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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 14: Stupid Lady

Chapter 14: Stupid Lady

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Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

Traveling in the forest in darkness was by no means an easy errand. Warcrafts came out at any time, and traps made of rotten leaves, poison mosquitoes and thistles and thorns were everywhere. All made the travelers annoyed. Especially for Steelberg, he was too exhausted to even straighten his back. But he didn’t moan or groan. He just followed Han Jin closely. This willpower astonished the others. Although they walked the same road, their effort spent was totally different, for that except Steelberg, all were professionals to some extent.

Thanks to Sunier, who had very distinctive eyesight at night and walked in the front to guide the others, the group could avoid many sufferings. Moxinke brought up the rear with his giant sword on his shoulder, in the middle were Han Jin, Stellberg and Cessacioun. They marched around tens of miles with near misses before they decided to have a rest in a tree hole.

Hearing the word “rest”, Steelberg thudded down on the ground immediately without thinking and fell into asleep in a minute. Sound of snoring disseminated from the hole.

“You rest first. I’m not sleepy.” Sunier pointed to the hole and said. The fact was, there was only one hole, how could she sleep side by side with the men?

Cessacioun yawned while getting into the hole. He was also tired and fell asleep immediately. Outside the hole, Han Jin patted Moxinke on the shoulder lightly and moved to the other side with Moxinke followed in slow paces.

After they’ve walked more than thirty meters, Han Jin opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he immediately stopped and moved another forty meters. He realized that Sunier had not only astonishing eyesight, but also good ears. When assured they’ve got the safe distance from the hole, Han Jin asked: “Why did you lie, Moxinke?”

“When did I lie?” Moxinke was confused.

“You told them I am a prophet.”

“Oh… You mean this.” Moxinke laughed: “If I didn’t say you are a prophet, then what’s your position? A magician? You can’t even make a fire ball; A soldier? You don’t have any weapon, let alone fighting strength; A hunter? A robber? None of them fits you, except prophet.”

Han Jin frowned: “you can tell them I’m just a very ordinary declined nobleman.”

“Hump, if so, no one would look up to you! To tell you the truth, I recognized you when we were at Miss Keeley’s store. That’s why I am interested in you. I am wondering what power could change a person so tremendously within such a short time.” Moxinke lowered his voice: “Raphael, do you wish to be disdained by others as you were in Radon Town? I have learned when I was only a little kid that it’s a very realistic world. If you don’t have some special ability, then you can do nothing but just be despised. Ho ho…..”

Han Jin let out a sigh. He knew clearly what did Moxinke mean.

“Did you notice that Cessacioun used his magic a few times to speed up Steelberg when he was too exhausted to walk? If you are just an ordinary noble good-for-nothing in his eyes, do you still think he will waste his magic power for you?”

“I know.” Han Jin nodded.

“A prophet is the far seer that can lead some of us out of the dilemma, but not all of us.” Moxinke cracked an uncanny smile: “Do you realize what a nice position it is?”

“If what I said is right, that verifies I am a real far seer. If not, that’s the fate. No one can resist fate, is that what you mean?” Han Jin smiled.

“Ha, you are such a clever person. Seems that you indeed have the potential to be a prophet. Ho ho…”

“But you have the badge to prove your identity. What shall I have to prove that I am a prophet?”

“Nothing.” Moxinke said with smile: “In Elvish language, a prophet is a wise man that can see the future. In fact, every one could be a prophet. The key is: is there anyone believe you. But be assured, I will help you.”

“If so, I only have one question left.”

“What’s it?”

“Why will you help me?” Han Jin asked lightly.

“This question… is a little complicated.” Moxinke scratched his head: “My teacher once told me that I only had some petty tricks, not enough to do great things. But you are different. You have such brilliant mind. Your wisdom, my sword, we can make up the best team! So…”

“That’s different from what you said last time.”


“Last time you told me your teacher had said that your brain was not so good and you should make more clever friends to learn from them.” Han Jin smiled: “There is great difference between ‘not so good’ and ‘petty tricks’.”

“Are you kidding me? That’s many days ago, you still remember?”

“Of course!” Han Jin’s feelings was somewhat mixed.

“I am now more convinced in your wisdom now!” Moxinke patted Han Jin on his shoulder and said with solemn face: “I am sure we can create a brilliant future together!”

