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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 10: Calamity

Chapter 10: Calamity

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Being discouraged, Raphael was a little depressed. He walked towards the hotel with his head lowering down. He had no mood to talk, but just to concentrate his mind on thinking, too concentrated to even notice the carriage coming towards him.

Moxinke let out a cry to remind Raphael the carriage and the carter turned his direction with a rush. Otherwise, an accident would have occurred.

“I’m sorry.” Raphael apologized.

But the carter didn’t reply him at all. Instead, he drove the carriage away at a very fast speed and soon disappeared in distance.

“Raphael, what are you thinking?” Moxinke patted Raphael on the shoulder.

“Nothing.” Raphael replied listlessly.

Realizing that Raphael was in a bad mood, Moxinke didn’t say any more. They went forward in silence till they arrived at the gate of the hotel. Raphael suddenly stopped and shouted in a low voice: “Something is wrong!”

“What’s wrong?”

“The carriage…”

“What’s up with the carriage?”

Raphael frowned. He once took detective as his bywork and was used to looking for clues. Just now he was too absorbed and didn’t realize it, but now he suddenly recalled something.

Usually if someone blocked the way, a carter would shout directly instead of turning the carriage away. What’s more, the carter he had met made no reaction to his apology at all and went away as though nothing had happened. It would not surprise him even if the carter scolded him. That’s strange. Would it be possible that the carter or the passenger inside the carriage was one of his acquaintances?

“Moxinke, will Miss Keeley be still in the carriage?” Raphael asked slowly, apparently he was not sure about his speculation.

“The carriage? Are you kidding me? Miss Keeley had left, hadn’t she?”

“Hard to say.” Raphael paused: “If Miss Keeley thought herself smart and tried to draw away her enemies first before she really leave the town….. They’ll be in trouble, those Knights are well-trained professionals, not fools.”

Moxinke was stunned. His eyesight collided with Raphaerl’s. Then both of the two diverted their eyesight, the same idea came into their minds: shall we catch up with the carriage?

“Let’s turn back.” Raphael made the decision.

“O…Kay.” Moxinke’s answer was reluctant, but it didn’t mean he was a less moral guy. The fact was, as a man born and lived in this chaotic world, Moxinke was quite aware, through countless bloody facts, that being a good man usually receives no good ending! Raphael was from the modern time, though he had heard something about the chaos of other worlds, he was not quite aware of that. After all, hearsay is not equal to observation.

Unfortunately, both of them were bound not to do good, for that when they got back, the carriage had been gone for a long time, not leaving a single trail even when they followed outside the town.

“What shall we do next?” Moxinke asked.

“What else can we do? Go back.” Raphael shrugged his shoulders. Things to this level, even he could not do anything about it. If Miss Keeley was in the carriage, she must have fled hurriedly after leaving the town, who knew how far she had gone.

The three came back to the hotel. But only after a short time of chatting, the clip- clop sounds of hooves broke the tranquility of the town, as if to validate Raphael’s guess purposely. Raphael looked outside through the window immediately and saw some Knights jumping off their horses and questioning pedestrians.

Only few persons and carriages had left the town today, making the investigating scope narrowed. Many saw the same carriage as Raphael had seen. The Knights were generous when inquiring the pedestrians, thus they got their answer in a short time and climbed their horses again, chasing outside the town.

“It’s all over…” Raphael let out a sigh. He once told Moxinke that violence didn’t solve all the problems, in fact, the same was intelligence. However smart he was, he couldn’t do anything against this sort of things. Unless he had a strong power to head off all those Knights, otherwise, he could only stand there and watch. He once planned to help Miss Keeley, but that was before the crisis broken out. Now everything was too late.

“Should I … … go outside and inquire about it?” Moxinke asked slowly.

“It’s no use.” Raphael shook his head. He grabbed the bread on the table and lay lazily on his bed. He always prepared food for himself. Absorbing energy through food had formed him the habit of eating while he was in either bad and good mood. In other words, he was almost addicted to food, just like an alcoholic to alcohol and a smoker to cigarette.

