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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 13: The Discovery

Chapter 13: The Discovery

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Plop! A little boar was thrown onto the ground by Moxinke, “Is that enough? Shall I go hunting more?” asked Moxinke.

“Such a big boar, almost 100 pounds, isn’t it? It’s enough for us, no need to hunt more!” Cessacioun laughed.

Steelberg had put the firewood in place, but when he fumbled his pocket he exclaimed: “Damn it! Young master, we’ve left so hurriedly that I forget to take tinder with me.”

“We have a magician here, what’s the use of tinder.” Moxinke curled his lips.

A smile cracked on Cessacioun’s face, without noticing motions, a ball of fire the size of a fist had appeared in his palm. He put the fire ball on the firewood, bright flames started to burn.

“You … … You are really a magician?” Steelberg asked astonishingly, with full of admiration in his eyes.

“It’s nothing to be surprised.” Cessacioun scorned: “When you are in Beitman you will find magicians like me everywhere.”

“Mr. Cessacioun, do you think I can learn magic?”

“You … … Hard to say. I am just a warlock, not qualified to identify others. If you really want to learn magic, you should go to a magic school and have a try.”

“Oh … …” Steelberg replied with flagging interest. He knew it was impossible for him to attend a magical school, even if he could go to a magic school one day, he would be there just to take care of his young master.

While they were talking, Moxinke turned over the nearly hundred-pound wild boar with a kick, revealing gray-white belly of the boar. Then the sword in Moxinke’s hand, though not that sharp-edged, thrust into the throat of the boar easily. Moxinke pulled his sword conveniently and split the belly into two parts.

Beside the boar, Han Jin was watching every movement of Moxinke closely. The sword was wielded casually and swiftly in Moxinke’s hand, the force he used was quite appropriate. And after a few movements of his arms, the internal organs of the boar had been cleaned up, so proficient as though he was an experienced butcher.

After putting the boar above the bonfire, they sat down, chatting and waiting. Soon the fragrance of meat was wafted out. Seeing the roasted meat was almost done, Moxinke tore down half of a leg from the boar hurriedly and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing. Steelberg reacted instantly too and tore down a large piece of meat from the boar’s body. But not like Moxinke, he screamed and throw the meat onto ground immediately when he tried to sent it into his mouth. It was so hot, his fingers were almost scorched.

“What’s the hurry?” Cessacioun was puzzled.

“Well … …Ah… ” Moxinke hummed, his tone was weird, as if he was mocking at someone.

Steelberg grabbed a twig with his pain fingers and thrust it into the meat. Then he sat by himself with his food and enjoyed it leisurely.

“Strange guys…” Cessacioun shook his head: “you eat first, I’m going to do some meditation.”

Hearing this, an expression of sympathy crept on the faces of Steelberg and Moxinke simultaneously. But they didn’t say anything. After living together these days, they’ve realized how marvelous the appetite of Han Jin was. There was no upper limit for him, as long as he got foods, he would eliminate them all! And Cessacioun would find it out by his own experience.

In terms of eating, Han Jin was never courteous. Eating was the only way for him to absorb energy at this stage, and energy was the basis for cultivation, without energy, he could do nothing.

Han Jin grabbed half of the leg and put it into his mouth. His movement was elegant, but his speed of eliminating food was quite astonishing, several times of that of Moxinke. For Moxinke, food could only be swallowed after chewing, but for Han Jin, chewing was waste of time. If he had a body huge enough to swallow a whole boar, he would do that without hesitation. Moreover, his incredible ability of digesting also allowed him to eat as much as he like. Thus, if he had to die in relation with eating, then he must be starved, not stuffed to death.

Feeling traces of energy infusing into his body was the happiest moment for Han Jin, with his energy increased he would feel more content, safer and more hopeful.

When Steelberg leaning against a tree to rest himself with his full stomach, Han Jin had already wiped out half of the boar. When Cessacioun came back after meditation, only the bonfire was still flaming, and piles of bones were thrown everywhere.

“No…” this well-informed bardlet could not believe his own eyes.

“He he … …” Moxinke chuckled.

“Ha ha … …” Steelberg was also grinning.

