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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 29: Unexpected Treasure

Chapter 29: Unexpected Treasure

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Han Jin took up the magic crystal on the table slowly and after contemplation for a while, he put it into his mouth. The energy of magic crystals was very unstable, and under the guidance of his control it streamed out like flood. Han Jin had made sufficient preparation for this and his willpower had been improved after his basis construction. Now his body was like a piece of sponge that could never be saturated and was absorbing the energy easily as much as it could.

This magic crystal contained almost ninety yuan’s energy, all the remaining were the elements of fire. Since Han Jin had had his lesson last time by the elements of darkness, he was very cautious this time. But when he was going to expel the elements of fire out of his body by expiration and inspiration, an idea flashed in his mind: Are the elements of fire really useless?

His hand turned red and even glittering. He immediately pushed all the fire elements to his Laogong point, and then took out a piece of white paper, drawing something on it carefully.

The fire elements turned into numerous faint sparks and fell down on the surface of the paper, a piece of unprecedented paper charm was made. Han Jin checked it carefully for a while and nodded his head with satisfaction. He got down from the bed and walked to the side of the window, pushing it. The world outside was strange to him, he had to find out all the rules by himself. If he wanted to know the might of charms, he had to do experiments by himself.

To unblock the small heavenly circuit need both patience and time. The sky had brightened with the dawn coming before Han Jin realized it. But the street was still empty. On one side of it there was a blue stone. Han Jin threw the paper charm at it, which turned into a ball of dazzling and fervent flame immediately and hit the blue stone after a harsh zing.

“Boom…” A loud noise came, in the splattered flames the stone exploded into pieces. The power of an ordinary charm of fire was beyond Han Jin’s imagination. He didn’t came to himself after a long time and hurriedly closed the window before he jumped to his bed.

“What’s going on?” Came the voice of Sunier.

“Is it magic? But I didn’t feel the fluctuation of magic.” Cessacioun said in a confused voice.

“It came from there, let’s go downstairs and have a look!” Sunier found the target of the magic and shouted.

Han Jin was lying motionless in bed. The two sides of his mouth were stretched upwards, he regained his confidence. Even a mere charm of fire made him so shocked, let alone the Three True Fire, the Five True Fire, the Red Lotus Fire, the Xuan Tian Ye Fire, and the other fires! And these were just fire charms, what about the charms of thunder?!

Perhaps it was due to the accomplishment of the intermediate stage of basis construction, or it might be the hope that Han Jin had seen, he had a very nice and restful sleep that morning, and didn’t wake up until noon.

Downstairs, Moxinke, Sunier and the others were talking about something. They greeted Han Jin with smile except Michelle, whose joyful face turned blue immediately. He stood up and walked to the kitchen consciously. It was just a small hotel and Michelle was both the owner and the waiter, thus he had to do those muscular labor himself.

“What are you talking about?” Han Jin asked with a smile.

“Young master, this town was attacked by a treefolk yesterday. It was an eighth grade holy animal! I heard many people were killed by it! It was killed at last by a group of mercenaries and the security team.”

“An eighth grade holy animal? Where is its magic crystal??” Han Jin asked directly without thinking. As soon as someone mentioned the holy animals in front of him, the first thing he would think about was the magic crystal.

“What relationship does the magic crystal have to us since we are not those who killed it?” Moxinke laughed.

At this time, the street became abustle and astir. Steelberg ran out to have a look at it and then waved to Han Jin: “Young master, come and look, that is the treefolk. They are dragging the treefolk here.”

“They just want to drag it to the edge of the town as a warning to the other holy animals.” Cessacioun frowned: “It’s strange these days for that lots of holy animals left the Tarasha mountains and attacked the villages. Haven’t we meet the human-faced eagles and the bear of Earth a few days ago? It’s so strange!”

Han Jin went to the gate and lost his interest after a look at the treefolk. It was a wooden creature which was very hard to be swallowed. Moreover, his appetite had already made the others amazed. If he held a piece of wood and bite it…It’s so embarrassed even to think of it.”

What’s more, the meat of holy animals was very tough, such as the meat of the human-faced eagles, even after a long time of roasting, it was still as solid as stone, let alone the eighth grade treefolk. It’s probably that the energy he absorbed from the meat was not enough to remedy what he had consumed.

Han Jin shook his head and walked back. But just after a few steps, he stopped there suddenly and felt that he must miss out something.

He then turned around in a very slow speed and stared at the body of the treefolk without blinking his eyes. After a few seconds he put out three golden coins, which was all he had left, with his trembling hand and said: “Buy the body of the treefolk for me, Moxinke.”

“Puff…” A strip of water sprayed out from Moxinke’s mouth in the shape of a rainbow. He exclaimed with his eyes wide open: “Are you kidding? You don’t want to eat the treefolk, do you??”

The others all gazed at Han Jin with very complicated expressions on their faces.

“Don’t bullshit! Be quick! I need it to do something important!!” Han Jin rushed up.

Moxinke took a glance at Han Jin and stood up without more words. He took the coins from Han Jin’s hand and strode outside.

The magic crystal of the treefolk had been taken by others, and the dead body was useless to them, thus Moxinke bought it with only ten silver coins after bargaining.

He dragged it into the hotel and stood aside, looking at Han Jin curiously. While Han Jin was walking around it with excitement, his eyes glittered and his hands rubbed.

He had his own reason to be excited. The wood of treefolk was very good material that could even rival the peach wood with thousands of years history. The might of an army calling charm was, to a large extent, dependent on the material that made it. Thus the giant made by paper charm was as weak as a wisp of smoke, but if made by the ancient peach wood, its might could be improved by hundreds of times.

“Lend me your sword!” Han Jin held out his hand.

Moxinke took out his sword and passed it to Han Jin without saying anything more. Han Jin stamped on the body of the treefolk and waved down the sword with all his strength.

“Bang!” It was unscathed while the sword in Han Jin’s hand bounced out a long distance. Seeing this, Han Jin shouted excitedly: “Nice! The tougher the wood is, the more powerful the charm will be!”

“What are you doing?” Moxinke exclaimed.

Han Jin didn’t reply him, he swayed the sword successively, splitting out five or six times within one breath, but only a few white marks were left.

“My sword…” Moxinke couldn’t bear it anymore and grabbed his sword: “Young master, whatever you want, please let me know and I can do it for you! But can you please stop torturing my sword???”

“I want wooden bricks with this length and this thickness.” Han Jin said with gestures.

“You want to make puppets??” Sunier suddenly stood up.

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