“Then stay here as you wish, Steelberg, let’s go outside and have a walk.” saying this, Moxinke opened the door and went out.

“Alas … … Young Master must be very sad now.” Outside the hotel, Steelberg could not hide his emotion anymore and revealed a face of worried look.

“What are you talking about?” Moxinke asked curiously.

“Don’t you see? Young Master had been in love with Miss Keeley.”

“Is that ture?” Moxinke’s eyes widened, he once joked Raphael with this topic, but it was only a joke.

“Why would I lie to you!”

“Raphael…” Moxinke paused for a moment: “if it passed like this, it will only do good for Raphael.”

“What do you mean by saying this?” Steelberg was a little infuriated .

“Ho-ho … … Don’t get angry.” Moxinke grinned. Though Steelberg was just a servant to Raphael, Moxinke had never looked down no him.” Think about it yourself, would there be a possibility between Raphael and Miss Keeley?”

Steelberg stunned for a long time, then shook his head frustratingly: “But … … but young master will be unhappy!”

“Better than suffering all his life.” Moxinke said casually, then came the words Raphael used to say to Steelberg: “You’re too young to understand these.”

Steelberg’s mouth twitched. Though Moxinke was tall and wearing a stubble of untrimmed beard, he was only 21, just four years older than Steelberg. If Moxinke was not a high grade swordman, Steelberg would jump up and refute against him.

In the hotel, Raphael had successively eliminated a few loaves of bread, he lay down, motionless. His belly bloated, even the fluctuate of his chest slowed down. Cultivation need not only energy, but also to nourish one’s spirit.

An unknown time passed, a burst of hurried footsteps awakened Raphael from his meditation. Just when he opened his eyes, the door was pushed open. Moxinke walked in smilingly, followed by the joyful Steelberg.

“Ha ha … … Raphael, don’t you ever pretend you are a prophet in front of me!” Moxinke guffawed.

“What’s wrong” Raphael turned up.

“The knights are back.” Moxinke pointed outside the window: “see by yourself if you do not believe me.”

Raphael walked to the window and looked out, there were some figures of the Knights, but the number was much less, only four.

“They came back empty-handed?” Raphael was surprised.

“Young master, they bring the carriage back, but, you know what, the carriage’s empty.”

“Where is the carter?”

“Don’t know.” Moxinke replied.

“And the other knights?”

“… … Don’t know, either.”

“Seems that I underestimated Miss Keeley, or someone have directed her, otherwise…”

“Ha! My prophet, start your art of horoscope again?” Moxinke shook his head and hissed: “Whatever you say, I will not believe you anymore.”

“Believe it or not.” Raphael did not bother to argue with him, “Let’s not talk about this anymore, no matter what the future will be for Miss Keeley, it’s none of our business anymore.

“I just don’t believe you …” Moxinke was still shaking his head. This cantankerous guy retorted before Raphael could finish his words.

However, the truth was that Moxinke was right. Nearly noon, hundreds of Knights broke into the town abruptly, driving all residents to the square in the town center, even the prostitutes were dragged out from their beds.

Raphael and his two companions were not exceptional. The guy who drove them were at first very outrageous, but his attitude eased up after he recognized the identity of Moxinke. They obviously didn’t except unnecessary bloodshed.

Not only the number of the knights was increased by 20 times, the leader was also changed. The man in red robe this morning was still among them, but he just stood among the other officials. While on the step, there stood a young man in white robe.

Though not outstanding in terms of appearance and figure, the white robe the young man wore was very eye catching, especially the golden lines embroidered in it glittering under sunshine. The young man seemed very irritated. He walked back and forth impatiently and shouted from time to time with his fingers pointed at here and there. His utterly discomfited manner didn’t match his gracious robe at all.

The Mayor of Radon Town, Manhanna, was also there. He stepped forward as if going to talk with the young man, but just as he opened his mouth, a hard slap fell on his face by the young man. Then two knights dragged him back and threw him into the crowd.

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