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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel)




Action Adventure Martial Arts Xuanhuan

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The course of commitments never did run smooth.

After dying on Earth, the King of Mercenaries is reborn as Su Mo in the Firmament and Continent. In this brand-new world, Martial Art is the way of life, and the strong set the rules.

Having awakened a Martial Soul of the lowest rank, possibly meaning he will never go far as a Martial Artist, Su Mo is determined to rise to the top again nonetheless.

However, misfortunes never come singly. The love of his life is soon taken by one of the most powerful forces in the world. With no time to spare, watch as Su Mo overcomes all odds and struggle on the verge of death countless times, in order to meet his love again.

As the protagonist reaches the top in that world, he has to take on more responsibilities and face new challenges.

Follow Su Mo on his relentless journey to become stronger for the sake of those important to him, and uncover the deep, dark secrets and plots in the vast universe.

234 • 2019-03-28 15:49:12


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 978: Be The Benefiting Third Party2020-01-17
Chapter 977: The Invincible Zhan Luan2020-01-17
Chapter 976: Ten Thousand2020-01-16
Chapter 975: Archean Murderous Weapon2020-01-16
Chapter 974: Once And For All2020-01-15
Chapter 973: The Trial Test Location2020-01-15
Chapter 972: Way of Killing2020-01-14
Chapter 971: Are You Trying to Stop Me?2020-01-14
Chapter 970: The Killing Ultimacy2020-01-13
Chapter 969: Searching2020-01-13
Chapter 968: Flood-dragon Tribe2020-01-12
Chapter 967: Jade Cloud Lake in Central Continent, I’m waiting for you!2020-01-12
Chapter 966: Zhan Luan2020-01-11
Chapter 965: What Are You Doing Here?2020-01-11
Chapter 964: Special Ultimacy2020-01-10
Chapter 963: Ruan Yunxiu2020-01-10
Chapter 962: Beware of Shangguan Hao2020-01-09
Chapter 961: Intolerable2020-01-09
Chapter 960: Buying Information2020-01-08
Chapter 959: Fighting Spirits’ Plane2020-01-08
Chapter 958: Pity!2020-01-07
Chapter 957: Devouring Bloodline2020-01-07
Chapter 956: Playtime Is Over2020-01-06
Chapter 955: Rank 3 Heaven Class2020-01-06
Chapter 954:2020-01-05
Chapter 953: The Following Plans2020-01-05
Chapter 952: Revisiting The Mist Mountains2020-01-04
Chapter 951: I Don’t Work With Scums!2020-01-04
Chapter 950: They Really Came2020-01-03
Chapter 949: An Ideal Place to Settle Down2020-01-03
Chapter 948: Sect Leader was Back!2020-01-02
Chapter 947: Embarrassment!2020-01-02
Chapter 946: Going Crazy!2020-01-01
Chapter 945: Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin2020-01-01
Chapter 944: Surprised the World With One Victory2019-12-31
Chapter 943: We have been waiting for you for a long time!2019-12-31
Chapter 942: Trial Tester2019-12-30
Chapter 941: All I Need Is Time2019-12-30
Chapter 940: Fari Competition2019-12-29
Chapter 939: Come to the Netherworld Holy Sect to Save Her2019-12-29
Chapter 938: Greedy As Hell2019-12-28
Chapter 937: The Supervisor of the Craftsmanship Hall2019-12-28
Chapter 936: We Are Even2019-12-27
Chapter 935: Are You Crazy?2019-12-27
Chapter 934: The Crunch2019-12-26
Chapter 933: Crisis2019-12-26
Chapter 932: Begging For Mercy2019-12-25
Chapter 931: Extracting the Firewood from under the Cauldron2019-12-25
Chapter 930: So Embarrassing!2019-12-24
Chapter 929: Dead End2019-12-24
Chapter 928: Compete2019-12-23
Chapter 927: Equally Strong?2019-12-23
Chapter 926: Terrifying As This2019-12-22
Chapter 925: Natal Spiritual Sword Formation2019-12-22
Chapter 924: I’m Qualified to See Your True Abilities?2019-12-21
Chapter 923: Is This All Over?2019-12-21
Chapter 922: You’re Qualified to See My Real Power!2019-12-20
Chapter 921: The Power of The Sun2019-12-20
Chapter 920: Destroy Your Fantasy2019-12-19
Chapter 919: Has He Come?2019-12-19
Chapter 918: Di Shi2019-12-18
Chapter 917: This is bad!2019-12-18
Chapter 916: Eighth Day of the 10th Lunar Month2019-12-17
Chapter 915: Leave for Emperor Xuan Palace2019-12-17
Chapter 914: Lv 2 Martial King Realm2019-12-16
Chapter 913: Wu Shan2019-12-16
Chapter 912: You Are Not Li Feng2019-12-15
Chapter 911: The Power of the Nine-death Sword Formation2019-12-15
Chapter 910: Huangfu Qing’s Disciple2019-12-14
Chapter 909: The Corpse Hall?2019-12-14
Chapter 908: The Corpse Puppet and Zombie2019-12-13
Chapter 907: Dismiss the Sect if I Don’t Come Back in Three Months2019-12-13
Chapter 906: The Nine-death Sword Formation2019-12-12
Chapter 905: The Natal Blood Essence2019-12-12
Chapter 904: Crafting the Natal Spiritual Sword2019-12-11
Chapter 903: Reorganization2019-12-11
Chapter 902: A New Firmament Sect2019-12-10
Chapter 901: Leaving the Divine Martial Country2019-12-10
Chapter 900: I’m Willing to Follow You2019-12-09
Chapter 899: Loot the Entire Country2019-12-09
Chapter 898: Dying Old Man2019-12-08
Chapter 897: Finally Over2019-12-08
Chapter 896: Give It All He Has Got2019-12-07
Chapter 895: Nothing Is Left2019-12-07
Chapter 894: Completely Exasperated2019-12-06
Chapter 893: The Divine Bird2019-12-06
Chapter 892: Dead?2019-12-05
Chapter 891: Surviving The Ordeal2019-12-05
Chapter 890: The Monstrous-talent Ordeal2019-12-04
Chapter 889: The Martial King Realm2019-12-04
Chapter 888: Fight against the Great2019-12-03
Chapter 887: Good Fortune2019-12-03
Chapter 886: Nobody2019-12-02
Chapter 885: Bai Yin’er’s Decision2019-12-02
Chapter 884: The Divine Martial Emperor2019-12-01
Chapter 883: Concubine Selection Started2019-12-01
Chapter 882: It Is Ridiculous!2019-11-30
Chapter 881: Taking Nonsense2019-11-30
Chapter 880: Robbery2019-11-29
Chapter 879: Action2019-11-29