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Warlord of Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 30: Share Woe

Chapter 30: Share Woe

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“Yes.” Han Jin nodded.

“But…..the puppet you’ve made was too weak.” Cessacioun said.

“Ho ho…..” Han Jin smiled:” Puppets made of paper is weak, but it’s different if made of the wood from the treefolk.”

Hearing this the eyes of Cessacioun and Sunier lit up suddenly. Moxinke also felt greatly bucked. He waved his arm and shouted: “Get out of the way!” This said, he had already released his strength of fighting and wielded his giant sword down to the treefolk.

“Bang!” With a loud sound, a mark three inches in depth appeared on the surface of the treefolk. Although after releasing his strength of fighting, this was all Moxinke could do.

Then he raised his sword once again. But just at this time, Sunier suddenly said:” Wait a minute, have you thought about how to make your puppets?”

Han Jin had a clever brain. He understood the undermeaning of Sunier immediately, a trace of disappointment crept on his face. The body of the treefolk was too tough to be engraved, if he tried to make puppets by knife, then what a long time it will cost him to even make one?

“Let me have a try.” Sunier walked to them slowly, she squatted in front of the treefolk, took a deep green bead out from her space ring, and then put it on the body of the treefolk. The bead was glittering with green light and casting the light on the treefolk.

The sere body seemed to get vigorous immediately with the wounds on it made by Han Jin and Moxinke healing at a fast speed. After a short time green shoots grew throughout the body and became verdant branches at last.

“It’s done.” Sunier stood up and passed the dark green bead to Han Jin: “Keep this for the time being.” she said with the words “for the time being” emphasized. It was clear that this bead meant a lot to her.

“Thank you.” Han Jin took it and a feeling of refreshing flowing from his finger. He was stunned.

Moxinke chopped down to the treefolk. It was no longer that tough, and this chop cut it into two parts easily.

“You’d better be quick.” Sunier said in a low voice.

Moxinke found that those new grown shoots had shown signs of being withered. He accelerated his speed and cut down over twenty pieces of wooden bricks within one breath by wielding his sword as fast as wind blows. Without doubt, he was not a machine and the wooden pieces he cut down were different in shapes and sizes.

When the green light covered the treefolk faded, the trunk restored to its original toughness. Moxinke tried another two cuts, but it was unscathed. He had to stop and looked at Sunier.

“Are those enough?” She asked.

“Well, almost.” Han Jin nodded.

“I’m ready, can we go now?” At this time, a low-pitched voice came. Han Jin looked back and saw Miss Keeley standing at the stairs. Her eyes were very gloomy. It must be that she hadn’t recovered from yesterday’s blow.

“Yes.” Sunier replied.

“Where are you going?”

“Morgan Commercial Corp, at least we should know what they are planning.” Sunier answered slowly and continued: “Will you go and sell our magic crystals this afternoon, Cessacioun? We’ve nearly run out of money.”

“No problem.” Cessacioun paused: “Sell them all?”

“Yes, anyway, he doesn’t need the magic crystals over the fourth grade, when he need, we can hunt more holy animals for him.”

“He?” Cessacioun looked at Han Jin, among them Han Jin was the only one that showed crazy interest in magic crystals, even those from black ravens were not spared.

“Let’s go.” Realizing she was nearly spilled the beans, Sunier changed the subject immediately by turning to Miss Keeley.

“What shall I do?” Moxinke asked.

“You stay and help Raphael, if he need your help.”

At the same time, Michelle dragged a metal barrel difficulty from the kitchen. Wisps of steam diffused from the barrel: “Raphael, these are for you.”

Han Jin looked inside it and frowned: “Why…..these are cassavas?”

“We’ve decided after voting that before we make a great fortune, you can only eat this.” Sunier laughed at the gate.

“It’s not fair. I haven’t voted yet!”

“The decision’s agreed by us unanimously, so your vote is meaningless.” Cessacioun seemed very delight in the misfortunes of Han Jin.

“Okay, but it’s just for today, from tomorrow on I insist on having the same food as you. I can control my appetite, but the same food as you!” Han Jin shrugged his shoulders. In fact he knew himself had brought great burden to his friends, he was just kidding by saying this. Moreover, he could already absorb energy from the magic crystals now , his dependence on food was reduced. Of course if there was enough food for him, he would, without hesitation, be happy to eat as much as he could, but if no, he could also make things do.”

“We also eat cassavas today!” Michelle said unhappily. He didn’t know Han Jin very well and always thought he was a guy fond of eating and averse to work.

Han Jin didn’t know what to say, his face flushed. If judged by price, even the others eat meat every day, they still cost less than Han Jin even if he just had cassavas. It’s hard to say whether they could share weal in the future, it’s indeed they had already shared the woe at present.

Sunier and Miss Keeley had left to query the members of Morgan Commercial Corp, and Cessacioun had gone to the market to sell their magic crystals. Han Jin didn’t eat his food urgently, he just sat in a chair and engraved something very carefully. To make the army calling charm with wooden material required extreme carefulness and patience. The puppet made by an army calling charm was a substantial projection that was expanded by dozens or even hundreds of times, thus it must have very clear structure. Of course, if one had extremely deep cultivation, he didn’t need to do this so complicatedly. The highest stage was to scatter beans to form armies, which also manifested the power of the army calling charms. But the problem was, Han Jin’s cultivation was far behind that.

As a matter of fact, he was not very interested in army calling charms when he was in his former world. In his mind, it was the least useful art among the thirty six special arts. If faced with a master-hand, mere fire could burn all the puppets. If confronted with a weaker one, any charm of thunder could defeat his opponent and there was no need to use the arming calling charm. So it was, in the eyes of someone, an art that neither fitted the strong opponent, nor the weak.

After all, the army calling charm was just an art used to frighten the others. But now, what Han Jin needed was exactly something fearful.

His teacher once judged him as an intelligent, savvy and patient young man who could endure loneliness and be good at self-reflection, and who had boundless prospects.

Han Jin sat quietly in the chair with his figure motionless, only his wrist moving swiftly with the knife in his hand turning into countless flowing lights. His eyes silent and moist, and his expression calm and with a warm smile. It’s generally said that a man looks best when he is doing something sedulously and seriously, and Han Jin was now fitting this description. Moxinke was not a quiet person, but being affected by Han Jin, he just stood there silently and watched every movement of Han Jin without disturbing him.

Time always passes very quickly under such circumstance. When the sun was sinking in the west, Sunier and Miss Keeley had come back, their faces were both pale, which indicated that things didn’t go as they wish.

Before Sunier was going to say something, she saw the silly face of Moxinke and couldn’t help but following his eyesight, her heart suddenly beat fiercely.

If someone said that the beauty of a man lies on his heart, not on his appearance, that one must say this sourly. The man sitting there gave others a feeling as if bathing in the spring wind. His concentration, his smile and his calmness all became the flashing points that lit up the eyes of others. If it were not his good-looking face, he could never attract others like this.

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