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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 841: Merging of the Spiritual Spirals

Chapter 841: Merging of the Spiritual Spirals

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Su Mo and Teal Fire King were on the move and they headed straight for the exit.

Su Mo did not have to ask around for direction as Teal Fire King knew the exact location of the exit.

After flying for about 10 hours, they finally came to the exit.

The huge space rift was between the heavens and the earth and it looked creepy like the mouth of a large beast.

Once in a while, some martial artists would fly into the rift and leave Waste Domain.

Su Mo went straight into the space rift, with Teal Fire King following closely behind him.

After Su Mo got out of the space rift, he went back to Sky-sea Pavilion at Heaven-sea City.

He asked the Pavilion Leader to get a room for Teal Fire King and both of them stayed there for the time being.

In the room.

Su Mo sat cross-legged and pondered. His cultivation had reached Lv 9 True Darkness Realm so his next step would be to get to the Martial King Realm.

If he wanted to step into the Martial King Realm, he would have to condense his Spiritual Spirals and turn them into divine elixirs.

He had two options.

The first option was to do what Wenren Tiandu did, which was to condense all his Spiritual Spirals into divine elixirs and become a Martial King with several divine elixirs.

The second option would require him to merge all the Spiritual Spirals into a Super Spiritual Spiral to form a powerful divine elixir.

According to the records on the “Magic Spirals Mystique”, it would be easier to go for the first option.

Although the second option was tougher, he would have greater strength after he reached the Martial King Realm.

I shall go for the second option!

Su Mo gritted his teeth after pondering for a while. He was not afraid of the hard work as long as he could become more powerful.

Moreover, he could always let go of a few Spiritual Spirals if he found that it was too tough for him to handle.

He then looked through the spoils that he had obtained from Waste Domain.

There were many treasures and Spiritual Stones in the storage rings. There were about 16 billion Upper Spiritual Stones.

There were lots of cultivation skills and weapons, including a Royal Martial Art Technique. After Su Mo had sorted them out, he kept everything away except for several bottles of elixirs.

These elixirs could help him enhance his cultivation. He intended to use these elixirs to help him breakthrough to Peak Lv 9 True Darkness Realm before he moved on to merge the Spiritual Spirals.

After swallowing a few elixirs, Su Mo shut his eyes and started cultivating.

On a deserted hill in Waste Domain.

The wind blew against Qian Xunyue as she stood on the hill, with Hong Qingxuan standing behind her.

The two of them had a sensory Marine Jade each and Hong Qingxuan had used it to bring her to Qian Xunyue.

“Master, do you intend to deal with Brother Su Mo?” Hong Qingxuan asked, looking grave.

Qian Xunyue had followed Su Mo to Waste Domain and her motive was obvious.

Qian Xunyue was silent, and she looked pale. The cold wind blew on her dress, and her long black hair flew up.

“Xuan’er, Su Mo is dead!” Qian Xunyue said after a while. She looked disturbed.

“What?” Hong Qingxuan was thunderstruck when she heard it.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Hong Qingxuan turned pale and she took several steps back.

“Did you kill him?” Hong Qingxuan asked.

“No, but I saw him fall!” Qian Xunyue sighed. As she recalled Su Mo’s last words, she felt so devastated that she found it hard to breathe.

“No! No! I don’t believe you! Brother Su Mo can’t be dead!” When Hong Qingxuan heard it, she shook her head and looked as though she had lost her mind.

“Xuan’er, forget him! Just stay by my side and focus on your cultivation!” Qian Xunyue said as she turned to look at Hong Qingxuan.

“This is impossible! Brother Su Mo is not dead. I’ll go and look for him!” Hong Qingxuan continued to shake her head and refused to accept the fact.

Having said, she shot up to the sky to search for Su Mo.

“Sigh! What a fate!” Qian Xunyue frowned and shook her head. She then waved her hand and an air blast swirled up and brought Hong Qingxuan back to her.

“Let’s go back together!” Qian Xunyue said and forced Hong Qingxuan to leave with her.

In the room at Sky-sea Pavilion.

After a long while, Su Mo let out a mouthful of murky Qi and stopped cultivating.

He had taken more than 20 bottles of elixirs to help him advance to Peak Lv 9 True Darkness Realm.

Next, he would have to start merging the Spiritual Spirals. However, he did not do so immediately as he had decided to make a trip to Firmament Palace before that.

He would like to get some treasures from Firmament Palace and at the same time, get the Legacy for Hong Qingxuan and Sikong Yan.

Su Mo took out his Messaging Charm and sent a message to Hong Qingxuan. He then waited patiently for her reply.

However, after an hour, he did not receive any reply from Hong Qingxuan.

“This is strange!” Su Mo was baffled that Hong Qingxuan did not reply to him.

After pondering for a while, he recalled that when Hong Qingxuan messaged him previously, she had asked him to meet at Tiansheng Inn. She could be there now.

Su Mo left Sky-sea Pavilion and headed for Tiansheng Inn.

However, he could not find Hong Qingxuan at Tiansheng Inn. He then returned to Sky-sea Pavilion reluctantly.

I shall wait for two more days!

After Su Mo went back to his room, he decided to wait for two more days. If he could not get in touch with Hong Qingxuan by then, he would go to Firmament Palace on his own.

After all, he did not have much time left.

He already knew the location of the entrance and could bring Hong Qingxuan to Firmament Palace any time in the future.

Su Mo then shut his eyes and started to merge the Spiritual Spirals in his body.

He put aside all distractions and directed his mind toward his elixir field, and started to merge two Spiritual Spirals.

Su Mo followed the detailed steps on merging the Spiritual Spirals as recorded in the “Magic Spirals Mystique”.

As two Spiritual Spirals came into contact with each other, Su Mo’s elixir field shook. The Spiritual Spirals seemed to be on the verge of destruction.

Su Mo was shocked and quickly worked on stabilizing the Spiritual Spirals. He must have been too anxious.

The process of merging the Spiritual Spirals had to be done slowly and carefully.

Su Mo then slowed down, and as he controlled the two Spiritual Spirals with his Mind, they slowly merged together.

The process was extremely slow and it was slower than breaking down the Spiritual Spirals.

As the Spiritual Spirals merged together, the dense Dark Force in the Spiritual Spirals surged out like a tidal wave.

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