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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 7: Trap

Chapter 7: Trap

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Han Jin thought the guy he dragged down would be angry with him, in fact, the big fellow acted strangely. He just followed behind him with a blank look, as though he didn’t understand his mission.

Lights from the bar could be seen from not far away and sound of tumult could be heard faintly. Han Jin stopped his steps, turned around and stretched out his right hand “May I introduce myself? My name is Raphael, an inherited baron good for nothing.”

The big fellow was apparently surprised at such self-deprecating introduction, but he stretched out his hand too: “I am Moxinke, a high grade swordsman.”

“My god…” Steelberg opened his eyes widely. He knew clearly what a high grade swordsman meant. Professionals on the mainland could be divided into ten grades. The lowest was soldier, which was divided into low and high grades. Then warrior, when one reached the level of high grade warrior, he could choose to be a swordsman or a knight. A high grade swordsman could upgrade into a fighter, who was absolutely a high class profession. And the big fellow was already a high grade swordsman, ranked the sixth grade among all the professionals. That was rarely seen in a small town like Radon!

Han Jin’s reaction was much more strong than Steelberg. His lips pale and muscles on the cheeks taut. Moxinke could feel acutely the tremble of Han Jin’s hand.

Such strong reaction was not because Han Jin realized how awesome Moxinke was, but the explosive energy had felt in Moxinke’s body. Though vague in terms of the classification of professionals, Han Jin was extremely sensitive to energy. When he shook hands with Moxinke, he could clearly feel the enormous energy inside the body of the hand’s owner, too enormous to be measured by the basic unit of yuan. It was nearly ten thousand Jia, close to the level of being measured by Xuan. Han Jin realized how great the gap between the big fellow and him was, too great that even when he was in his own world and at the peak time he could not compete with such a guy.

“What’s wrong with you, young master Raphael?” Moxinke loosed his hand immediately, thought it might be his strength that hurt this weak boy.

“Nothing, it’s just I recalled something, I’m sorry.” Han Jin made a forced smile: “There’s something I need your help, could you please cooperate with me when we meet the dwarf?”

“What do I need to do? ”

“Nothing else, you just need to stand behind me.”

Moxinke thought for a while and nodded with a fatuous smile: “Okay.”

In the normal sense, Han Jin should not be so rude to make such a request, after all, they did not have any relationship at all. But Moxinke still agreed, for that Han Jin’s appearance, temperament and tone brought him good impression, it’s hard to dislike and reject such an elegant and modest boy.

The bar had only few customers when they came into. It’s normal in a small town like Radon. A rugged guy approximately a meter in height was sitting in front of the bar counter, shouting something, and a bar girl standing in front of him, listening carefully with loath smile on face. Han Jin walked towards the guy at a low pace, then stopped beside the dwarf, said in a low voice:

“Excuse me, are you Villar, the forging master?” his eyes stared at the man up and down. Obviously this dwarf was a dingy guy, his earwax could be seen when standing at his side, the long and disordered beard was quite unfit for his height, some bread chips still in his beard. The leather armor he wore was worn-out, stinks of strange odor mixed with wine and sweat assailed Han Jin’s nostrils. The boots on the dwarf’s feet were more ragged, on one of which there was a hole, revealing a dirty and rotten toe.

Judged by this, Han Jin realized that his plan became more feasible. Before he started, he had asked Miss Keeley the basic information about Villar. Villar was a grumpy man. He wounded a noble in Holy Crown City due to some conflicts, if it was not Miss Keeley that lent him some money and brought him from the City of Holy Crown to Radon Town, he would have already been put in Jail. But only two days after the weapon shop opened Villar proposed to Miss Keeley, which meant his wage hadn’t been paid yet. What’s worse, his personal savings had all been spent in fighting and gambling.

“Go away, leave me alone!” Villar cast no glance at Han Jin at all. He waved his hand impatiently, as if to drive away a fly.

