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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 4: Accumulation of Energy

Chapter 4: Accumulation of Energy

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Soaked in cool water, a sense of comfortableness percolated through Han Jin’s body. Flowing water would take away some of the heat, resulting in unnecessary losses, but this body was too dirty, besides, it’s the day when Han Jin got his reborn, for him, washing away the grime of old times had its symbolic significance.

Steelberg just sat by the river, staring at the murmuring flowing water, sank into thought.

“What are you thinking?” Han Jin asked curiously, after all these things, he had considered Steelberg as his friend.

“Nothing, it’s just… Young master, mercenaries are so imposing. ” filled with admiration in his eyes, Steelberg said: ” that guy Sifanti usually bullies others here and there, but when standing in front of a mercenary, he wouldn’t dare fart.” his tongue clicking.

Silence for a moment, Steelberg continued: “Young master, if only we could have one day as awe-inspiring as a mercenary. ”

“We will, in the future, and at that time, no one will dare to bully us!” Han Jin replied, his voice steadfastly, as if these words were said to himself.

“Oh.” Steelberg’s tone reluctant, obviously, he did not believe Han Jin’s promises, after all, who would believe a dilapidated noble in those words if that noble was even unable to fill his own belly.

“Why don’t you jump down?” Han Jin gave out a smile and changed the subject.

“Well.” Steelberg stood up and took off his clothes, detoured to the downstream of Han Jin, then jumped into the river after a strange squall, but soon he struggled to climb out.

“What’s wrong?” Han Jin asked.

“My wounds…” Steelberg’s face contorted. Had been beaten fiercely the night before, his body was now black and blue, scars crisscrossed like a net, gnawing pains permeated through, as if being stabbed by countless needles.

“Endure your pain.” Han Jin said firmly:” We must wash us clean cause we should thoroughly reform ourselves.”

“Yes, Young master, I understand.” Though such said, Steelberg was actually quite confused. He couldn’t figure out what connection does bath had with reform themselves.

Han Jin stayed in water for a few hours. When he went ashore, Steelberg had already finished bathing and squatted by a bonfire, concentrated his attention on something.

“What’s that?” Han Jin smelled a faint aroma, and his spirit immediately refreshed.

“It’s cassava, young master.” Steelberg said with smile:” You told me to fetch some clothes from the town, so when I got back and passed old Tom’s filed, I dug some cassavas for you. ”

Han Jin picked up the clothes “fetched” by Steelberg and put them on after a shake, seeing the toasted cassava, his saliva swallowed back unconsciously. Food brought energy, which he desperately needed right now. This body required transformation and forging, its digestion and absorption capacity was too low with its energy utilization rate even less than 20%. Moreover, Han Jin must prepare himself by accumulating energy, only in this way could he absorb the energy from magic beads someday.

“Young master, take this one.” Steelberg provoked a cassava with a stick and passed it to Han Jin.

Han Jin took it without hesitation. He peeled off the blackened outer layer deftly and wolfed the whole cassava immediately, then the remaining cassavas were also wiped out by him in a flash.

Steelberg’s face lighted up with pleasure, more pleasure than eating by himself, showing his affection at best and his slavishness at worst.

“Are there any more?” Han Jin asked softly.

“Young master, you are still not full?” Steelberg was startled, after some hesitation he said:” Need I to go and dig out more? ”

“Well, the more the better.” Han Jin nodded his head. The energy contained in some cassavas was not very much, besides the poor absorbing ability of this body, only one yuan of energy had been accumulated so far, too little to do anything.

“Yes.” replied Steelberg, he jumped to his feet and run towards the upstream of the river.

The cassava field Steelberg had mentioned must be in somewhere nearby, for that half an hour later Steelberg had come back excitedly, thudded a ragged cloth bag on the ground, as if he had come back from a battle with his victories. Approximately twenty cassavas were wrapped in the cloth.

