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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 838: Has It Malfunctioned?

Chapter 838: Has It Malfunctioned?

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As he sat on the Emperor’s Throne, Su Mo felt like an Emperor surveying his empire, looking down contemptuously at the common people.

A sense of heroism washed over him as he felt as though he had reached the top of the world.

He did not care about the time. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to bask in the enjoyment of this aura.

Time slowly ticked by.

Four breaths!

Five breaths!

Six breaths!

Seven breaths!

Seven breaths soon passed, and still, the Emperor’s Throne continued to shine brightly. Su Mo’s Emperor’s aura did not show any signs of fading.

“It’s been seven breaths!”

Many people exclaimed in astonishment when they saw that Su Mo’s Emperor’s aura did not diminish at all.

Su Mo’s powerful Emperor’s aura had drawn the attention of many martial artists outside of the ancient palace.

Those who were near Ancient-treasure City quickly made their way over when they noticed that something strange had happened.

Soon, thousands of people had gathered in front of the ancient palace.

They were all shocked and astonished by the sight of Su Mo’s Emperor’s aura.

Teal Fire King’s face was as black as thunder and his breathing became more labored. Seven breaths had passed! Once again, the magnitude of Su Mo’s talent had exceeded his expectations by far.

Teal Fire King became more anxious as Su Mo only needed to hang on for another 3 more breaths to make history.

Eight breaths!

Nine breaths!

Ten breaths!

Time flew by and he finally reached the ten breaths milestone.

Everyone’s eyes widened. Their faces were filled with a mix of shock, astonishment and disbelief.

“My goodness, this guy has got the Great Emperor Qualification!”

“This is just too incredible!”

“How…how could this be?”

Ripples of astonishment spread throughout the crowd. Everyone found the fact that Su Mo had the Great Emperor Qualification a little hard to believe, but the throne could not be doubted.

The Great Emperor Qualification!

This signified that Su Mo would have a chance of becoming a Great Emperor of martial arts. Although this did not guarantee that he would become one, the fact that he had a chance was simply astounding!

Since the ancient times, the Firmament World had never seen the existence of a Great Emperor.

There had been many strong Martial Emperors during the post-archean times, but none of them managed to advance to Great Emperor.

Now that Su Mo had the Great Emperor Qualification, even if he failed to become a Great Emperor, he definitely had a good chance of advancing to Martial Emperor Realm!

Teal Fire King was absolutely dumbfounded as he looked on with a dazed expression.

“The Great Emperor Qualification?”

“Was this a joke?”

“How could this punk have the Great Emperor Qualification?”

Teal Fire King felt like the entire situation was just too ridiculous. He refused to acknowledge this as the truth.

Time continued to tick by and Su Mo’s Emperor’s aura remained as strong as ever. His eyes also remained closed.

Soon, 15 breaths had passed.

The crowd was completely flabbergasted. 15 breaths had passed and still, his Emperor’s aura did not diminish. How could that be?

As another ten breaths passed, their astonishment earlier proved to be just the beginning.

The crowd fell dead silent. One could have heard a pin drop.

Time ticked by slowly and after countless breaths had passed, the ancient palace burst into an uproar!

“What’s going on? It’s been 15 minutes!”

“This is much too terrifying! I refuse to believe his talent could be so astounding!”

“How could it be? Is he really so incredibly talented?”

Many people shouted, their faces flushed red in shock.

Su Mo managing to last ten breaths was a huge achievement already. This was a feat that no one before him had accomplished.

Now, 15 minutes had passed and still, his Emperor’s aura remained strong.

No one knew how long his Emperor’s aura could last!

His talent could no longer be described as simply incredible, this was just too absurd!

Everyone was dumbfounded. No one knew what was going on.

“This is impossible! It is absolutely impossible!”

Teal Fire King muttered as he shook his head in a daze. He refused to accept this!

Oblivious to the shock rippling through the crowd, Su Mo quietly sat on the Emperor’s Throne with his eyes closed.

He felt extremely peaceful sitting on this throne and his mind and spirit were refreshed.

“I know!” Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

It was a thin young man in the crowd whose eyes shone brightly, as if he had discovered some sort of secret.

The crowd looked at him in confusion wondering what his revelation was.

He immediately announced, “Su Mo had taken off all the jadeite stones from the Emperor’s Throne earlier. Therefore, something inside it must have changed. It must have malfunctioned!”

“We can thus conclude that it doesn’t matter how long Su Mo sits on the Emperor’s Throne. It is no longer a representation of his talent!” the thin young man said decisively.

Comprehension immediately dawned upon the crowd.

That’s right!

After Su Mo had extracted all the jadeite stones from the Emperor’s Throne, it must have malfunctioned!

It suddenly made sense to them why Su Mo’s Emperor’s aura had lasted so long.

The more they thought about it, the more this man’s words made sense. There could be no other reasonable explanation for this phenomenon.

No one truly believed that Su Mo’s talent was so astounding.

15 minutes that passed; this was probably the equivalent of 100 breaths!

No matter how astounding his talent was, there was no way he could have lasted this long on the throne.

Teal Fire King’s face finally relaxed.

That’s right!

This young man was absolutely right!

He had not considered this point. It made complete sense that the Emperor’s Throne had malfunctioned, which was why Su Mo had lasted so long on the throne.


Teal Fire King breathed out a sigh of relief as the shock finally started to fade. His lips curled into a disdainful smile.

He had been shocked earlier and felt like his insides were ripped apart. Everything had turned out to be false after all; he knew that there was no way Su Mo could be so talented!

After another 15 minutes, Su Mo slowly opened his eyes.

His Emperor’s aura was still as dense as ever, with no sign of it dimming.

The crowd was no longer shocked since they had all come to the same conclusion, that the Emperor’s Throne had malfunctioned. This result was fake!

Su Mo frowned. He was not sure whether his talent was truly that astounding or if the Emperor’s Throne had malfunctioned.

Based on his observations earlier, the Divine Jade seemed to serve only a purely decorative purpose.

He shook his head and slowly rose to his feet.

After he got off the throne, his Emperor’s aura finally vanished.

He looked at the gleaming Emperor’s Throne and tried to stow it away into his storage ring. He mentally reached out to the Emperor’s Throne, and immediately, it vanished. He had successfully taken it away in his storage ring.

“It turns out that this throne could really be taken away!” Su Mo smiled with satisfaction.

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