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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 27: Honest Man

Chapter 27: Honest Man

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When Cessacioun reached nearby to the Red River Hotel, he saw a figure curling up at the corner of the alley. The figure was none other than his old friend, Michelle. He hurriedly walked to him.

It might be that Michelle was too concentrated on something and even didn’t notice the footsteps behind him. He didn’t looked back until Cessacioun patted him on his shoulder.

“What are you doing here, Michelle?”

“Shhh…” He raised his index finger and continued to look around at the street, then he suddenly turned back: “Cessacioun??”

” Yes? Don’t you know me?” Cessacioun felt it was funny.

“Tell me, the guy named Moxinke, is he really your friend?” Michelle grabbed the collar of Cessacioun unexpectedly and queried in a ponderous voice.

” Yup.”

“Your friends are not good things!” Michelle said with a resentful expression on his face.

“What’s wrong with you, Michelle?” Cessacioun seemed displeased: “Do not defame others randomly!”

“So you don’t believe me?! Hum … … Wait here with me and you will know their true features!” This said, Michelle turned around again, he gazed at the street and muttered with his teeth gnashing: “Damn! I treat you as my guests and friend, you guys should return my kindness with ingratitude… … Wait and see!”

“What on earth did they do that makes you so angry, Michelle?!”

“What did they do?” Veins stood out on Michelle’s forehead. He said: “If they don’t like my cooking, they can tell me directly. Why did they play tricks on me? As soon as I served them a plate of roasted beef, they threw it away and asked me to cook another one, and then they threw it again…”

“I think I’ve understood!” Cessacioun said with a helpless smile: “The guy called Raphael, he eats very much, in fact…”

“Bullshitting!” Michelle jumped up: “I have cooked hundreds of pounds of beef, the cellar is half empty. Don’t ever try to lie to me, Cessacioun?!”

“Whatever I explain to you, you won’t believe. Let’s go and you will find it out by yourself.” Cessacioun pulled Michelle’s hand.

“No!” Michelle swung his arms suddenly and shouted: “I must catch them red handed!”

Just when the two were tugging back and forth, a figure pulled open the gate of the hotel and trotted out from inside. It was Moxinke. He walked directly to the other side of the street with a large plate in his hand and poured the things inside the plate into the sewer before he turned to go back.

“Stop!” Michelle shouted excitedly as if he had took some stimulant when he caught Moxinke and jumped out all of a sudden.

Moxinke was taken aback by him and faltered: “Cessacioun, you’ve come back… Michelle, you …”

“Do you still have a conscience? Contemptible ! Shameless!!” Michelle growled.

“What’s wrong?” Moxinke was baffled.

The anger accumulated in Michelle’s heart broken out instantly and a torrent of abuse burst out. He bitterly rebuked the unrighteousness of Moxinke and the others. His voice was so loud that attracted the passersby to stop their steps and came to watch the scene of bustle, even Sunier and Miss Keekey in the hotel could hear him.

Cessacioun dragged Michelle hardly and tried to make him shut up. But the hysterical young man just turned back and shouted with anger: “What?”

Cessacioun pointed to the sewer. Besides some household garbage in it, there was a pile of clean bones nearly half a feet in tall. Obviously the producer of the bones had eaten all the meat on them very carefully.

“Come.” Cessacioun let out a sigh and hugged Michelle’s shoulder to go towards the hotel. The latter was still in a daze and just followed Cessacioun without struggling.

Inside the hotel, Han Jin was sitting in the chair and looking around for something. His hands were still holding the knife and fork.

“Have you had enough, Raphael?” Cessacioun asked with a helpless smile.

“Still a little hungry…” Han Jin replied. The knife and fork in his hands hit each other lightly and produced a crisp sound.

Michelle’s face became ghastly pale. He was not stupid. The pile of bones indicated that those guys didn’t look down upon his cooking skill at all, instead, they appreciate it very much and even a tiny stick of meat on the bones was not spared. But if let him have a choice, he would rather they dislike his cooking!

“Cessacioun, your friend is so kind and hospitable to us and even offered to feed us for a year.” Moxinke laughed in a strange way.

Michelle stood there with his face pale. It was indeed what he had said. As an honest man, he would not deny it.

“Do not bully an honest man!” Cessacioun gave Moxinke a dirty look and walked to Sunier: “How much money do you still have? I’ve got none.”

Sunier opened her space ring and took out ten-odd golden coins: “These are all I’ve left.”

Cessacioun grabbed the coins and passed them to Michelle: “Take these.”

“No, I can’t take your money.” Michelle refused.

“They are kidding with you. You really want to provide food for us for a year?” Cessacioun shook his head: “Believe it or not, they can make you a poor wretch in ten days if you let them eat as much as they like!”

“Ho ho … … We are joking with you. Please don’t mind.” Moxinke laughed fatuously.

“Take it as I told you and please bring me something to eat. They’ve already full, but I haven’t had anything yet.” This said, Cessacioun grabbed Michelle’s hand and shoehorned the coins.

“Who said I’ve already full?” Han Jin held up his knife and said solemnly.

Cessacioun rolled his eyes to him. Michelle’s face turned red immediately. He took the coins and said: “There is nothing left in my cellar. I will buy something for you.”

“Okay. Thank you.” Cessacioun smiled and patted on the shoulder of Michelle.

But just after a few steps Michelle stopped and stared at Han Jin as if he was staring at a monster. He asked: “How … … how much can you still eat?”

“As much as you have.” Han Jin answered very seriously.

Hearing this Michelle fled in panic. Over there Miss Keeley had waited for a long time and couldn’t help asking: “Cessacioun, what information have you got?”

“No news about the Holy Crown City. Lord Malith of the Depew City had blocked the border by his troops. But … … I’ve found the branch of Morgan Commercial Corp and told them you’re in Red River Hotel. I think they will send someone here not long after.”

Hearing this a trace of joy appeared on her face, but Han Jin suddenly asked: “Are you ready, Miss Keeley?”

“Ready for What?”

“You have no tokens. How can they recognize you? What will you do if they deny that you are the daughter of the Morgan family? And I think… You have no power to control them, haven’t you?” Han Jin said in a light voice: “How can you be sure that they are still loyal to you? You don’t know their character and their attitudes towards you. Since your family had suffered drastic change, who knows they are still willing to work for you?”

The joyful expression on her face faded: “Then…what shall I do?”

“I don’t know. Let’s wait for their coming at first.” Han Jin replied in a low voice.

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