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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 23: Challenge

Chapter 23: Challenge

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Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

Han Jin had a very good sleep. After all these things he trusted his friends and felt reassured to leave his safety to them.

He didn’t wake up until being pushed by Steelberg for several times. When he opened his eyes he saw Sunier and Moxinke were also in the wooden shed, a piece of meat was in Steelberg’s hand, the intense savor of which enveloped the whole shed.

Han Jin perked up immediately and eagerly to take the meat. Steelberg smiled and said: “Let me feed you, young master.”

“No need, I’m not that weak.” this said, Han Jin tried to sit up with his elbows holding on the ground: “Just help me up.”

Steelberg didn’t insist. He carefully holding the back of his young master. After giving a bite to the roasted meat, Han Jin was stunned for a while and asked: “Is this the meat from the bear of Earth?”

“No, it’s not.” Sunier shook her head: “There was a mother bear nearby. Moxinke and I didn’t dare to piss them off.”

“It is wise of you to do so! You must not adventure for me, otherwise…” Han Jin forced a smile.

“You wish! Who do you think you are?” Sunier smiled: “If I can do something for you incidentally, I will do it for you. But if it concerning danger…I will not even think about it.”

Han Jin was somewhat awkward: “Then what is…”

“Moose meat. You don’t like it?”

“Of course I do. It’s a blessing I can have something to eat.” Han Jin made a joyful expression.

At this time, Moxinke lift up the straw curtain and strode in: “Do you have any more fifth grade magic crystals, Sunier?”

“Yeah, I do.” She turned over her hand. In her palm there were some water-blue magic crystals, which were picked up by Han Jin from those human-faced eagles.

“No, these won’t work. Cessacioun said he need some with fire elements.”

“Fire elements? I am afraid I have no.”

“What a nuisance!” Moxinke was pop-eyed: “With your trap alone it’s useless.”

“Let’s discuss it later. Don’t disturb Raphael. He need rest.” Sunier made a wink.

“Oh.” Moxinke nodded as if he had understood her implication. He turned around and walked out, but only after two steps he stopped suddenly: “By the way, Cessacioun wonders if you can lend him your soft armor.”

“What’s he going to do with my soft armor?” Sunier frowned.

“It has such effective defensiveness. He knows some knowledge about alchemy and wants to have a look at it.” Moxinke laughed: “Ha! If everyone of us has one soft armor, then what else can hurt us?”

“The soft armor of Sunier’s is really very strong.” Han Jin nodded.

“How do you know?” Moxinke asked curiously.

“I tore it up with all my strength and it…Ho ho.” Han Jin was contemplating their dialogue at this moment and answered without thinking it over, but when he realized he had made a slip of the tongue, he shut up immediately and smirked.

“Not to mention you, even the bear of Earth…” laughed, but before he could finish his words, Sunier stopped him:

“Cut the crap!” She thundered.

Han Jin didn’t know what had happened when he fell asleep that made Moxinke’s attitude towards Sunier change dramatically. If it were yesterday, Moxinke would undoubtedly get mad if she shouted at him like this.

“Good, good, I shut up…” but suddenly Moxinke seemed to remember something and stopped: “What did you say just now, Raphael? You said you tore it…”

“I didn’t say anything!” Han Jin shook his head and denied quickly.

Sunier drew a long breath. Then Moxinke took two steps back, turned around and left the shed. The succession of his movements were very smooth.

“Sunier, you…” Han Jin did not know what to say. He now understood that Sunier and Moxinke had already had a fight with the bear of Earth. If it were not her armor, she would have been hurt. What they talked just now indicated that they hadn’t given it up and decided to hunt the fierce bear again.

“I am a huntress. In this woods I am not afraid of any challenge. On the contrary, I enjoy the feeling of challenge.” She said still with a cold voice: “Please don’t think too much. I am not hunting these bears for you. It’s just that if I want to improve my strength. I have to compete with strong enemies. Without the baptism of iron and blood, I can not break through my bottleneck. So, I only did this for myself.”

“You are an elf, aren’t you?” Han Jin asked softly.

“My identity is no secret to you, isn’t it?” Sunier showed a trace of slight smile.

“I heard that Elves hate war and fighting, don’t they?”

“I am an exception.” Sunier paused: “In fact each race has exceptions. The Archmage Heine, a human like you, called for, around 100 years ago, the owners of the territories to stop this endless war, especially what he had said was still unforgettable by people.”

“What did he say?”

“A lot! All are impressive, but the most impressive one to me was that…” Sunier’s voice turned serious: “Let the weak strong. Let the pessimist march!”

Han Jin didn’t interrupt her, since they’ve started such a profound topic. Han Jin had to keep his mouth shut up. He knew too little about this world, let alone the topic relating to philosophy. If he made one word wrong, he would be betrayed by himself.

“Most elves think human beings are vile, brutal and greedy. We can only say that those elves are too shallow.” Sunier said slowly: “Any race, even the evil spirits of Earth, have noble persons or even enlightenments, who lead their race, or even the whole world, towards prosperous and powerful.”

“Well…” Han Jin hesitated: “don’t you think this topic’s too profound for me?” He suddenly felt that Sunier was like a doctor. When he was a detective he had meet one. Doctors always gush over their thoughts by quoting the ideas from classical and show their concern about the future of human beings and the balance of the society. They would even not allow others to interrupt them if they were setting forth their opinions. But the point is, Han Jin was not interested in it at all. All he wanted was just food and energy.

Sunier turned to Han Jin and stared at him, after a moment she asked: “Do you know how Archmage Heine died?”

Han Jin was totally in desperation. Their talk was like whistling jigs to a milestone, incongruous irrelevant.

“Because he had a determination to change this troublesome world, but lacked the power to do so.” Before Han Jin replying, Sunier told the answer herself.

“Oh … … Sunier, I know … … You respect Archmage Heine very much, but he has been dead for a long time, and we do not have any relationship with him, right?” Han Jin looked at Sunier’s face: “Now I just want to know, why do you help me?”

“Because of curiosity.” Sunier smiled: “You have a talent that I have never seen before, and I want to know how far you can go.”

“Just curious?”

“Yes, just curious. What else do you think I want from you?”

“Then … … can you listen to me for a few words with you heart?”


“Sunier, what do you think our greatest advantage is?”

“Our advantage?” Sunier thought seriously for a moment: “We seem to have no advantage at all.”

“It’s time.” Han Jin said ponderously: “We are young and we have plenty of time, nothing can push us to a desperate position at present, believe me, do not provoke the bear of Earth anymore. I had faith in myself in the past even when you do not know my secret. Now with your help, I’m more convinced in myself. So we needn’t do anything rushly.”

“You are a calm man.” Sunier smiled: ” I’ll think about it.”

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