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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 842: It’s Finally Opened!

Chapter 842: It’s Finally Opened!

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Merging the Spiritual Spirals was tougher than breaking them down as the Spiritual Spirals had reached the ultimate level of the True Darkness Realm and could not be further enhanced.

In order to merge the Spiritual Spirals, the Spiritual Spirals had to break through this level in order to reach new heights.

As Su Mo used his Mind to control the two Spiritual Spirals, they started to shake and merge together slowly.

Su Mo exuded a vast aura as the Spiritual Spirals merged together.

After six hours, the two Spiritual Spirals became one and merged perfectly.

Rumble! Rumble!

The integrated Spiritual Spiral was larger than the rest and it rotated slightly. Its Dark Force gushed down like a river and the turbulence was horrifying.

After Su Mo had successfully integrated the two Spiritual Spirals together, the rest of the Spiritual Spirals surrounded the Super Spiritual Spiral, regarding it as their leader.


Su Mo heaved a sigh of relief after the first Super Spiritual Spiral had been successfullyformed. He was not too excited as he knew that the task would become more difficult.

After taking a break, Su Mo once again controlled a Spiritual Spiral and tried to merge it with the Super Spiritual Spiral.

He was more cautious than before. If the Spiritual Spiral exploded, he would lose his life.

Su Mo took a longer time than the first to integrate the second Spiritual Spiral. He used 10 hours to merge them together.

After Su Mo had successfully integrated the two Spiritual Spirals, there were 47 Spiritual Spirals in his elixir field, including the Super Spiritual Spiral.

Although Su Mo had only merged two sets of Spiritual Spirals, he felt that his strength had greatly enhanced.

He then continued with the merging.

Two days passed.

Su Mo stopped merging the Spiritual Spirals. He had already merged five Spiritual Spirals, and his strength had increased.

He messaged Hong Qingxuan again, but there was no reply from her.


Su Mo sighed when he did not receive any response from Hong Qingxuan. He could not wait for her any longer. He had to go to Firmament Palace on his own.

“Teal Fire King, come over!” Su Mo shouted out for Teal Fire King as he looked into the room next to his, using his Mind.

Within a short while, Teal Fire King appeared in Su Mo’s room.

“Greetings, master!” Teal Fire King bowed at Su Mo respectfully.

He no longer looked down on Su Mo but had great respect for him.

Teal Fire King was convinced of Su Mo’s talent and strength.

He had lived for more than 200 years and had never seen such a powerful person like Su Mo!

He no longer dared to have ulterior motives. Since Su Mo was so powerful, he would have great achievements in the future. If Teal Fire King stayed on with him, he might benefit from Su Mo!

“Teal Fire King, I shall give you a task!” Su Mo said as he looked sharply at Teal Fire King.

“Master, please tell me what it is. I’ll definitely do a good job!” Teal Fire King said and cupped his fist.

“Em!” Su Mo nodded. After pondering for a while, he said, “There’s a city known as Qingyuan City beside Barbaric Mountains. You shall go to Firmament Sect which is in the city!”

Su Mo intended to get Teal Fire King to protect Firmament Sect. Teal Fire King’s cultivation was at Lv 5 Martial King Realm and was considered a top expert in Qingyuan City.

With Teal Fire King around, Su Mo would not have to worry about Firmament Sect!

He was not afraid that Teal Fire King would go against him. Su Mo had shown his talent and strength in Waste Domain and that should be enough to suppress Teal Fire King.

At least for a period of time, Teal Fire King dared not betray him.

“Master, please tell me what I should do in Firmament Sect!” Teal Fire King asked.

“From now on, you shall be the elder of Firmament Sect. You shall hold the fort and protect Firmament Sect!” Su Mo said.

“Yes. I shall go to Qingyuan City now!” Teal Fire King replied instantly although he did not know how Su Mo was related to Firmament Sect.

Having said that, Teal Fire King bowed and got ready to leave.

“By the way, you’re only an elder in Firmament Sect. You have to take instructions from the Hall Chiefs. If you go against them, I’ll not let you off!” Su Mo added. He was worried that Teal Fire King would boss around, given his strength.

After all, no one in Firmament Sect was matched for Teal Fire King.

“Yes!” Teal Fire King trembled when he heard it and quickly nodded.

“Go!” Su Mo waved his hand, and Teal Fire King left after taking a bow.

After Teal Fire King left, Su Mo walked out of his room. He bid Pavilion Leader Huang farewell and left Sky-sea Pavilion.

He came to the entrance of Waste Domain as the entrance for Firmament Palace was in the same location.

As the one-month period was not up yet, the entrance of Waste Domain was still opened. The people continued to come out from the entrance thus Su Mo was unable to open the entrance of Firmament Palace.

He did not want to let anyone know about the entrance of Firmament Palace.

After pondering for a while, Su Mo decided to stay around the entrance and wait for the opportunity to open the entrance of Firmament Palace.

After several hours, he finally found the opportunity. No one came out from the entrance of Waste Domain for a while.

Su Mo immediately took out the Holy Son Token and infused the Dark Force of the Five Elements in it. He then threw it out to the sky.

Golden light burst out as the Holy Son Token hung in the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The void suddenly shook and ripples surged out. An illusionary door gradually appeared near the entrance of Waste Domain.

Grand buildings indistinctly appeared from within the illusionary door.

That was Firmament Palace!

“It’s finally opened!” Su Mo was elated when he saw it. He had finally opened the entrance of Firmament Palace!


He kept the Holy Son Token and immediately dashed into the illusionary door.

After Su Mo disappeared into the illusionary door, it slowly vanished.

At this moment, a group of martial artists flew out from the entrance of Waste Domain. Someone immediately noticed the illusionary door that had yet to vanish completely.

“What is that?” A young martial artist shouted as he stared at the illusionary door.

When the rest heard him, they looked at the direction where the young martial artist was looking at but they saw nothing. The illusionary door had completely disappeared and there was stillness in the void.

“Junior Brother, is there something wrong with your eyes?”

“There’s nothing over there!”

“I saw a strange door earlier. I wonder where it leads to!”

The youth was certain that he had seen the door. He went over to check it out but he found nothing there although he had smashed the void.

Since he could not find anything, he left with the crowd.

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