Han Jin thrown all the cassavas into the bonfire and scattered them with a stick. Not long after, he picked up one and started to peel it, regardless of whether it’s still raw or not. Though hot, he just blew it for a second and stuffed it into his mouth.

Seeing this, Steelberg’s smile became stiff. He had never seen his young master eating like this, swallowing a whole cassava at a sitting and wiped off ten odds of them in a flash, like wind blowing away the scattered clouds, soon there were only three cassavas left.

“Dig more for me.” Han Jin made a long sigh:” Um… Don’t be hurry, take a rest and eat these three first.”

This time, Steelberg was totally shocked, he exclaimed: ” Are you still not full, young master?”

“Just do as I said and stop your questions!”

“Oh … …” a bitter smile crept on Steelberg’s face:” but … … young master, that old Tom used to not blame us for stealing his cassavas because he had sympathy for us. But this time, if I steal any more, I am afraid he will hit the roof.”

“Can’t you change a target? Is he the only one that plant cassavas in this town?”

“To someone else?” Steelberg’s eyes wide open. Coward as he was, Steelberg had been used to stealing from old Tom for that this kind man was the only one that never beat him even if he was caught red-handed. If he was found stealing in other farmers’ field, he would definitely get his block knocked off.

“Eh?” Han Jin couldn’t understand why Steelberg felt astonished.

“Well … …” Steelberg’s teeth clenched. He was too young and was always caught in the past, but now he had grown up and could run much faster, maybe it would be much safer now. With that in mind, he stood up and was ready to go.

“Eat something and have a rest first.” Han Jin said in a soft voice.

The next time Steelberg came back with a full package of cassavas oh his back, he had run out of energy. Right after putting down the package, he lay down and fell into asleep. When he woke up again, the light of dawn had appeared from the horizon. Steelberg rubbed his sleepy eyes, looking around for Han Jin, his young master, to whom he had forgotten to say goodnight. But again he was stunned.

The cassavas he brought back last night were all gone, only a pile of peel was left, while Han Jin was soaked in water, eyes closed, as if had already lost his consciousness.

“Young master!” Steelberg jumped up, rushed to Han Jin.

Hearing the cry of Steelberg, Han Jin slowly opened his eyes, flashing with a strange light. The energy he had absorbed last night was all used to transform his body, which had undertaken earth-shaking changes compared with the original one.

The ghastly pale face turned into pink, emitting a sense of extreme purity.

The straw-like black hair, the same as Steelberg’s, was now as smooth and soft as silk, dark and shiny.

The bony chest of Raphael was now swelled, as if the body had been blown with air, more sturdy than that of Steelberg’s.

Last but not least is the change of temperament. The timidity, cowardice and desperateness of Raphael were all gone, what’s left was Han Jin’s mature, natural and unrestrained expression through his mouth, brows, cheeks and every motions, manifesting a feeling of cynicism.

Seeing Han Jin in the river intact, Steelberg let out a long sigh of relief, but the next moment his eyes staring up, wondering how could his young master become so vigor.

Han Jin fumbled in the river and produced a medium sized cobblestone, weighing it with his palm, then swung his arm. The cobblestone was shoot out like a bullet, pierced into the air, and smashed into debris towards all directions after collision with a sycamore tree ashore. The tree trembled violently against the force of collision, leaves falling down like rain. A shallow hole size of a bowl could be seen on the surface of the trunk where it was struck.

Not bad! Han Jin nodded his head with satisfaction. Compared with melee, throwing can save a lot of energy, because what throwing needs is only the release of energy in an instant. Though he was now lack of energy, the remaining would be enough to throw off several cobblestones with the same power.

“Steelberg, you said that there were low grade holy animals in the woods over there, didn’t you? Let’s go and you take me there.” Han Jin said slowly.

“Oh … …Young master, you … … And from whom do you learn this skill?” Steelberg yelled with both joy and astonishment.

“Surprised?” Han Jin made a mysterious smile:” you will be more surprised in the future.”

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