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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 21: Talent

Chapter 21: Talent

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A figure jumped from one tree to another and was approaching the hole in which Han Jin hid himself at an extremely fast speed. It was none other than Sunier, who had heard the roaring of Han Jin.

The hole was hidden, but it’s only for the holy animals. As for Sunier, she figured out the exact location immediately and appeared in front of the hole after several leaps.

What she saw inside startled her. Though she still could recognize the face of Han Jin, it was swollen with numerous worm-like blood streaks on it and the cheeks were twitching violently. His eyes closed tightly and the veins in his forehead stood out. He looked just like a wild savage.

Dozens of Yuan’s energy was not that much, but if uncontrolled, it could cause unexpected damage. This was like a piece of integrated motherboard. If the electric current from outside didn’t flow according to specific routes, the motherboard would likely suffer great damages. Fortunately, Han Jin’s body was much stronger than a lifeless motherboard. At least he could absorb some of the energy. The problem was that he could only try to reduce some the damages, but couldn’t resist all of them.

“What’s going on with you, Raphael?” Sunier pushed Han Jin worriedly.

Hearing the sound, Han Jin suddenly opened his eyes. His pupils turned to blood red. His hand stretched out and grabbed Sunier’s blond hair.

In fact, Sunier was the strongest professional among all of them. But after living together for several days, they had built trust on each other and she always thought Han Jin was just a prophet without any fighting capacity. Thus she was caught off guard and her hair was grabbed by him tightly. Just as she was astonished and intended to query Han Jin, he had already stretched the other hand of him and put forth his strength to tear at the soft armor before her chest. Right now Han Jin was totally out of his mind, the only thing in his mind was brutality.

Sunier’s tears almost flow out in pain. She shook her right fist instinctively and pounded Han Jin’s chest.

Boom! The place pounded by Sunier sunk obviously. His body was knocked into the air and left a big hole in the tree, and then rolling down involuntarily, but his hand still firmly grasped her hair. Facts proved that such blackguardly tactic was very useful. In order to protect her hair and to avoid the pain, Sunier was forced to fly through the hole and dropped with him.

But in the mid-air she was not at leisure, on the contrary, her hands punched on Han Jin’s chest violently. If it was not that she can’t exert all her strength in mid-air, Han Jin would have been beaten to death.

Plop! They both fell on the grass heavily. A stream of blood arrow shoot out from Han Jin’s mouth to Sunier’s face. After being punched so fiercely and colliding heavily against the ground, his injury was severely aggravated.

Sunier gasped with astonishment. She thought herself fell into a plot again, thus she hurriedly drew out an arrow from her back and stabbed it on Han Jin’s forehead between the eyebrows. An intention of killing him occurred in her mind.

Being mauled heavily, sweat blood rushed out from Han Jin’s throat. The rampaging energy inside his body finally found an outlet and released out with the gush of blood. Then he recovered his intelligence, but the serious injury made him even unable to move a single finger. He could do nothing but helplessly stare at the sharp arrow that coming towards him.

At this juncture, the wrathful eyesight of Sunie’s came across Han Jin’s desperate and helpless eyesight. She found that the blood red in his eyes had already faded. She was tenderhearted suddenly and tried to stop her arm, but it was too late. The arrow had already stabbed into Han Jin’s forehead, blood dropped down.

“Raphael?” She cried tentatively.

“I…” Han Jin replied weakly. He did not dare to nod because the arrow was still between his eyebrows.

“What’s going on just now?” Sunier didn’t relax her vigilance.

“My legs … …they seem broken, and my ribs … … ” Han Jin murmured with pain all over his face. He tried to change the subject and to gain Sunier’s sympathy by his injury.

“Tell me, what happened?” Sunier asked coldly.

Seeing his plan failed, Han Jin fell into silence. He didn’t know how to explain it. Sunier was a clever woman. She would easily see through his lie if he made up one hastily, which will made her more suspicious.

