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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 840: Rank 2 Heaven Class Martial Soul

Chapter 840: Rank 2 Heaven Class Martial Soul

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“How can this be?” Sang Tian and his company shouted out in shock when they saw the powerful attacks that had been thrown out by Su Mo.

Su Mo’s attacks were forceful. The horrifying Dark Force in the expansive sword Qi was powerful beyond description!

The sword Qi covered the area and flattened part of the space. In the twinkle of an eye, it was before the 16 people.


“Destroy it!”

All of them struck, each displaying his deadly skill to attack Su Mo’s sword Qi.

Bright rays of light and horrifying Dark Force fluctuations covered a large area, destroying the space around.

Boom! Boom! Rumble!

A series of loud explosions sounded one after another and destructive air blasts rolled out in all directions.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

The people screamed as broken arms and limbs flew around.

In just one exchange of blow, many people were killed, leaving only two survivors.

Sang Tian was not only covered with blood, but he was also spewing out blood and kept moving back.

The other one who survived was the burly youth from the Demons. Although he was seriously injured and was covered with blood, he managed to stay alive as he was powerful.

“How can you be so powerful?” Sang Tian shouted crazily and looked at Su Mo in amazement.

He was totally stunned. When he fought Su Mo 10 days ago, Su Mo’s strength was only slightly better than his.

However, in just 10 days, Su Mo’s strength had reached such an incredible stage!

Sang Tian found it unbelievable.

The burly youth from the Demons was shocked as well. Without a word, he turned around and tried to escape.

“Stay on!” When Su Mo saw that the burly youth was trying to escape, he threw out a blow with his sword and ignored Sang Tian.


The dazzling three-colored sword Qi tore the sky apart and charged toward the burly youth at a lightning speed.

“Roar!” The burly youth roared and expanded. In an instant, he turned into a humongous powerful lion.

The mighty lion turned around and hit Su Mo’s sword Qi with its claws.

When the burly youth transformed into his real body, his strength increased to about 30 percent.

The large claws looked vicious. They were like sharp blades and they caught hold of the three-colored sword Qi.


Pfft! Pfft!

Blood started to spurt out as the majestic lion’s claws were chopped off, following an explosion.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The lion roared crazily and turned around immediately to escape.

Sang Tian came to himself and escaped toward another direction.

He displayed the illusionary body move and his body divided into two and continued to multiply. Suddenly, there were about 100 Sang Tian running away in all directions.

Su Mo sneered when he saw the lion from the Demons and Sang Tian running for their lives. He would not let them off.

“Devour them!” Su Mo released his Devouring Martial Soul, and a huge whirlpool rose up to the sky.

The horrifying devouring power swirled out in all directions.

Although Su Mo’s devouring power was mighty, under normal circumstances, it would not have any effect on Sang Tian and the burly youth as there was a disparity in their cultivations.

However, both of them were now seriously injured and they were losing blood. It would be difficult for them to escape from Su Mo!

The forceful devouring power covered the two of them instantly, and they froze.

Regardless of the number of illusionary images Sang Tian had formed, it was useless. His real body was unable to run away from the devouring power.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sang Tian and the demonic lion were hit by two sharp rays of sword Qi.

“Roar!” The lion’s roar shooked the area.

“No!” Sang Tian shouted crazily. He was frightened and looked ghastly pale.

Pfft! Pfft!

Pfft! Pfft!

Blood spurted up to the sky as two rays of sword Qi flashed across. The man and the beast had been slashed into two.

Bang! Bang!

There was a loud thud as the bodies of the man and beast fell from the sky and landed on the ground.

The demonic lion was humongous. It cracked the ground when it landed and caused the dust to splatter around.

A huge Beast Soul, the Martial Souls of the people, the blood essence, and the Dark Force then started to gather toward Su Mo.

Su Mo devoured the Beast Soul and the Martial Souls but he rejected the blood essence and the Dark Force.

The Martial Souls were basically Heaven Class Martial Souls. Although Sang Tian’s Martial Soul was a Beast Martial Soul, it was a Rank 3 Heaven Class. Beast Martial Soul.

After devouring the Beast Soul and more than 10 Martial Souls, Su Mo’s Devouring Martial Soul trembled. A golden halo instantly appeared on it as it had stepped into Rank 2 Heaven Class.


When the Devouring Martial Soul went up on its rank, Su Mo immediately withdrew it and kept its strange form from the people.

After a while, everything went back to normal!

“Teal Fire King, collect the spoils!” Su Mo said as he looked coldly at Teal Fire King.

However, Teal Fire King did not respond to Su Mo.

Su Mo was baffled. He turned to look at Teal Fire King and realized that Teal Fire King was too shocked to react. His mouth was wide opened and his face frozen.

Teal Fire King was shocked when he saw the 16 Lv 5 and Lv 6 Martial King Realm experts, who were more powerful than him, being killed by Su Mo.

Teal Fire King was terrified. When he saw Su Mo’s talent earlier, he had thought that Su Mo was simply gifted and his strength was not as powerful as his.

However, after what had happened, he realized that it was different from what he had perceived. He finally understood what it meant to be a genius.

Is Su Mo truly a True Darkness Realm martial artist? He can easily fight those whose cultivation was five to six levels higher than him. Is this an illusion?

By the way, did Su Mo devour the men’s Martial Souls? What is happening?

Teal Fire King could not figure it out, and he had never been so shocked!

“Teal Fire King, quickly gather the spoils. Get their storage rings and divine elixirs!” Su Mo shouted once again with a cold look.

When Teal Fire King heard it, he shuddered and came to himself.

“Yes. I’ll do it right now!” Teal Fire King quickly bowed and cupped his fist. He behaved respectfully and was filled with fear.

He immediately went to search for the spoils.

After a while, he returned with 10 storage rings and seven divine elixirs as some of them had been destroyed.

“Good. Let’s go!” Su Mo kept the spoils and left quickly.

Teal Fire King took a deep breath and looked at Su Mo’s rear view. He looked perplexed.

He then sighed and quickly caught up with Su Mo.

After Su Mo and Teal Fire King departed, the place was left only with the dead bodies.

After a short while, some people flew over.

There were more than 20 of them and when they saw the scene, they were stunned.

“How can Su Mo be so powerful?”

“He’s so amazing. Although his cultivation is only at Lv 9 True Darkness Realm, he has such a powerful combat strength!”

“Fortunately, we didn’t step in earlier!”

Even Sang Tian, who was ranked among the top 5,000 on the List of 10,000 Talents, has been killed by him. Su Mo is truly powerful!”

“Since Sang Tian belongs to Shady Hall of the Netherworld Devil Sect, I don’t think they’ll take it lying down!”

The group of people looked at the dead bodies in amazement.

They had intended to kill Su Mo and snatch the Emperor’s Throne away from him but after seeing what had happened, they dared not act rashly!

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