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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 17: The Traitor

Chapter 17: The Traitor

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Cessacioun raised his hand and released a water ball. Stimulated by the cold water, Miss Keeley let out a moan. But when she managed to open her eyes, she was scared by the extremely ugly face in front of her and screamed while crawling backwards with both her hands and legs.

“Don’t be afraid, Miss Keeley. I am your friend.” Han Jin tried to calm her down.

Miss Keeley turned her head, but when she saw Han Jin, no expression of “friend” shown in her face, instead, she ground her teeth and said bitterly: “It’s you!”

“Yes, it’s me, Raphael.” Han Jin made a dry cough.

Miss Keeley glanced at the them one by one and suddenly cried: “Uncle Hoffman? Where is Uncle Hoffman?”

Han Jin and Moxinke gaped at each other. They both understood that those people knocked Miss Keeley out and hid her in the hole because the situation had gone too critical. Miss Keeley must still have some impression about it. If they lied to her, she would not only disbelieve them, but also consider them as enemies.

“You need to calm down first.” seeing the distressed expression on the faces of Han Jin and Moxinke. Sunier stood up and said in a soft voice: “You are the only survivor.”

Miss Keeley’s body trembled. She turned around unexpectedly and tried to run forward, but she was stopped by Moxinke.

“Get out of my way!” Keeley screamed.

“Calm down, Miss Keeley. You’d better not to go there.” Moxinke tried to persuade her. His eyesight dodged hers. He felt too guilty to even look at her in the face.

“Get out of my way!” Keeley shouted again and again and pushed Moxinke with all her strength.

But Moxinke just stood there without any movement. It was too bloody over there and he was afraid that Miss Keeley could not bear this and fell in a faint again.

Miss Keeley cried more and more fiercely, with her hands pounding on and her feet kicking at Moxinke. But Moxinke just stood there like a mountain. After some time, Miss Keeley was exhausted and her footsteps staggered.

“You must calm yourself down, Miss Keeley!” Sunier shouted: “What use of running wild? Will that make you forget this pain or bring back the lives of your soldiers?”

Keeley turned around suddenly and stared at Sunier: “You told me that I am the only survivor?”


“Since they could face death fearlessly to protect me, why can’t I have the courage to bid farewell to them?” Miss Keeley said this word by word. Her voice was calm and cold. She tried her best to control her emotions, but tears still rolled down from her eyes.

Hearing her words, Sunier was stumped for a moment, she said with a bitter smile: “Moxinke, make way, she’s right.”

Moxinke turned to Han Jin for help, but Han Jin just sighed: “Let her go.”

Not only Sunier, but also Han Jin was touched by Miss Keeley’s query. If they prohibited her to see her families the last time, she would hate them all her life.

Moxinke stepped aside helplessly and saw Miss Keeley staggering forward. They followed her, all felt heartbreaking when they saw the tired out Miss Keeley stumbled by the stones or branches on the ground, or by the trunk that could have been easily dodged.

Moxinke wanted to help her, but he was stopped by Han Jin. Right now what they should do was not to disturb her. Instead, they should let her to vent all her emotions hysterically, only by this could she feel better.

Miss Keeley tumbled into the battlefield and stopped in front of the man that died together with the human-faced eagle. She thudded down heavily on the ground with her knees and trembled her shoulders fiercely. But no sound of cry was heard.

She didn’t know that at this moment her actions not only tortured herself mentally, but also made Moxinke, who stood beside her, full of guilty and grief. As for Han Jin, he was weird. Even now he could still control his emotions and let go all his negative moods.

Realizing that he should do something to divert Moxinke’s attention, Han Jin walked to the headless body slowly and observed it for a long time, and then let out a cold laughter deliberately.

“What did you find?” Sunier asked. She also walked there followed by Moxinke and Cessacioun.

“This man was not killed by the human-faced eagle. It couldn’t bite off half of his head!” Han Jin said in a slow voice and continued: “Did you see his wound? It was obviously formed by a large blunt weapon or some heavy object.”

Sunier looked at it closer and frowned: “You mean, someone attacked them?”

“I do think so.” Han Jin’s eyes turned cold: “And I think I have known who this traitor is after we finding Miss Keeley.”

“Who?” Moxinke asked urgently.

“Both of us know him.”

Moxinke was dumbfounded for a moment and suddenly got it: “The dwarf forging master Villar?” The forging hammer of this dwarf was quite fit the large blunt weapon and can cause precisely such a wound!

“Yes, it’s him.” Han Jin sighed: “Traitor is a traitor, you can never believe him. Since he could betray Miss Keeley once, he will betray her twice and the third time. It was so pity that Miss Keeley’s so kind and kept him with her! If it were me, I would kill that dwarf the first time he betrayed me! He must be filled with resentment when he was forced to sign the slaving contract, let alone keeping loyal to Miss Keeley. So when he got the chance, he took his revenge.”

“That monster!” Moxinke shouted angrily: “I will absolutely kill him!”

“I will kill him too.” Han Jin uttered this slowly. Since Moxinke had found a way to vent his emotion, he also felt relieved.

“A dwarf forging master? How could he hurt a soldier?” Sunier was suspicious about that.

“He is not only a forging master, but also a high grade fighting dwarf.” replied Han Jin.

“Even if he is a high grade fighting dwarf, you are so arbitrary to assert that he is the traitor.” Sunier didn’t give in to him: “What if it’s not him?”

“It’s easy to testify. Ask Miss Keeley whether the dwarf’s in her team or not when she calms down. Then everything will be clear. I have checked all this place, and no body of the dwarf was here.” Han Jin said expressionlessly: “And, don’t you forget I am a prophet, though I can’t see our future yet, but I believe in my instinct.”

Since Han Jin had said this, there is no need for Sunier to refute anymore. She turned her eyes to somewhere else.

“Sunier, I feel … … You seem to have a special affection to dwarfs.” Han Jin said lightly.

“Oh … …” A trace of change occurred in Sunier’s eyes, but soon she returned to normal: “Do I? I am just a serious person.”

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