“Before we create the our brilliant future, can you answer my question earnestly?”

“Ho ho…” Moxinke gave a meaningful smile: “You have such an amazing appetite. That’s impossible for an ordinary person! So I am sure you are miscegenation of dragon and human! Though you are sorehead at present, but with your blood, you will…What? Don’t you believe me??” Moxinke saw the strange expression on Han Jin’s face before he finished his harangue.

“I see, seems that your petty tricks are also limited.” Han Jin shook his head helplessly: “Won’t Miss Keeley investigate me if she hired me to deal with the dwarf for her? And you? Didn’t you ask her about me? I was born and grew up in Radon Town, both my parents are ordinary noble from Radon Town, don’t you know this? A miscegenation of dragon and human…”

“It’s really hard to win the trust from a prophet.” Moxinke smiled bitterly: “I know you want to know my purpose, right? Okay…In fact I have no purpose at all. I just want to make friend with you.”

“Then why don’t you say this at the very beginning instead of bullshitting the story.” Han Jin’s face was full of contempt: “And, you are really a poor story teller. I suggest you to practice more with some kids when we get to Beitman.”

“You…believe me this?” Moxinke was puzzled.

“Why don’t I?” Han Jin asked back. Though he had to admit that people usually get to know and cooperate with each other for some interest, but sometimes they may desire to have one or several pure friends. Friends that even when they have totally different positions or fortunes or religions, they will still be good friends.

Moxinke’s expression depressed. He didn’t think such a nitpicking guy like Han Jin would believe the least reasonable reason. Totally waste of minds.

“We should go back, otherwise they will be suspicious.”

“I’m going to find something to eat, you go back first.” Moxinke said dully.

“Then get more.”

“You’ve eaten half a boar yesterday, that’s still not enough for you?” Moxinke was almost driven crazy.

“Don’t you see I have run a long way the whole night?” Han Jin retorted eloquently.

“You really astonished me!” Moxinke let out a long breath and walked into the deep of the woods.

When Han Jin came back to the hole, Sunier was sitting on top of a tree branch and humming a nameless tune. Her voice was clear and melodious when talking, but soft and gentle while singing, like a sleep song. Han Jin sat by the tree and gradually fell into asleep.

An unknown time passed. The voice of Moxinke waked Han Jin up: “Get up! Get up!”

“Leave me alone!” Cessacioun’s voice impatient. He was annoyed of being disrupted from his dream.

“Use your magic and make the firewood burning.” Moxinke said audaciously with logical reason.

“…” Cessacioun sighed with a frustrated expression on his face. He then stood up and staggered out of the hole. But when he saw the prey on the ground, his sleepy eyes suddenly lit up:” Back-feathered lizards? What a good thing! How did you catch it?”

“I robbed it from two human-faced eagles. He he, good luck today.” Moxinke said proudly: “You can go on your sleep after setting the fire.”

“Dare to provoke two fifth grade holy animals at the same time? You are really bold!” Cessacioun ignored automatically the second half of Moxinke’s words. He sat down firmly and released a small fireball to ignite the prepared branches.

A moment later, Sunier came back with a bundle of twigs in her arms. When she saw the burning branches and the two cleaned back-feathered lizards on the bonfire, she couldn’t help shaking her head and sighed: “What a pity…”

Back-feathered lizard was delicacy famous for its fresh and tender meat. Its fighting capacity was poor, thus it’s ranked at the bottom of the food chain of warcrafts. What’s worse, its reaction was slow and dull, making it easy to be hunted. Wild back-feathered lizards were near extinction, those sold in market were mostly domesticated. Therefore, if they brought these two back-feathered lizards to the market, they could get a large fortune in exchange.

Han Jin was not aware of the preciousness of the back-feathered lizards, otherwise he would definitely tried to keep them both.

“Pity for what? You should be grateful to have this delicacy.” Cessacioun laughed, but as soon he finished his words he looked up at Han Jin, and sighed: “What a pity.”

Raphael, no, prophet, please go on your sleep.” Moxinke nearly pleaded.

“I’m not sleepy now. Even if I am sleepy, I will be wide awake if I see food in front of me.” Said Han Jin honestly. He was now having a double desire for food, one for physical need, the other, mental need.

“Sunier, why not have a walk with our prophet?” Moxinke shot Sunier a warning glance. Unfortunately, the girl was totally confused by such an abrupt suggestion.

