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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 11: Escape

Chapter 11: Escape

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Even the mayor of the town was treated like this, let alone the ordinary residents. Those who walked slowly were lashed by the tough knights heavily. Whips fell on their bodies, destroying their robes and skins. The strips of wounds left on their skin were so deep as though cut by sharp blades. Blood and crushed flesh spattered along with each lash. Everyone, whether man or woman, old or young, would thud on the ground immediately after being whipped by those sturdy Knights. Those with robust body could still let out a cry, while the physically weak ones would just fell down and lost their consciousness.

Han Jin just stood there, watched at them coldly. Some of the Knights were extremely violent, while the others just drove the crowd by pushing and kicking. Though also fierce, they were sort of merciful compared with the whipping guys.

The sun shining high in the sky, but however warm the sunshine was, it couldn’t drove away the somberness in people’s heart. Thousands of men and women had been driven to the square, as silent as the grave, as if waiting for something.

The Knights divided into squads and began their house-to-house searching. The way they broke into the houses were quite violent, more violent was their way of searching. Sound of crashing and collapsing could be heard from time to time.

“Such lunatics running amuck, why there isn’t anyone to stop them?” Han Jin asked Steelberg in a very low voice. But before Steelberg answered, someone standing behind him said: “My young master, could you please shut up…they are the household troops from the Holy Crown City!”

Han Jin turned to the direction where the voice came from and saw Sifanti, the leader of the town’s enforcement team, who was bending his waist and trying to hide his tall figure, as if he would be safer in this way. Under such circumstances, their former contradictions were of no account at all. They gazed at each other and displayed bitter smiles by coincidence.

The Knights acted quickly. Not long after, they had returned after turning the whole town upside down. Seeing the Knights came back with empty hands, the expression on the face of white robed young man was colder and colder. As his disappointment grew stronger, his rage turned fiercer, and finally a trace of viciousness flashed across his eyes, so clearly and sharp that even Han Jin, who stood hundred meters away, could sense its chillness.

When all the Knights were back, the young man swung his white robe and went to his horse.

“My lord, what about here…” The Knight beside him whispered.

“Kill them all!” The young man’s answer echoed over the town.

Kill them all!? Han Jin couldn’t believe his own ears. Thousands of people in this square, all to be killed, just because he couldn’t find Miss Keeley??

Not only Han Jin, even the Knights were shocked, they didn’t move for a moment. But order was order, twenty of them had already pulled out their swords and rushed towards the crowd. The Mayor of the town, Manhanna, was the least lucky one, his head cut off before he could even react. Then his daughter, the girl who Steelberg once peeked at midnight, was cut in her neck by a sharp sword.

The crowd fled in all directions like a stabbed hornet’s nest, screaming and running. Han Jin had nearly given up all his hope until he saw some Knights around the edges of the square were hesitated and reluctant to kill the masses. May be they also thought this order too ridiculous and cruel.

But it’s not the right moment for thinking. He turned around and run along with the crowd. His body had been transformed several times, thus running was just a piece of cake for him. While Steelberg, though not that good in terms of physical quality, was also running fast with all his potential. Moxinke hided his badge and carried his sword under his armpit. He ran unsteadily in a funny posture like a duck. He did these deliberately to keep away from the attention of some aggressive men. If caught by someone, then everything would be over.

Moxinke didn’t dare to release his fighting spirit, while the Knights were reluctant to release their fighting spirits. They just waved their swords randomly and occasionally cut down one or two people. The vast majority of the crowd rushed out from their sides.

When they approached the town, Moxinke suddenly accelerated his speed. He grabbed the slowing-down Steelberg and put him on his shoulder. A few steps later he surpassed Han Jin and said in a dully voice: “come on, keep up!”

Han Jin took a deep breath. His speed increased suddenly and followed Moxinke closely without using his energy. What a damn world!! Who knew what misfortune would occur in the future. The energy he had accumulated was the last weapon to keep himself safe, thus he would not use it until the last moment.

Fleeing people ran across the field, screaming, crying, roaring. For residents of Radon Town, it was the most heartrending day, as miserable as the end day of the whole world.

The three swam across the Cui River and rushed into a jungle at the foot of the mountain before they could finally took a released breath. Just as Steelberg were put down by Moxinke on the ground, food and gastric juice gushed out from his mouth. He felt extremely dizzy and nauseated after jolting all the way, as if his stomach were undergoing an overwhelming force of avalanche.

“Damn it…Who said Lord Dismark is a good person?!” Steelberg cried weakly.

“Be content. If it was Lord Zaganide of Black Raven City, your head have already been separated from your body.” Moxinke slumped to the ground.

When they were talking, more and more people rushed into the jungle, while those already in there were marching even deeper into the jungle. Though they didn’t know where to go, they thought it be safer if they could go farther than others.

“Moxinke, tell me, if the Knight really killed all the people in the town. Will they be subject to any punishment?” Han Jin asked word by word.

“Punishment? Are you kidding me? Do you know who these Knights are?” Moxinke sneered.

“Of course, they are household troops of the Holy Crown City.”

“Then who will punish them? Dismark?” Moxinke shook his head: “The household troops were the main army group of Dismark! Unless…”

“Unless Dismark doesn’t want his position be kept.” Han Jin sighed.


Han Jin sat down by Moxinke. Both of them lowered their heads in silence. What happened today was too astonishing to Han Jin. As a man from the modern times, the most bloody scene he had saw was nothing compared with this one. He found his experience pale in this totally different culture and society. If he had known this earlier, he would run away as fast as he could when he was informed that Miss Keeley had moved away.

“What are you thinking, prophet?” Moxinke asked curiously.

Called by this big fellow as a prophet, Han Jin was dumbfounded. He throw away the arm of Moxinke on his shoulder and asked: “What shall we do next?”

“You are the Prophet, you tell me.” Moxinke grinned.

His nervous face had eased within such a short time. Han Jin couldn’t help but staring at Moxinke for a while, this big fellow must have gone through much like this.

“I have never been out of the town, how would I know?”

“You have never been out?” Moxinke was shocked.


“But….You seem to know a lot of things?”

“I learn from books.”

Steelberg could not help but tittering.

“What are you laughing at?” Han Jin stared at him.

Moxinke looked at Han Jin and Steelberg alternately. He felt faintly Han Jin was hiding something. Moments later, Moxinke said slowly: “We can either return to Radon Town at night, or go north to Beitman.”

“Return to Radon Town? Are you crazy?” Steelberg exclaimed.

“That guy did this just for venting.” Han Jin stared at the figures running on the field: “If he meant to kill us all for some purpose, then none of us could escape.”

“You are right.” Moxinke nodded.

“Even if you are right, we shouldn’t go back, young master!”

“It’s indeed a bit dangerous if we go back.” Han Jin’s eyesight fall upon Moxinke: “Moxinke, what kind of place this Beitman is?”

“Beitman… It’s a mysterious country with both danger and opportunity. Newcomers think it’s disordered there. But if you have lived there for a long time, you will find out its own rules. When you thought you have already known all its rules, you will again feel its chaos covered by the rules.”

“Are these words made by yourself?”

“My teacher told me, ho ho…”

“Where is your teacher now?”

Moxink’s face darkened. He shook his head and said: “Let’s not speak of this any more.”

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