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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 28: Breaking Through

Chapter 28: Breaking Through

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It’s getting dark, but the members of Morgan Commercial Corp didn’t show up. Miss Keeley forced a smile on her face and went upstairs following with Michelle, leaving Moxinke and Cessacioun seeing eye to eye. It’s the family affairs of her and they don’t know how to comfort her. But their attitude towards Han Jin changed again. They started to admire him more than before. Even the experienced and knowledgeable Cessacioun thought as long as the members of Morgan Commercial Corp got the message about Miss Keeley’s arriving, they would immediately dispatch someone to welcome their young master. But the reality was much more complicated than expectation.

“I’ll go and accompany her.” Sunier stood up: “You’d better go to bed early because we are going to the market tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow morning … I want to have a lazy sleep tomorrow morning, don’t disturb me.” This said, Han Jin also stood up lazily and walked into his room. It was time for him to complete his intermediate stage of basis construction, thus he didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone.

In the room, Han Jin took out a second grade magic crystal and put it on the table. It was a fire-element crystal that he got from Sunier at dinner. Since he had no space ring, he had to entrust Sunier to keep those unstable magic crystals for him. He closed the door and went to his bed, sitting down slowly.

He had some experience of basis construction in his former world, so this time there was nothing to be worried about. The only thing that made him feel nervous was the strange territory of Beitman.

From their talks Han Jin had had some understanding about Beitman. It was a place much more disordered than the Holy Crown City! The owner of Holy Crown City, Lord Dismark, had established his own dominant status in ruling the whole city, thus it was much stabler there inside the city regardless of the unstable external environment. In the Holy Crown City, there were no opposite factions, and all the nobles, civilians and slaves were subject to the ruling of Lord Dismark. But here in Beitman, things were quite different. The four acropolis intrigued against each other and bloody cases occurred from time to time. Its attitude toward other territories was also capricious and unsteady. It might be an ally of the Holy Crown City and the Wild Willow City today, and tomorrow it would have changed to be friend of the dark sides like the Black Raven City. Due to this, there was an ironic nickname for the capital of Beitman: The City of Treachery

To this generation, Lord Dismark, Lord Zaganide and the other territory owners no long trusted Beitman. It can be said that so long as they destroyed their enemies, they would set Beitman to be their next target. They didn’t prevent the development of Beitman at this moment because they had no more energy to deal with it. They had to concentrate their power against the strong enemies in front of them. As for forming an alliance with Beitman, it was out of the question!

As a matter of fact, the four owners of the acropolis were also aware of the dangerous position they were in. There were only two ways for them to strengthen their battle effectiveness, one was to unite tightly with each other, the other was to conduct life or death struggles and the last winner to control the whole Beitman. The former was very difficult, while the latter was not only much more harder, but also required disastrous price. However, human nature was something beyond expectation. One can’t find out the true thought of others. All of the four acropolis owners considered unanimously the latter was the best way to save Beitman. It seemed that they’ve made their decision to march forward despite all the difficulties. Just like one determined to go ahead to a mountain even though he knew there’s tiger in it.

Even so, they still have misgiving scruples. Overtly, they provoked verbal battles with each other to solve disputes and conflicts, and covertly, they played little tricks concerning those knotty things. In neither way would they allow their contradictions to be made public.

In turbulent days, lives were as insignificant as grass. In the peaceful Radon Town, Han Jin had no sense of urgency in absorbing energy, but here in Beitman, the uninhibited and fierce expressions on the faces of those ‘monsters’ and the descriptions made by Cessacioun and Michelle concerning this territory all reminded Han Jin that dangers existed everywhere around him.

He knew, from the thousands of years’ history, the rules of living in troubled times!

Han Jin sat on his bed with his legs crossed and the five centers upward, namely, the center of his two hands, two feet and his head. He concentrated his mind and breathed in and out rhythmically. With each breath the energy would expanded and shrunk accordingly. Since he was injured by Sunier, fifteen days had been passed. In these days, Sunier had hunted lots of holy animals for him, thus the energy in his body had nearly reached ten thousand yuan. With this accumulation, Han Jin was sure to accomplish this intermediate stage of basis construction.

What’s called the intermediate stage of basis construction was to unblock the small heavenly circuit. It in fact didn’t require any technique. Moreover, Han Jin had once reached the stage of cultivating his Qi and refine his spirit. Thus for him, as long as he got enough energy, unlock the small heavenly circuit was just an easy digging.

As the energy colliding, Han Jin could feel a twinge of stinging coming from his coccyx joint. But he didn’t strengthen the collision force of the energy, nor did he tried to control his energy. He just sat there and let the process go naturally. He knew that at this moment the key thing was to keep everything natural. The more one tired to control something, the more likely he would receive adverse effect.

An hour passed, and another hour passed, but Han Jin was still sitting patiently and waiting. The pain from his coccyx joint turned hotter and hotter, and his body suddenly trembled spontaneously. A flood current like magma broke through the block of the coccyx joint and rushed straight up to the governor meridian.

Han Jin drew a long breath. Only at this point did he controlled his energy intentionally. When the energy reached the Jiaji Point, he paused for a while before the current burst out through the block and rushed directly to the Yuzhen joint.

Now his back was itchy. It was a sign of blood suffusing. His Baihui point was also bouncing ceaselessly. But nothing would distract him. He sunk to concentration again and kept himself in a natural status.

The most difficult part of small heavenly circuit was to break through the Yuzhen joint, which was also called the joint of iron, after which comes the sea of marrow, the most important part where one spirit locates. If anything wrongly occurred at this point, the damage caused thereby would be irreversible.

In the cultivation of Internal Art of Tao, the body of human being was divided into three tripod stoves. One was called the lower elixir field. It was the place where one’s static elements located. When one unblocked his small heavenly circuit, his energy should be moved to his middle elixir field, the place to contain one’s Qi. At last, the energy would be pushed to the upper elixir field. As for how far a person could go on the road of cultivation, it was, to some extent, decided by whether one could unlock his small heavenly circuit successfully or not. Though it was nothing difficult for Han Jin, he still needed to be careful enough to avoid any possible deviation.

Han Jin showed his greatest patience. His expression calm and peaceful. He didn’t control the energy deliberately, nor did he forget to control it. Although it seemed contradictory, it was in fact closely related.

On the ground there was a mirror. When a bird flying across the sky, its image would be left in the mirror. From the Art of Tao, image was the true meaning of purity. If one tried hard to control the bird and neglect the image, then it meant he had lost his true meaning and gave rise to obsessiveness. On the contrary, if he didn’t control it and let the bird go, the image would disappear, the same would be for the true meaning.

The most important point of the small heavenly circuit was to keep one’s ideation between forgotten and unforgotten.

After an unknown time, the Baihui point of Han Jin bounced more and more fiercely, and all of a sudden, his eyes lit up, the energy had broken through his Yuzhen joint, a soft and joyful feeling occurred deeply in his mind. This feeling was like his brain being filled with wisdom, or that he was bathing in a hot spring. Han Jin upwarped the tip of his tongue to guide the current of energy flow down directly through his body and finally gathered it in his sea of Qi.

He didn’t stop until he finished thirty six circuits successively. Han Jin opened his eyes slowly. As he had expected, he had accomplished his intermediate stage of basis construction successfully. Then he could prepare for his next step.

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