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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 368: The Mugging Begins

Chapter 368: The Mugging Begins

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“Let’s Do This!” Han Yijian and the rest all sounded determined. “If we’re gonna get filthy rich, why not!”

“Even if it’s dangerous, the wealth that awaits us is worth the risk!”

“Great! In that case, let’s not waste any time and begin!” Su Mo said with a smile. With their help, a spectacular session of mugging was about to start.

“Does anyone have communication charms? It’ll be the best if we could all talk to each other!” Su Mo asked after a brief thought.

“I do!”

“Me too!” Wu Sheng and Han Yijian both replied.

“This is the Long-distance Messenger Charm. Its effective range is 500 kilometers!” Wu Sheng said as he took out several jade charms that were the size of a baby’s palm.


Su Mo shook his head with a frown. Its range was far too short.

He had a Long-distance Messaging Charm given by Elder Wei that could work within 15,000 kilometers. However, it could not allow all five of them to communicate with each other.

“Mine’s a better choice!”

Han Qianze smiled as five pieces of egg-sized ice appeared in his hands.

“This is the Icy Messenger Charm specially produced by my Icynorth Sect. It’s a precious item and allows communication within 1000 kilometers.” Han Qianze said with a smile.

Su Mo nodded. “Its range was sufficient.”

After each of them had taken an Icy Messenger Charm, Su Mo announced his arrangements.

“You guys will proceed in four directions with our current location as the center. Inform me immediately if there is anyone within 1000 kilometers!” Su Mo said loudly.

The four of them would look for targets in four different directions and Su Mo would be the one to do the mugging. By doing so, their plan could proceed smoothly and they would miss out on very few targets.

Honestly speaking, Su Mo knew that this idea was not smart as it took up too much time and effort. It would be far more efficient to wander around looking for targets and simply mug anyone on their way. “How good would that feel!”

However, Su Mo gave up on that plan because he wanted to cultivate and further improve his strength. He only intended to mug the targets, instead of looking for them.

Su Mo then updated them on more details of the plan, before saying, “Alright, you may proceed!”

The four of them nodded, before Zhu Shaojing hurriedly asked again, “Well… Su Mo, I guess we don’t need to inform you if there are experts above Lv 7?”

Zhu Shaojing believed that there was no way they could mug an expert above Lv 7, so there was no need to inform Su Mo.

“No! You have to inform me even if there is an expert at Lv 9. Other than that, you can take care of the geniuses weaker than you guys by yourselves.”

After he finished speaking, Su Mo saw that they were disconcerted. He then laughed and added, “Of course, I don’t intend to mug those experts above Lv 7. I’m just saying that we need to take note of such experts so that we do not mug them by mistake!”

The four of them nodded. It was definitely wise to stay out of those experts’ way.

Before long, they departed in the four cardinal directions respectively.

Su Mo smiled, continuing to cultivate and refine his Genuine Vitality. He intended to reach the fifth realm of Nirvana Cultivation Method as soon as possible.

As of now, Su Mo was already at Late Lv 7. The effect of 10,000-year Stalactite was truly outstanding. Not only did it help Su Mo advance into Lv 7, it also brought him to Late Lv 7 directly.

Moreover, 10,000-year Stalactite had the effect of cleansing one’s body. After consuming it, Su Mo felt his body becoming much clearer and rid of impurities.

The process of his cultivation was now smoother and easier than before.

Su Mo sat beneath a tree and cultivated calmly while waiting for the four of them to contact him. Less than 10 breaths after they were gone, his Icy Messenger Charm started vibrating.

“It can’t be that fast?”

Su Mo was surprised. He took out the Icy Messenger Charm and injected a strand of Genuine Vitality into it. Instantly, he heard Zhu Shaojing’s voice.

“Su Mo, there are two Lv 5 geniuses fighting at 75 kilometers toward the North. Get here quickly!”

Su Mo laughed softly and flew toward the North rapidly.

For an expert in Late True Spirit Realm like Su Mo, it took a mere few breaths to travel 75 kilometers.

Su Mo soon arrived and found two young geniuses fighting the at the foot of a mountain. One was wearing a yellow shirt and the other was in a brocade robe. Their battle was extremely heated and even shattered the mountains around them.

Su Mo glanced around carefreely and did not find Zhu Shaojing. He then laughed secretly about how good Zhu Shaojing was at hiding himself, although he was weak.

Meanwhile, at the scene of the battle…

“Kid, you’re facing a certain death if you don’t surrender the Soul-luring Grass now!” the young man in a brocade robe shouted fiercely as he attacked the young man in yellow.

“Hmph! There’s no way I’ll surrender a treasure that I’ve found, to you!” the young man in yellow sneered and blocked all of his attacks. The two of them were on an equal footing.

“You’re tired of living!”

The young man in a brocade robe unleashed his murderous intent as his aura soared. The saber radiance on his long saber grew tremendously as he intended to finish his opponent off as soon as possible.

At this moment, a white figure suddenly descended from the sky and landed at several hundred meters away from them.

The two young men were shocked, and they stopped fighting immediately.

“An expert at Lv 7 True Spirit Realm!”

After sizing the guy up, the two young men were quickly overtaken by fear.

The white figure was none other than Su Mo.

“Surrender your storage rings, or die!” Su Mo said emotionlessly as he stared at them coldly.

“What is happening?”

The two young men were surprised, and instantly realized that Su Mo wanted to mug them.

Swish! Swish!

Without saying a word, they turned around and shot into the sky in an attempt to escape.

Since Su Mo was at Lv 7, there was no way the two of them could defeat him. Hence, they chose to escape without any hesitation.

“Do you weaklings think you can get away?” Su Mo sneered and said, before suddenly attacking. Two intense streams of sword Qi then shot out and caught up with those two in an instant.

“Ah! Ah!”

Two blood-curdling screams were heard as the two young men were killed instantly.

Su Mo shook his head. If the two of them had surrendered their storage rings like he said, he would not have killed them. But since they were uncooperative, he had no choice.


“In this world, the weak can get killed at any time. There’s no such thing as mercy.”

Su Mo then kept their bodies and left.

On a mountain several kilometers away, Zhu Shaojing emerged from a vegetation. He took a deep breath as he watched Su Mo leave.

“He’s so cruel!” Zhu Shaojing murmured to himself.

As he thought about how Su Mo killed two geniuses who were several times stronger than him with one strike, and about how he had offended Su Mo in the past, Zhu Shaojing trembled involuntarily.

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