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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 592: Failure!

Chapter 592: Failure!

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Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall recorded the names and rankings of all 1,000 peerless geniuses.

Other talents could also challenge these geniuses and would replace the genius’ name on the wall if they won.

The challenge was not an actual battle, but a mind simulation battle.

The Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall was rather extraordinary. Once the martial artist used his mind to gain access to the wall, it would be able to simulate his cultivation and strength.

Su Mo had gathered this information from the people chattering around him, but did not know the exact mechanics of it as he had yet to experience it for himself.

The strong young man from before was clearly under extreme pressure as he was sweating profusely and his whole body was trembling.

“P-tew!” Soon after, that strong young man spat out a mouthful of blood and opened his eyes. His face had turned slightly pale.

“He failed?”

“Aye! Lu Qi was already very powerful to begin with. I didn’t expect him to fail!”

“It’s not easy to make the List!”

Everyone shook their head silently and commiserated with the young strong man!

Lu Qi’s cultivation had already reached Lv 4 True Darkness Realm, while the genius he challenged was only at Lv 3 True Darkness Realm. Thus, his cultivation was higher than his opponent and yet he still failed. This showed how powerful these geniuses were!

After Liu Qi’s defeat, many people continued to step forth to the challenge. They were mainly challenging the geniuses ranked 980 and below.

Every single one of them failed without exception.

Of the thousands of martial artists gathered at the square, most of them were onlookers, while the remainder were top-notch geniuses from various regions.

These top-notch geniuses were all below the age of 30 with a cultivation of Lv 3 True Darkness Realm and above.

To even attempt a challenge at making the List, one must first not exceed 30 years of age, and second, must have a minimum cultivation of Lv 3 True Darkness Realm.

These were the pre-requisites of making the Heaven’s Proud Wall.

The age limit was fixed pre-requisite, but there was no specified minimum cultivation.

As long as one was strong enough to defeat the geniuses on the List, one could replace them.

Take for example Wenren Tiandu, the current leader of the List. He had made the List of Top 1,000 Talents at Lv 1 True Darkness Realm just this year.

Since there were obviously not many talents in East Continent who could match up to Wenren Tiandu, those who wanted to make the List of Top 1,000 had to be of a minimum Lv 3 True Darkness Realm cultivation.

Even if one’s cultivation was at Lv 3 True Darkness Realm, the chances of making the List of Top 1,000 Talents was still very slim.

After a while, no one else stepped forth to make a challenge.

“Junior Sister, I’m going to try!” Wang Zhuo signaled to Chen Man. He took a deep breath and strode up to the wall.

Su Mo shook his head silently, he guessed that Wang Zhuo wouldn’t succeed either.

Wang Zhuo came to the front of Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall, and slowly sat cross-legged. His sharp gaze revealed his determination.

Then, his eyes scanned the names on the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall and finally landed on a name at the bottom.

This person was ranked 992nd on the List of Top 1,000 Talents.

Wang Zhuo knew that if he were to challenge those ranked above 990, his chances of success would be far too low.

If he were to challenge the last person on the List, it was likely that someone else could kick him off List even if he succeeded.

Therefore, by choosing the 992nd place, his name should be able to remain on the List for some time if he succeeded in his challenge.

Then, Wang Zhuo closed his eyes, his mind drifted from his consciousness ocean and rushed toward the the name corresponding to the 992nd on the List.

It didn’t take long before Wang Zhuo’s mind entered the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall. The name of the 992nd on the List also lit up.

Time passed by slowly and it was not long before 10 minutes passed. The crowd may not be able to see the exact scenes of the ongoing battle, but they were able to guess the situation from his expression.

Wang Zhuo’s face was pale and his body kept trembling. It was obvious the battle was not going in his favor.

“I bet he’s about to fail!”

“I’ll give him 20 breaths before he is defeated!”

“No one had succeeded for the past one month!”

The crowd started to whisper when they saw Wang Zhuo’s expression.

Sure enough, in just 15 breaths, Wang Zhuo let out a faint groan and opened his eyes.

His eyes were bloodshot and there were traces of blood on his lips. He glared at the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall and clenched his fists so tightly they cracked.

Wang Zhuo was reluctant. He was close, so close, to success!

Now that he failed, he would have to wait six months before attempting again. Everyone could only challenge the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall twice a year.

After a short while, Wang Zhuo kept his emotions in check and slowly rose to his feet. At the same time, he also decided to stay in Great World City for six months to wait for the next time he could attempt his challenge again.

“Junior Sister, I’ve failed!” Wang Zhuo said dejectedly as he returned to Chen Man’s side.

“Senior Brother Wang, don’t be disheartened. You may still attempt the challenge again in six months!” Chen Man consoled him.

“That’s right!” Wang Zhuo nodded vigorously and wiped the dejected expression from his face, “I’ll definitely succeed after six months!” he said fiercely.

“I believe in you!” Chen Man smiled.

“If you could increase your cultivation to Lv 4 True Darkness Realm in the next six months, it shouldn’t be a problem!” Su Mo shook his head and said.

This was only an offhanded remark by Su Mo, but it made Wang Zhuo very unhappy when he heard it.

The way he looked at it, Su Mo had clearly implied that his combat strength was inferior, which was why he would need a higher cultivation to make up for it.

“Humph! You are just a martial artist at Enlightenment Realm, who are you to judge?” Wang Zhuo snorted and smiled contemptuously.

Su Mo smirked and smiled scornfully.

“He’s not qualified?”


Su Mo could not be bothered to argue with him. He also intended to raise a challenge, so he will let Wang Zhuo see for himself!

“That’s enough, Senior Brother Wang, you need not say more!” Chen Man spoke softly, “I’m going to give it a try!”

After saying, Chen Man walked up to the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall and sat cross-legged.

Chen Man selected the same opponent as Wang Zhuo, the 992nd on the List.

Time passed by slowly.

Chen Man’s challenge lasted way longer than Wang Zhuo’s. The winner had yet to be determined after an hour had passed.

Su Mo was slightly surprised. Chen Man must be more powerful than Wang Zhuo, or she would not have been able to last this long.

Furthermore, Chen Man’s face may look grave and her brows knitted tightly together, but she still appeared more relaxed than Wang Zhuo earlier.

The crowd was impressed that she managed to hold out for such a long period of time.

“She’s impressive!”

“She may actually succeed in her challenge!”

“She looks quite pretty! I didn’t expect her to be so powerful!”

Everyone gazed in awe at Chen Man, their eyes shining.

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