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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 19: Distribution

Chapter 19: Distribution

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Han Jin wanted to cry but had no tears. He felt distressed, but in this place no one would understand his feeling.

During the whole night he served as a cook and gourmet, and swallowed three human-faced eagles. The energy he absorbed within the past hours was more than that he had accumulated since he came to this world. When the dawn was coming, he felt a bit tired and decided to have a rest before he continued his great cause of energy accumulation.

At this moment he was a happy man. He had seen the hope and also grasped his hope.

However, everything was changed when he woke up after rest. All the remaining bodies of the human-faced eagles had been burnt by Moxinke and Cessacioun. For Han Jin, those bodies were as precious as treasures, but for the others, they were just dead bodies which would decay and stink in a few days. Their wooden shed was not far away from those bodies, they didn’t want to live with corpse’s odor around them.

What a pathetic feeling it would be if one was a millionaire with countless concubines and treasures in a dream and found himself penniless when he woke up…

Han Jin nearly went ballistic. The only fortunate thing was that he never leave the best to the end. The largest human-faced eagle had become the energy in his body, otherwise he would likely be out of his control and to duel with Moxinke.

“Come on, what are you thinking?” Sunier called Han Jin. They all felt he was a little strange today. In the past the most attractive thing to him was eating, but now he just sat on the hillside like a statue.

Han Jin restrained his indignation and rude words, and walked down slowly, sitting lazily by Moxinke. After all they meant good.

Moxinke knocked Han Jin with his shoulder and asked: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” He replied listlessly, pondering whether he should tell them his secret in case to avoid similar situations or not. But…could he really trust them?

“You are lying!” Moxinke said.

Han Jin didn’t reply anymore. He just took out a bag and threw it on the ground: “These are our fruit yesterday.”

Cessacioun opened the bag. A few water-blue magic crystals rolled down. He knitted his brows: “You can’t keep these magic crystals like this! They are unstable objects. In case something happened, they would explode and even kill you.”

“Then what shall I do?”

“You should keep them separately.”

“Are you kidding me?” Han Jin pointed to Steelberg: “He had hundreds of magic crystals from the black ravens in his pocket. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“They are different. The higher grade the magic crystals is, the more unstable their elements will be.” Cessacioun shook his head.

“If you trust me, I can keep it for you.” Sunier interrupted them lightly.

Then Cessacioun passed the crystals to her. Since she had a space ring, she must be the most suitable person to keep those crystals. No one would have objection.

“Cessacioun, how much are these magic crystals worth?” Han Jin asked.

“The largest one may be sold for at least twenty and at most fifty golden coins . While the others, they worth around ten golden coins all together.”

“What a great gap in price!” Han Jin was astonished.

“Yes, indeed.” Cessacioun nodded.

“As Sunier have said yesterday, the war is breaking out. I suppose the price of magic crystals will be soared.” Han Jin said: “Since we have nothing else to do now, why don’t we hunt more and collect more magic crystals. Money is a good thing. Wherever we go in the future, to Bietman or to the Holy Crown City, or even far away from here, we shall have money to support our life.”

“I have no objection. All up to you.” Cessacioun replied.

“I’m a sellsword, hunting is one of my old jobs.” Moxinke made a laughter.

“Why not.” Sunier said, but her face was expressionless, as if she despised the magic crystals or the task of hunting.

“Cessacioun, how much it will cost us if we each buy a space ring?” Han Jin asked again.

Hearing this, Sunier made a loud laughter. “Do you really have this thought?” Cessacioun asked.

“What’s wrong?”

“If we can get this achievement everyday…” Cessacioun pointed to the magic crystals in Sunier’s hand: “then after three years we can afford that.”

“I have never expected you are so rich, Sunier!” Han Jin eyes lit up, for him money is inexhaustible energy!

“I am not rich. This space ring is a gift from my mother.” Sunier shook her head: “otherwise, I will not be here with you.”

“It’s the same” Moxinke suddenly exclaimed: “I have already had a way to make a fortune!”

“What’s your way?” Han Jin’s spirit was risen.

“We can pretend kidnapping Sunier and ask her family to pay some amount of ransom.” Moxinke expounded his plan while observing the expression on Sunier’s face: “of course the ultimate purpose of us is to get the money…we will not go too far.”

“Are you out of your mind, Moxinke?” Cessacioun was amused: “you’d better stop such kind of joke.”

“Good idea. If you are not afraid of the Gothic Bow in my brother’s hand, I will cooperate with you.” Sunier said ironically.

“Forget it. I know you didn’t say this sincerely.”

“You are so funny. Do you really expect me to cooperate with you sincerely and blackmail my own family?” Sunier was amused, too.

“You can’t say that, anyway, you will have your shares if we get the money, isn’t it a win win plan?”

“The point is, why should I share the money with you? If I want money, I can ask it from my brother by myself.” Sunier couldn’t help but rolling her eyes. .

“That’s enough. Be serious.” Cessacioun interrupted: “Let’s discuss the task of hunting. Raphael and Steelberg have no fighting ability. How to distribute it among us three?”

“You and Moxinke go together. I can hunt alone.” Sunier said in a low voice: “And you go first today, I will stay here and take care of Miss Keeley. Tomorrow I will go hunting, too.”

Cessacioun and Moxinke gaped at each other. It turned out that Han Jin was right. Sunier said she was a treasure huntress the first time they met. If so, she was just a fifth grade professional. But her distribution was somewhat unfair. Moxinke was a high grade swordman, a sixth grade professional. In the normal sense, he should hunt alone. And Sunier and Cessacioun go together, two fifth grade professionals could take care of each other. Obviously, Sunier was quite confident in her own strength.

“Then it’s settled.” Moxinke stood up and picked up his giant sword.

“What about me? Needn’t I do anything?” Han Jin pointed to his own nose.

“We are not so poor and had to let our prophet to go hunting.” Cessacioun made a broad grin.

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