Moxinke snorted coldly, a half step forward. Villar suddenly turned, eyes swept from Moxinke’s shoulder, then set on the badge on Moxinke’ chest. Moments later, he reluctantly put the glass down and said: “This … …young master, what can I do for you?”

“I need you to forge a pair of armor for me, in an urgent, as for the price … … I will not treat you unfairly.” Han Jin said lightly. The glass in Villar’s hand was empty, but he still held it as if it were full. Han Jin could guess from all those signs that this dwarf was out at the elbows at present. Of cause the backstage manipulator had given him some money, otherwise he would never be able to open a shop. But the sum of the money was not very much, with the cost of the shop and after these days sitting around, eating and drinking, the money must has been used up.

“I have no time, you go to someone else.” rebuffed Villar.

“I just want a pair of the most common armor, five golden coins.” Since a pair of ordinary armor worth at most one or two golden coins, Han Jin’s offer has been quite generous.

“Are you deaf? I said I have no time!” Villar pounded on the table heavily and roared. If it was not the sellsword that standing beside Han Jin, he would have punched the uppity young boy fiercely.

“Ten golden coins, it can’t be higher.” Han Jin smiled: “I have no other choice, but I must got a pair of armor before dawn. So I offered you such a high price, I am sure you will be satisfied and hope you could also satisfy me.” though there was a faint feeling of threat in Han Jin’s words, his expression was quite appropriate.

“Wow … … Ten golden coins … … ” the bar girls let out a low sigh.

Villar took one look at the bar girl and then turned to Han Jin. In the past he would rather do nothing and drinking all day, but the price offered to him was quite tempting. A look of hesitation shown on his face.

“I don’t know why you will hesitate.” Han Jin’s face covered with friendliness: “I heard you are a qualified master of forging, now you could earn ten golden coins in one night, and maybe only half a night, who would turn such an offer down? Even if in Holy Crown City, the price would be enough for a pair of magic armor.”

Villar stroked his long beard, then jumped out of the chair and said in a muffled voice: “come with me.”

Han Jin smiled, and walked slowly behind Villar. The bar girl shouted: “Hey … … Mr. Villar, you haven’t paid for the drinks!”

“What are you shouting for? Do you think I will repudiate a debt?!” Villar was bridled up with his beard raised, he turned around and yelled with loud and clear sound, the force of which even trembled the bottles on the cabinet. Then his eyes targeted on Han Jin again, as if implying “I have just found a big business, will I be lack of money?”

Seemed that the guests and the bar girl were all afraid of Villar, it recalled Han Jin what Miss Keeley had told him. Villar was a high grade dwarf soldier, though not as strong as Moxinke, he was not that weaker.

The four backed to the front of Miss Keeley’s shop after crossing half of the town. It was getting dark. The shop of Miss Keeley had already closed. Villar stared at the light upstairs, sunk into contemplation. Han Jin did not urge him, instead, he was just standing by and watching every change of Villar’s expression. Watching was one of his professional habit.

A moment later, Villar produced a key and went straightly to an ordinary house on the opposite side of the building, he opened the door and went inside.

The house was quite spacious, only a table in the corner, no chairs. Villar opened the door of the inner room. Han Jin also wanted to get inside, but was warded off by Villar, who glowered and reproached: “Don’t you know the rules? What do you want to do??”

Han Jin was caught stunned, he explained with a smile: “You’ve got me wrong. I just want to make it clear that…”


“The armor I want was a bit different from an ordinary one.” Han Jin gestured on his chest and arm: “the chest should not be blocked, the left arm forging as usual, but the right arm show the forearm, and the back…”

Han Jin gushed all his special requirements, which made Villar stunned with eyes wide open, finally he couldn’t help but interrupted Han Jin and asked: “What are you going to do with such an armor?”

“That is non of your business.” Han Jin said coldly: “If it was not for this special armor, I could buy one anywhere else. Why must I pay you such an amount of money to forge one for me?”

Villar shook his head, murmured something and then shut the door with a bang.

Han Jin could hear clearly the words Villar murmured: poor fellow, his head must have been kicked by the long-mouth beast in the forest.

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