to save his face and shouted: “Sheriff Sifanti, this rat has a hard mouth, I suggest you snatch him up and make a solid interrogation, I don’t believe that he will be dishonest any more! ”

“Sounds a good idea. ” sneered Han Jin: “Let me suffer first, and then it will be others’ turn when the tribunal is involved. No matter who will suffer, it will definitely not be you, is that right?” The tribunal Han Jin had mentioned was the place where crimes by nobles would be judged. Even if Raphael did steal something, people in this town, even the mayor of the town, had no right to convict him. Noble’s crime must be submitted to the tribunal in the city. The crime of torturing a noble was much more serious than theft!

The old man was startled speechless with his eyes nearly protruded. The Raphael he had known was an incorrigible stupid boy, entirely different from the boy in front of him right now, who not only had a quick-witted mind, but also knew how to provoke dissension

“Don’t go too far. ” Off-there came a deep voice: “Tortured a boy like this just for a magic crystal, and now want to capture them? ”

“Who? Who was talking just now? ” Sifanti shouted. He was just trying to find a way out of this dilemma, with his eyes stared at the onlookers: “Show…”

The crowd was scattered, not voluntarily, but by the force from a stalwart man who stood as magnificent as a mountain. The stalwart man walked toward the center of the crowd slowly. His body belittled those aside him. A giant sword on his shoulder had no sheath, just wrapped by several circles of straw rope. Most part of the sword was uncovered, revealing some residual stain, no one knew whether it was left by blood or not. His pace was slow, but his imposing momentum drove people out of their minds. Sifanti shut up suddenly, frightened by this momentum.

“You … … You are a mercenary, aren’t you?” That old man showed a fawning smile on his face.

“Crap! Are you blind? Can’t you see the badge? ” The big fellow said grumpily.

“Oh … … May I ask, which mercenary group are you from? ”

“Claim kinship or want revenge in the future?” The man suddenly grabbed the old man’s hand, rendering great pain to the elder, with the magic crystal in his hand tumbled to the ground. Then the big fellow switched his wrist. The old man was threw away and stumbled seven or eight steps back, then fell to the ground with a splash. The big fellow bent down and picked up the magic crystal.

Isn’t this a robbery in the daylight? But no one dared to utter a word. The sheriff Sifanti was also as mute as a fish. Mercenaries, who could be hired by rich families, lived at the edge of life and death all year round, thus they were dangerous people. Constraints to mercenary were limited, a mercenary could change a place to live if he run out of his way in that place, but couldn’t the ordinary people.

“What are you looking at? ” The big fellow snorted coldly: ” This magic crystal is not mine, nor yours! ” Finish this, he thrust his sword into the ground. His right hand fumbled at his waist, ten odd red beads then appeared in his right hand, same as the one in his left hand.

“Got it? These magic crystals belong to my employer.” The big fellow satirized with a tone of disdain: “As for the two boys, I’m sure they didn’t steal. Now, do you have any more questions? If don’t, you can roll away! ”

Sheriff Sifanti’s courage was boosted when he heard that the mercenary was hired by someone in the town. He would like to assume some bureaucratic airs, but turned out had to change his face color in the wake of the big fellow’s tone. Finally, he left there in dejection for that the big fellow was too flippant and impudent.

“Ignorant redneck.” The big fellow spat a wad of saliva, strode up to the outside of the crowd. He did this just because that he happened to know the truth of this farce and his sympathy forced him to act against the injustice. In fact in his eyes, the two beggars were much humbler than the crowd, too humble that he even had no mood to have a word with.

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