“Why?” She didn’t get angry but asked curiously.

“You will know soon.”

“Tell me first.” Sunier insisted.

“You … … You’ will be regret.” Moxinke said in a sad tone.

Sunier looked at them. Her face was filled with confusion.

“Steelberg, get out to eat, if you still want to.” Moxinke thundered.

The snoring sound in the hole halted suddenly, the next moment saw Steelberg rushed out with his half opened eyes. As long as one get along with Han Jin for one day, he would learn the lesson concerning eating. No matter how much food was there in front of them, he must eat it as quickly as he can, otherwise, this awful prophet would eat them all, leaving others’ stomachs empty.

Sunier sat by the bonfire, her fingers twisted slightly, then a sparkling dish appeared out of nowhere in her hand.

Moxinke and Cessacioun gazed at each other at an extremely fast rate, they both knew what Sunier had used, the space ring!

Then the dinner knife, the fork and other tableware appeared one by one. At last Sunier took out a very delicate knife and wiped it with a pure white handkerchief. Her movements were elegant and natural, giving others a feeling beyond description. If it was not her ugly face, she would undoubtedly be a beautiful picture in this dark woods.

Moxinke and Cessacioun forced themselves to divert their attention to the back-feathered lizards. It was impolite to stare at a girl like this.

“Smells delicious.” Steelberg wrinkled his nose exaggeratedly.

Moxinke grabbed his sword and pierced the skin of the back-feathered lizards lightly with the sharp end, strips of white and fresh meat were displayed: “Nearly done.”

Sunier raised her knife, but the moment she turned around her body was stiffed. In front of her, six hands were scrambling to tear the back-feathered lizards. In the blink of an eye one side of the lizard had been out of all recognition.

Sunier stood there in a daze. She had never seen such bad manners. A moment later she shook her head and turned to Han Jin.

By contrast, Han Jin was the gentlest one. He waved his hand, indicating Sunier to cut the meat first, who then cut off a piece of meat from the prey carefully and went to the other side of the tree, sat down and enjoyed her food.

She was not used to eat together with those men like savages.

In fact, she had made the right decision, otherwise she would surely choke herself if she saw the way Han Jin eliminating his food. When she finished nibbling the meat in her dish and planned to get some more, she was flabbergasted, nothing left, except the bones on the ground. Moxinke and the other two guys were lying on the ground, humming and stroking their bellies with sense of satisfaction, while beside the bonfire Han Jin was still looking for something.

Sunier bit her lips, put away her tableware into her space ring and went into the deep of the woods.

“Where are you going, Sunier?” Han Jin asked in a loud voice.

“Have a walk.”

“Don’t go too far.” Moxinke sat up in a hurry.

“I know.”

“Moxinke, the back-feathered lizards… … are they holy animals?” Han Jin asked slowly.

“Yes, they are second grade holy animals.”

“What about wild boar?”

“It depends on which kind of wild boar you refer to.”

“The one you catch yesterday.”

“That’s not a holy animal.”

“I see.” Han Jin nodded his head. He had sensed that the energy brought by the back-feathered lizards was more than that he absorbed from the boar, but specifically how much more he was not sure, unless he had the same weight of the two in front of him and made a comparison.

“Cessacioun, it’s your turn to lead us tomorrow.” Moxinke said in a muffled voice.


“Over the hills is the Pill Town of Beitman, no mishaps before we get there.” Moxinke looked helplessly: “We could not afford to bear the responsibility!”

“Do you mean Sunier?” Han Jin smiled.

“Mmm, I thought she was an experienced huntress yesterday, who knows she…” Cessacioun’s head shook.

“Cessacioun, are you familiar with Beitman?” Moxinke asked.

“Mmm, quite familiar, what’s wrong?”

“Guess, which large family is she from?”

“How would I know that!” Cessacioun hesitated for a moment: “I have no impression on a lady found of outing and doing boring things like her.”

“Not only boring, but also stupid.” Moxinke puffed out his chest: “Fortunately, we are all good people, otherwise … … Ho ho!”

“I think she is wearing a mask, have you ever seen such a strangely ugly woman?”

“Since you mentioned… I also have such thought!”

In the distance out of the men’s sight, Sunier was standing quietly behind a tree, as if she was listening to something, then she continued to go deep into the woods.

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