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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 20: Adventure

Chapter 20: Adventure

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After dinner, Sunier went back to take care of Miss Keeley. When her figure disappeared in the woods, Moxinke suddenly stared at Cessacioun and reproached: “You are a fool!”


“We were discussing our plan to make fortune. Why did you interrupt us?”

“It was just a joke, wasn’t it?” Cessacioun forced a helpless smile.

“You are really a fool…” Moxinke sneered: “We all know that Sunier is not that simple. She has a mysterious background. But besides that we know nothing about her. Do you really think I was just kidding? I am sounding her out!”

“Sounding her out?”

“What else do you think I was doing?” Moxinke nodded his head heavily and said: “At least now we know she has a brother, and her brother has a Gothic Bow, a unique weapon of the Elves! If you had not interrupted us, maybe I’ve already known the names of her parents and her brother.”

“Down to you, Moxinke.” Han Jin interrupted him lazily: “Don’t think yourself clever and take others as fools. If you asked more, Sunier would sure perceive your intention. It’s not better than ask herself directly.”

“Ask her directly? What do you think she will reply?” Moxinke was unwilling to submit.

“It’s her decision to tell us or not. We shall respect her.” Han Jin shook his head: “If it were you, would you feel happy if I try to find out your past which you are striving to hide?”

Moxinke scratched his head for a long time and laughed with embarrassment.

“I never thought that you are a tactful guy.” Cessacioun looked at Moxinke up and down and mocked.

“His cleverness is never used in the right way.” Han Jin stood up: “Steelberg, pass me the magic crystal.”

Steelberg was sitting there in trance and listening to them. When he heard Han Jin called his name, he immediately turned around and passed the bag behind to him.

Han Jin opened the bag, carefully picked up a piece of magic crystal which contained the least energy, then he gave the bag back to Steelberg before he turned away and walked into the woods.

“Young master, where are you going?” Steelberg asked loudly.

“I have something to do. Don’t disturb me.” Han Jin waved his hand.

In a small col, Han Jin watched around for a few seconds and then climbed upward by holding the trunk in front of him. About ten foot above the ground there was a small hole in the tree, which could accommodate at most one person. It was a perfect place for him to practice cultivation. He has spent a lot of time yesterday to find this place.

The jungle under him was near the edge of the Tarasha mountains. Even in the daytime there were lots of holy animals to hang out. The dozens of human-faced eagles was a warning. Thus it was much safer to stay in the tree than under the tree.

Han Jin gazed at the magic crystal the size of a nail in his hand for a while. Then he put it into his mouth in a very slow manner.

He was a calm man. But no man could keep absolute calm all the time. Though he had some rough experience, he was too young. The lesson he learned from his experience was quite limited. In fact, he had never gone through any unforgettable painful lesson. As for the explosion that sent him to this world, it was caused by his irresolution. He could be a good guy and rejected the case of Zhou Chengyi directly, or he could be a sheer bad guy and kill Zhou Chengyi without hesitation, in either case wouldn’t the explosion occur.

The strike he suffered this morning made him a little obstinate. If he could have eaten some more human-faced eagles today and then absorbed the energy from those magic crystals of black ravens, he would have more than four Jia’s energy. Judged by the criterion of this world, he would have been a third grade professional. Though still inferior to Moxinke, his speed of improving was unparalleled by anyone else!

But now his hope had dashed to pieces. All the remaining bodies of human-faced eagles had been burnt by Moxinke. If he kept practicing cultivation according to his original plan, he had to wait at least another month to absorb the energy from those black ravens’ magic crystals. Of course if he was fortunately enough that Moxinke brought back some fifth grade holy animals again, he could shorten the time. But now Han Jin didn’t want to wait anymore, nor did he want to put his hope on others.

He swallowed the magic crystal in a slow speed. He was quite clear that in his body he had almost seven thousand Yuan’s energy. The energy this magic crystal contained was around eighty yuan, exceeding the limit of one percent. But it was not that pure. Those unknown elements contained in it may not have so much energy. However, Han Jin was also clear that the real secure standard was zero point one percent, the so called ‘limit’ was just a warning of danger.

When he felt the energy from the magic crystal was dissolving, Han Jin slowly closed his eyes. He cleaned his mind and threw away all his distractions. Soon he understood why Cessacioun said the elements from magic crystals were unstable. At the beginning, the energy was introduced by him consciously, but in a flash it flooded out like pouring water. The magic crystal inside his stomach disappeared in the blink of an eye and turned into turbulent flow of energy, pounding his limbs crazily. If he had not strengthened his body yet, he would have already suffered great internal injuries.

I am too bold! This thought flashed in his head, but now he had no time to regret it.

He took a deep breath and started to run the energies in his body. After each rotation of heavenly circuit he was able to absorb part of the impulsion.

The energy contained in magic crystals was different from the grain essence contained in food. The latter was gentle, meek, and its absorbing speed could be controlled from time to time. While the energy in a magic crystal was wild, rampaging, and uncontrollable, the releasing speed of which was too fast to be absorbed.

After several heavenly circuits, Han Jin’s mental state suddenly turned violent. The negative emotions such as brutality, bloodthirstiness and hostility contained in the dark elements were all welled up into his mind. The veins in his forehead stood out suddenly and violently. His hands clenching in a special shape before his chest started to tremble.

Pictures of imagination flashed in his head one after another, all filled with darkness and brought him ineffable comfortableness.

In one of the pictures, Han Jin saw himself wielding an iron bar and beat Moxinke black and blue. He hated Moxinke because he burnt all those human-faced eagles!

Then in another picture, Han Jin pinned Miss Keeley to the grass and ripped out all her clothes. Her crying, her breath and her begging all brought extreme contentment to him.

Cessacioun and Sunier became his slaves in his mind!

In the system of cultivation, those negative emotions are referred to as the devil inside. Han Jin was a mature friar, he was not afraid of the devil inside. But this time he was unprepared, before he could warn himself, it had controlled his mind.

He had to let out a long howling with his last soul intelligence, trying to vent out all the devil inside. But his howling just turned into a long roaring, which was full of brutality.

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