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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 593: Is This a Joke?

Chapter 593: Is This a Joke?

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Chen Man continued to battle. After two hours, she finally opened her eyes. Her face was flushed.

As her eyes opened, a green light flashed at the 992nd spot on the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall, allowing the words “Chen Man” to appear.

After her name appeared, the names ranked below her were automatically shifted back one place. The person ranked last on the List of Top 1,000 Talents was knocked out.

Silence fell upon the crowd. They stared blankly at this scene. Their gaze was fixed on the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall.


Then, the sound of shocked gasps rose like waves in the crowd and filled the square.

Did she actually do it?

“Who is she? How is she so powerful?”

The crowd was stunned. Chen Man may have only come in 992nd place, but this was still a big achievement.

There were as many martial artists in East Continent as there were grains of sand in the Ganges River. However, only 1,000 people could make it onto the List of Top 1,000 Talents, showing its significance.

From this day on, Chen Man’s name would be known across the entire East Continent.

Envy flashed past Wang Zhuo’s eyes. He was stunned by the result as well, but he did not show it.

He had already known that Chen Man was stronger than he was. Furthermore, since he had been so close to succeeding when he had competed for 992nd place, it was not surprising that Chen Man had managed to do it.

However, the fact that Chen Man had succeeded where he failed made him feel very bitter.

Chen Man rose to her feet, her face breaking into a wide smile. It had taken her more than a decade of hard work, but she had finally made it onto the List of Top 1,000 Talents!

She had started cultivating from the age of ten, and after 17 years of blood, sweat, and tears, she had finally fulfilled her dream!

Now that she was 27, she only had a few years left to achieve the honor of making it to the List of Top 1,000 Talents.

“Congratulations to Miss Chen Man on making the List of Top 1,000 Talents! Now, your name will be known all across East Continent!”


“Miss Chen Man, I’m the son of North Lu City’s governor. North Lu City is just 5,000 kilometers from Famous Mountain. Would you like to pay it a visit?”

“Miss Chen Man, let’s have a discussion on martial arts when you’ve got some time to spare!”

Many talents came forward to congratulate Chen Man, but even more extended invitations toward her.

Now that she had made it to the List of Top 1,000 Talents, everyone suddenly wanted to be her friend.

This world operated on a simple rule— the strong would be respected, while the weak would be ignored.

Even after being inundated with all these invitations, Chen Man remained calm and collected. She laughed and acknowledged all their invitations with a salute, and said, “Everyone, I will continue staying at Great World City for a while. If you’ve got time, I’d love to engage you in a discussion on martial arts!”

“Ha ha! That’s great!”

“We will be counting on Miss Chen Man to provide us with some guidance then!”

“Miss Chen Man is really friendly, not like some of the others on the list who do not even spare us a glance!”

The crowd was greatly pleased with her words. They instantly took a liking to Chen Man.

The talents on the List of Top 1,000 Talents tended to be arrogant, and only a few were willing to mingle with commoners.

Chen Man laughed softly, left Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall, and walked back.

However, the crowd surrounding her was not about to give up on having a conversation with her, and they continued to walk alongside her.

Su Mo was speechless at the sight and secretly shook his head. With that kind of temperament, how could these people hope to make the list?

That being said, Su Mo was impressed with Chen Man. She didn’t seem it, but in fact, she was pretty strong!

As she returned to Su Mo’s and Wang Zhuo’s side, Chen Man said with a smile, “Senior Brother Wang, Su Mo, let’s go find an inn within Great World City to stay in!”

“Alright!” Wang Zhuo nodded.

Su Mo shook his head and said with a smile, “Miss Chen, please give me a moment!”

Then, he strode toward the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall.

Both Chen Man and Wang Zhuo were first stunned, then confused by his actions.

They then saw Su Mo walk up to the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall and sit down cross-legged.

Was Su Mo about to take up the challenge?

Chen Man and Wang Zhuo’s eyes widened, felt it unbelievable.

How could he even think of a challenge when his cultivation was only at Lv 9 Enlightment Realm?

Was this a joke?

Chen Man might have sensed that Su Mo was no weakling, but she assumed that he was just stronger than most Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm martial artists. Between them, there was probably a vast gap in terms of strength. After all, his cultivation was much too low!

A commotion rose from the crowd milling around the square when they noticed Su Mo.

“My god, how dare an Enlightenment Realm martial artist even think of making a challenge?”

“Is… is he okay?”

“This person is bold and fearless!”

“Ha ha! I bet he is just trying this out for fun and just wants to know exactly how mighty the top talents are!”

“That must be it!”

The crowd engaged in excited discourse, but no one took Su Mo seriously. There had been cases of Enlightenment Realm martial artists coming forth to challenge, but most took it as a form of experience and did not seriously think they could defeat the top 1,000 talents.

As Wang Zhuo stared blankly at Su Mo, his body started to convulse in laughter.

“Ha ha ha! Su Mo, are you treating this as a joke?” Wang Zhuo laughed loudly.

His frustration at failing earlier was swept away by his amusement with Su Mo.

“Many Lv 3 True Darkness Realm martial artists have failed at this, yet you, with a mere Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm cultivation, actually dare to rise to the challenge?” Wang Zhuo clutched his stomach, doubling over in exaggerated laughter. “Ha ha ha, this is just too funny!”

Wang Zhuo thought Su Mo had a screw loose in his head to even think of challenging when he was just of Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm cultivation. This was just too much!

Su Mo ignored Wang Zhuo. Empty vessels made the most noise. He would soon eat his words.

As he surveyed the names on the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall, his gaze fell upon Xuan Feng’s name.

Then, he secretly shook his head and gave up on challenging Xuan Feng.

He may have been stronger than Xuan Feng, but that was under the influence of the Three Secret Techniques. This was an attack formed by his own Mind. He was not certain if he could use this secret skill.

If he was not able to use this secret skill, he was not too certain of his chances of defeating Xuan Feng.

Therefore, Su Mo gave up on the idea.

Su Mo’s gaze continued to move downwards, finally settling on Shen Jie, who was ranked 985th, nine places lower than Xuan Feng.

Su Mo thought this was just about right, and he was confident he had a 90% chance of winning.

Then, Su Mo mentally reached out to the Heaven’s Proud Jade Wall, and headed straight for Shen Jie’s name.

The next moment, Su Mo saw that his surroundings had changed as he appeared in a green, hazy realm.

This realm was vast, with no end in sight. It was completely void of anything.

As he studied his own body, he realized his body was semi-transparent. This was clearly not his actual self.

“How cool is this?” Su Mo exclaimed. This must be the body simulated by his Mind.

However, Su Mo was not sure if he could unleash his peak combat strength through this simulated body.

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