“Tell me, my patience is limited!” Her hand moved.

Han Jin forced a bitter smile, maybe he had no other choice but to tell her his secret this time.

“Steelberg said you left with a magic crystal of the black raven.” Sunier thought of the dark atmosphere revealed by Han Jin just now and suddenly understood something: “Where’s the crystal?!”

“Eaten by me.” Han Jin said in a low voice.

“Eaten?” Her eyebrows raised.

“Because I can absorb the elements inside the magic crystal.” Han Jin wanted to name it energy, but he was afraid that Sunier couldn’t understand.

“What are you talking about? You can absorb the elements inside the magic crystal??” Sunier was dumbstruck, and her voice began to tremble.


“All kinds of elements you can absorb?”


“Eat this!” With a backhand a fire-red magic crystal appeared in her palm.

Han Jin’s eyes suddenly contracted a bit. It was a sixth grade magic crystal, containing almost thousands of Jia’s energy. If he ate this crystal, he would be a sixth grade professional in an instant.

“I will die if I eat it.”

Sunier’s lips curled. She tightened the tip of the arrow in her hand and asked: “Oh? Why?”

“An ant can’t drink up all the water of a river, the same is me. I can at most absorb the elements from a second grade magic crystal at present. After some accumulation I can try the third grade. I need to do this gradually.”

Sunier stopped her sneer and looked at Han Jin seriously. His face was quite magnanimous. Since he had told her his most important secret, what’s more need to hide?

Sunier gazed at him for a long time and then said word by word: “If what you said is true, do you know what it means?”

“What?” Han Jin asked curiously.

“It means you have an unlimited future.”

“I don’t care if my future was unlimited or not, but I know I was nearly reach my limit of life just now.” He forced a joke.

But sunier didn’t feel it funny. She kept silent for a long time and said slowly: “I’ve never heard of anyone with such fearsome talent.”

“You believe what I said?”

“Yes.” Sunier paused: “The dark atmosphere you released is fading now. There is only one reasonable explanation, that is you really can absorb the elements from the magic crystal.

“Can you please lift your hand? I’m a bit dizzy.” Han Jin made a sour smile. In the terminologies of the cultivation system, the place between the eyebrows was where the heavenly eye locates. Even pressed by a finger or a pencil would made one feel very uncomfortable, let alone stabbed by an arrow.

“Do you know what does your talent mean?” Sunier kept saying in a condescending tone. She loathed the playful attitude showed by Han Jin as if he were not care about his talent at all and always changed the topic to some indifferent trivial matters.

“Of course I know, but I need magic crystals and I need time.” He had to force himself a severe countenance and said: “Otherwise everything’s just fantasy.” He meant it.

“But why have you to absorb the elements from a magic crystal that belongs to the darkness?” Her expressions relaxed: “You can absorb all kinds of elements, can’t you?”

“I … …I only have this kind of magic crystal … … ”

“Oh.” Sunier nodded her head. Her eyes glanced at the left leg of Han Jin, then she suddenly become somewhat unnatural and asked: “Your pain … … does it hurt?”

“Elder sister! Finally you remember I was the wounded.” Han Jin thought to himself and he was almost moved to tears: “It hurts…”

“It’s my fault. I thought you…”

“No, don’t blame yourself. It’s all my fault. I never thought the dark elements can bring such great impact that even beyond my own control.”

“You’d better not to absorb the dark elements any more, otherwise you will become a creature of the darkness sooner or later.” Saying this, a trace of resentment appeared in her eyes. She didn’t hate Han Jin, but the dark atmosphere released by him.

“I know.”

“OK, I’ll take you back.” Sunier bent down, trying to hold up Han Jin.

“No … … You can ask Steelberg to come.”

“Can he take you back? Aren’t you afraid your injury gets more serious?” Sunier made a faint smile: “Even I don’t mind, why you still act so shilly-shally?”

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