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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 26: Friends Coming From Afar

Chapter 26: Friends Coming From Afar

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Han Jin was by no means a rude man, but when they entered the Eleventh Town of Beitman after five days’ trudge, he was almost out of his own control and can’t help dishing out a stream of abuse. The scene in front of him made him even suspect that he had come to a paradise of monsters.

On the street there were all kinds of strange creatures, some were wolf-headed with bodies of human beings and walking by two legs. Some looked like primordial gorillas but with green skin and were sturdy and ferocious. Among those creatures some were even carrying the farming or living tools. If they were still acceptable, then the creatures with human’s head and horse’s body were completely confused him.

Steelberg was as inexperienced as Han Jin. He was frightened out of his wits and lowered his head down to avoid looking at those strange things. Compared with them, Miss Keeley was much calmer.

Realizing that Han Jin was a bit nervous, Cessacioun patted on the shoulder of Moxinke with smile and said: “Take them eastward and there is a hotel called ‘Red River Hotel’, the manager is my friend. We can rest there tonight.”

“What about you? Where are you going?” Moxinke asked.

“I’m going to ask for information about the Holy Crown City.”

“Take me with you.” Miss Keeley requested immediately.

“Miss Keeley, if you go with me like this, you will sure cause lots of trouble. You’d better follow Moxinke, but rest assured, I will tell you the information as soon as I get any.”

Miss Keely bit her lips. She found the pedestrians stared at her with orectic expression in their colorful eyes.

“Cessacioun, have a look in town for branches of Morgan Commercial Corp. If you find one, please tell them I have arrived.”

“Your family corp has branches here?”

“I don’t know, but I am sure my family has branches in any of the four acropolis of Beitman.”

“Okay.” Cessacioun nodded his head and left.

Han Jin had noticed the expressions in the eyes of those ‘monsters’ earlier than Miss Keeley. A sense of unease floating in his mind: “Moxinke, I am doubted whether we have made the right decision to come here.”

“It’s the first time you see orcs, isn’t it?” Moxinke laughed: “It’s alright. I was more nervous than you the first time I saw them.”

Han Jin slightly shook his head, although Moxinke had said such, he still felt very uncomfortable. In his former world there was a saying: “People from different races have different beliefs”. And it’s duty of a true cultivation practitioner to kill all the monsters and demons. If Han Jin had that power, he would already have begun his monster slaughtering, at least he would never let go those monsters staring at them with aggressive expression.

Moxinke began his introduction to Han Jin. The creatures with wolves’ heads were werewolves, and those were orcs, those coming towards them were barbarians, and the centaurs, cavemen, etc. Finally he comforted Han Jin by saying: “They have their own rules here and no one will dare to mess around.”

“It’s true under normal conditions.” Sunier replied lightly.

“Yes, so we have to keep a low profile.” Moxinke smiled awkwardly: “In fact … …it’s the same anywhere else.”

“I really miss Radon Town now.” Han Jin let out a long sigh.

“It may be messy here, but we will have more opportunities, won’t we? ” Moxinke laughed with his spirit up: “Come on, let’s find the Red River Hotel.”

The next moment the group was marching eastward of the town and after a long walk they saw a small hotel at the edge of the town, on the shabby gate of which there hung a board with three crooked words: Red River Hotel.

Moxinke pushed the door open and entered in followed by the others. The ground floor of the hotel was the canteen for travelers, but at this moment there were no guests at all, only a few tables and chairs as shabby as the gate were sitting there tidily. They were carefully cleaned.

A young man in his twenties was sitting behind the counter and dozing off. Moxinke went to him straightforwardly and knocked on the counter: “Hi. My name is Moxinke. My friend Cessacioun let us to come here.”

The young man opened his eyes and asked with surprise: “Cessacioun? Is he back?”

“Yes, but he will come here later.”

“My name is Michelle, since you are friends of Cessacioun, then you are friends of mine.” The young man stood up. Though his tone was very polite and warm, his face was expressionless and as cold as that of Sunier’s. He continued: “Have a seat, please.”

“Michelle, your business doesn’t seem very good here.” Moxinke cottoned up to him.

“I don’t expect to become rich by this. If there are guests, I do the business, if not, it doesn’t matter.” Michelle shrugged his shoulders: “You come from the Holy Crown City, don’t you? Would you like to have something?”

“Er … … We don’t want to bother you. We can find something to eat somewhere else.”

“Why? You think this place is too small?” Michelle seemed displeased: “Hasn’t Cessacioun told you that I’m a top chef! You can’t find one cooked better than me even in the whole Beitman, let alone in this small Eleventh Town!”

“No, no, you misunderstand us.” Moxinke cast a glance at Han Jin: “It’s just we will eat too much…”

“Eat too much?” Michelle’s eyes swept them and then fixed on Moxinke: “Interesting. Will a manager of a hotel fear his guests eat too much? Aren’t you going to eat and run?”

“Of course not … …” Moxinke scratched his head.

“Ho ho… I am just joking.” Michelle laughed: “I have few guests here all the year round, and I am so happy to have friends coming from afar, how will I charge you for dinner? Tell me, what would you like to eat?”

“I…I mean, it’s just that we can’t eat without paying. You can charge us at normal price.” Moxinke uttered with hesitation. He said this for good of the young man.

“Didn’t Cessacioun talk about me with you?”

“No, he didn’t.” Moxinke said honestly.

“Cessacioun and I are best friends, understand?” Michelle smiled again: “So, make yourselves at home. Ho ho… Though it’s just a small hotel, I can support you even you live here for a whole year!”

Moxinke didn’t say anything more. Sunier and the others looked at the mouthy young man with sympathetic eyes. For a whole year? If he let Han Jin to eat as much as he like, it could cost him dozens of silver coins a day even Han Jin just ate the cheapest cassavas. Let alone a whole year!

“If so, please bring us something simple like cassavas, bread and sausage. Thank you.” Sunier said.

“How can those things show my cooking skill?” Michelle frowned.

What an arrogant guy! Moxinke turned around helplessly and asked: “Raphael, what would you like?”

“Roasted beef, please.” Han Jin really made himself at home and ordered an expensive dish. Beef contained much more energy than cassavas and bread. Since there’s someone paid for him, he would sure to have as much as he can.

“No problem.” Michelle snapped his fingers.

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