“That is for you.” Han Jin pointed at the half head of the boar on the leaf with joyful expression on his face. He had the reason to feel joyful. Bread could only provide him with energy less than one yuan, while this boar had brought him hundreds of yuan’s energy, how could he conceal his happiness? In the past he dared not to go deep into the woods for hunting for that he was not familiar with the holy animals, but this time, thanks to Moxinke, he could get half a boar with no effort.

“You … …” Cessacioun was about to speak. He suddenly heard a disturbing sound from distance. The source of the sound was approaching them at a rapid speed. Cessacioun’s expression changed dramatically: “Not good! The black ravens!”

“You go first, and I will stay with Cessacioun!” Moxinke roared in a dull voice.

“Steelberg, you must leave right now!”

“What about you,young master?”

“I will stay here,too.” Han Jin made up his decision. He was not a reckless person, in some cases, he had to face the challenges in front of him by himself, or at least together with his companions. As diamond cuts diamond, unless he could reach the supreme position, otherwise danger would accompany him all the time. If he dodged this time, he would do this next time, and still the next, and maybe he had to live under others’ protection all his life. Han Jin would never let this happen! His self-esteem would not allow him to be a coward. Moreover, the situation hadn’t been determined yet, since Moxinke prepared to fight, they must have a chance to win. Besides, through this opportunity, he could test his own strength and compare that with Moxinke’s, so there was no reason for him to leave first.”

“Then I will stay with you, young master!” Steelberg ground his teeth.

“It was too late, we must keep quiet now.” Cessacioun whispered. He waved his arm and a puff of dirt drifted up from the ground and buried the bonfire, then he started murmuring incantations, a light circle covered all of them.

Han Jin found their shadows disappeared. What magic it was? He couldn’t help widening his eyes with astonishment.

The noise came closer and closer. In the darkness an agile figure was jumping among the woods towards them, while in the sky over the figure, thousands of ravens were cawing and chasing, looking like a large flying puff of dark cloud. Though one or two ravens would be hit and fall down each time the figure turned back, there were too much ravens to get rid of.

“Help him or not?” Moxinke said in a low voice.

The figure suddenly paused, it looked at their direction, seemed that it had heard Moxinke’s sound. But right at this moment, the hovering ravens had cut off its way and constrained it on a tree tightly. They were going to start their intense attack.

The figure was an archer, but right now archery was useless for him. He had to strike the ravens with his bow desperately. One raven maybe not that aggressive, but thousands of ravens were hard to resist. However hard the figure tried to repel his enemies, he had obviously been in a disadvantaged position. Being killed was just a matter of time.

At this point, Cessacioun spelled some incantations and a light suddenly appeared in his palm, with one wave of his arm, a net-like circle with a diameter of approximately thirty meters falling down from the air and covered most of the ravens as well as the figure.

Being cursed by magic, the ravens lowered down their speed suddenly before they falling down like rain, soon a “hill of birds” was formed on the ground. The escaped ravens cawed and changed their directions to attack Cessacioun.

At this moment, Moxinke let out a mighty roar and stood in front of Cessacioun. His body was now covered by a glow of white light, the sword in his hand was dazzlingly bright.

Moxinke had a very tall figure, giving others an illusion that he was only a swordman by strength, while in fact his reaction was also agile. He moved his giant sword in front of Cessacioun with his extremely long arms and created a formation of sword to block away the incoming ravens. Each raven collided on the formation would be minced in a flash, leaving some dark feathers falling down like black snow.

Han Jin’s expression was extremely grave. He was told by Moxinke that the difference of strength between a swordman and a fighter was very great. One could only become a real fighter after he grasped the true technique of fighting, which could help the fighter to give full play of his strength. If it was true as Moxinke had said that there were thousands of swordmen like him outside Radon Town, Han Jin’s dream would be hard to come true. Even becoming a fighter was out of his reach, let alone becoming a swordmaster or swordsaint. Such an incredible world! The superpower mentioned by Moxinke was by no means weaker than the immortals from the cultivating world.

Cessacioun started chanting again. Han Jin could sense the trembling in the air. Then a fire ball around ten meters wide was seen on the “hill of birds”, devouring all the black ravens in the light of flames.

