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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 839: A Bunch of Reckless People

Chapter 839: A Bunch of Reckless People

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“This is…!”

When the people saw Su Mo keeping the Emperor’s Throne, they were shocked.

Has Su Mo kept the Emperor’s Throne?

Shouldn’t the Emperor’s Throne be taken only by those who have the Great Emperor Qualification?

Isn’t Su Mo’s talent fake?

How can he take the Emperor’s Throne?

Does Su Mo truly possess the Great Emperor Qualification?

The people were once again baffled.

Some of them were soon enlightened. Since the jade on the Emperor’s Throne had been stolen, there was a problem with the Emperor’s Throne. Anyone could take it now!

After Su Mo had kept the Emperor’s Throne, he walked down the steps.

When he was going up the steps, there were many obstructions. However, when he was coming down, there were no hindrances at all and it was like an ordinary step.

He strode out of the Ancient Palace. The journey to the Waste Domain had ended since he had obtained the Divine Jade. It was time for him to return.

“Teal Fire King, let’s go!” Su Mo called out to Teal Fire King and continued to walk out. He was worried that someone might snatch the Emperor’s Throne away from him.

“Alright!” Teal Fire King nodded reluctantly.

Everyone looked thoughtfully at Su Mo as he walked out of the Ancient Palace.

Some of them were thinking of attacking Su Mo but there were many martial artists around. Even if they managed to get hold of the Emperor’s Throne, they would be under attack on all sides.

Thus, they suppressed their desire and waited for other opportunities.

As Su Mo walked out of the ancient palace, no one stopped him.

“Wait!” Someone shouted just as Su Mo was about to fly up to the sky. A youth robed in white suddenly appeared and stood in front of him.

He was Jiang Fengran!

Su Mo immediately became cautious and squinted his eyes to look at him.

“Su Mo, I’m Jiang Fengran!” Jiang Fengran smiled and cupped his fist at Su Mo. He did not attack him.

“How do you do!” Su Mo cupped his fist at Jiang Fengran as well.

After pondering for a while, Jiang Fengran smiled and said, “I’m impressed by your talent. Can we have tea one of these days and discuss martial arts?”

Jiang Fengran saw that Su Mo was talented and would like to befriend him.

“Why not!” Su Mo smiled. He would be glad to befriend Jiang Fengran as he possessed the Wind Spiritual Body.

“Great. I shall wait for you at Tiansheng Inn in Heaven-sea City!” Jiang Fengran said.

“Sure. I shall see you there!” Su Mo nodded. He then cupped his fist and said, “I’ll make a move first!”

Having said that, Su Mo shot up to the sky and flew toward Ancient-treasure City.

Teal Fire King flew up as well and followed behind Su Mo.

The crowd started to disperse and many of them went toward the direction that Su Mo had taken.

“Master, where are we going?” Teal Fire King asked and forced out a smile. He and Su Mo had traveled at a great speed and they were soon out of Ancient-treasure City.

“Get out of Waste Domain and back to Heaven-sea City!” Su Mo said. He had accomplished his mission and had no intention to stay on.

Su Mo was worried about Qian Xunyue.

She was seriously injured and was nowhere to be found. She must have left Waste Domain!

Why has she come to Waste Domain? Is she looking for him?

Su Mo sighed. He would have to settle their issue. He would look for her after he got out of this place!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As Su Mo was deep in thoughts, some people suddenly flew down from the sky above.

There were about 16 of them, and they possessed strong aura. They soon besieged Su Mo and Teal Fire King.

“Oh?” When Su Mo saw these people, he suddenly stopped moving and looked sharply at them.

When Su Mo looked at these people, he was shocked as he had thought that they were the martial artists from Ancient-treasure City who had come after him. However, it was not so.

Out of these people, Su Mo had met six of them at Sky-burn Mansion and Sang Tian was among them.

“Su Mo, you shall die today!” Sang Tian looked sharply at Su Mo and he was filled with killing desire.

When Sang Tian thought of how Su Mo had injured him, he felt like skinning Su Mo alive.

He had never thought that he would have such an opportunity so soon.

He had invited some experts to join forces with him to deal with Su Mo, and a few others had approached him on their own accord.

These people were mostly at Lv 5 and Lv 6 Martial King Realm and since they had joined forces, they would have no problem killing Su Mo.

“Young Chap, hand over the tower and I may consider letting you die in one piece!” The skinny elder said coldly.

“Hand over the tower quickly!” The burly youth from the Demons shouted.

“This…!” Teal Fire King was shocked when he saw that the experts were filled with such a strong killing desire.

He froze and turned pale when he saw Sang Tian, whose name was on the List of 10,000 Talents.

Thoughts ran through Teal Fire King’s mind as he realized that these people were out to kill Su Mo.

This was his chance. He would regain his freedom if Su Mo was killed!

However, he had to escape on time lest these people should kill him by accident.

As Teal Fire King was having such thoughts, Su Mo sneered, “You’re just a bunch of reckless people. Since you can’t wait to meet your Maker, I shall grant you your wish!”

Having said that, Su Mo flipped his hand over and took out the Sky-crushing Sword. The three-colored Dark Force started to surge.

“What?” Teal Fire King dropped his jaw and stared hard at Su Mo when he heard what Su Mo had said.

Su Mo is so presumptuous!

All these Lv 5 and Lv 6 Martial King Realm martial artists are nothing in his eyes!

Is he crazy!

You’re just a Lv 9 True Darkness Realm martial artist. No matter how talented you are, and even if you have the Martial Emperor Realm Qualification, you can’t possibly contend with so many Martial King Realm experts!

Teal Fire King found it ridiculous. He had met a weird fellow!

Teal Fire King was on his toes now. Once Su Mohad been killed by them, he would escape immediately.

When Sang Tian and the rest heard what Su Mo had said, they were stunned. After a while, they broke out into laughter.

“You’re too presumptuous!” Sang Tian sneered, “I have changed my mind. I’ll not kill you but I’ll cripple your cultivation so that you can enjoy the cruelest punishment!”

Sang Tian was not afraid of Su Mo. Although he was not as powerful as Su Mo, with so many people joining forces together, they would be able to kill Su Mo in just a few blows.

“You shall die now!” Su Moattacked them as he did not want to waste time talking to them.

Sword radiance burst out with the vigorous Dark Force surging around it. Vast three-colored sword Qi attacked the people continuously like a gale at a lightning speed.

Su Mo gave it all out and activated all the 49 Spiritual Spirals in his body. The Dark Force was so mighty that it rushed out like a boisterous sea.

Expansive three-colored sword Qi pierced through the area and tore the heavens apart. It was like a divine light that shot through the void.

Within split seconds, Su Mo had thrown out multiple blows.

The area was now filled only with the dazzling three-colored radiance.

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