The rest of the black ravens, about one hundred or more, had lost their morale. They soared into the high sky and screaming. Cessacioun and Moxinke didn’t relax their vigilance, their eyes glanced over the woods carefully.

The figure jumped down from the tree, said in a clear voice: “Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.” Cessacioun smiled: “Are you alone?”

“Yes.” The figure moved closer and stopped three meters away from Moxinke: “My name is Sunier, a treasure hunter.”

“I’m Moxinke, high grade swordman. This is Cessacioun, a warlock.” Moxinke introduced. He didn’t shake hands with the figure rashly because they all found out that she was in fact a woman.

Sunier’s eyesight fell on Han Jin. The truth was, Han Jin was the most attractive one among the four in terms of both temperament and appearance.

Moxinke’s eyeballs rolled. He introduced immediately: “This is Raphael, a prophet, and a hereditary baron.”

“A prophet?” Sunier exclaimed. Even Cessacioun suddenly turned around, stared at Han Jin with doubtful expression.

“Nice to meet you.” Han Jin smiled and nodded.

He knew that Moxinke was a clever man, who would not make such introduction without reason. Han Jin didn’t say anything to refute.

“A pleasure to meet you.” Sunier bent her back.

Han Jin was somewhat startled. Sunier just greeted Moxinke and Cessacioun, her life-savers, by polite formula, to him, she bowed. It was clearly that a prophet had a very high position. He didn’t know whether he should reply with a bow too or not. At a loss, he only kept his smile and nodded again.

“In front of us are the Tarasha mountains , you are really bold to come here alone.” Cessacioun smiled.

“I didn’t expect to encounter those pesky black ravens.” Sunier paused: “Where are you going?”

“Beitman.” Replied Cessacioun.

“That’s great. May I go with you?”

Cessacioun was about to answer, but he shut his mouth up suddenly and turned around to Han Jin. Sunier was also looking at Han Jin when she put forward this request. The status of prophet had caused some subtle changes.

“No problem.” Han Jin replied straightforwardly.

“That’s very kind of you.” Sunier cracked a smile, and her voice was melodious.

What a pity! The same thought flashed in the men’s heads. The woman in front of them had a very alluring figure in close-fitting soft armor, especially the pair of legs, long and straight. Though they couldn’t see the skin, the curve shape alone was enough to capture the heart of an ordinary man. The blond long hair hung down on her shoulder, soft and smooth like silk flying with the winds. If watching from the back, Sunier was absolutely a graceful and beautiful woman. However, her face was not that alluring. On the contrary, it was covered with scale-like things, looking rather scary and miserable.

“We should leave here right now. If soldiers from the Black Raven City come we will be in great trouble.” Cessacioun said in a low voice.

“Er” Han Jin nodded. But suddenly he felt a very weak fluctuation of energy, he turned around and saw something was glittering under the tree.

Han Jin rushed to the tree and found some stones the size of nails. He picked up one and studied it closely.

“Those are magic crystals of black ravens, useless things.” Moxinke said.

Useless? Han Jin was almost enraged. Each magic crystal contains at least one hundred Yuan’s energy, who dared to claim it useless?! If only he and Steelberg were there at this moment, he would definitely shout loudly to show his excitement!

But, now, he controlled his emotions and lowered his voice: “Steelberg, pack all of them up.”

“Yes, young master.” Steelberg answered. He didn’t care about whether these crystals were useful or not, as long it was the order from his master, he would do it without hesitation.

The other persons gaped at each other. Since Han Jin had decided, they didn’t say anything more. Anyway, it won’t take them a long time.

“Moxinke, where can I buy this kind of magic crystal?” Han Jin asked slowly. If they were useless, then they must be very cheap.

“Nowhere. No one will collect and sell such trash.” Moxinke shook his head and scorned.

Trash? Han Jin took in a deep breath. He was not in the mood for arguing. He remembered that Moxinke once told him not all low level holy animals contain magic crystals in their bodies. But since nearly a thousand black ravens had been burnt by Cessacioun, there were at least two or three hundred crystals on the ground. These magic crystals could provide him with at least thirty thousand yuan’s energy, enough for him to complete his foundation construction! What an exciting discovery!

Han Jin let out a sigh: “I…love this woods!”

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