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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 843: It had been Arranged

Chapter 843: It had been Arranged

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The White Jade Square lay in front of the Sky-climbing Ladder of the Firmament Palace. A shadow appeared above the Square as a ray of light flashed across.

It was Su Mo!

The moment Su Mo appeared, he felt the powerful Air-sealing Formation and quickly landed.

“I’m finally back!” Su Mosaid. He landed on the White Jade Square and looked at the main gate leading to the Firmament Palace.

Two years ago when he first came to the Firmament Palace, he was still an insignificant True Spirit Realm martial artist.

However, two years later when he returned, he would soon become a Martial King Realm expert.

Two years passed so quickly and he was no longer that insignificant martial artist.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!!

The moment Su Mo arrived, air-rending sounds broke out from afar and nine puppets dashed over. They were not affected by the Air-sealing Formation.

These nine puppets were guarding the nine palaces. They were Gold One, Stone One, Fire One, and the others.

When the nine of them came near to Su Mo, they sized him up.

“Holy Son, you’re finally back!”

“Greetings, Holy Son!”

“Greetings, Holy Son!”

The puppets greeted Su Mo and cupped their fists.

“How have you been, elders!” Su Mo smiled and cupped his fist at them. He did not look down on them just because they were puppets.

“Holy Son, although you had not reached the Martial King Realm yet, you’re not far from it. Congratulations on your advancement!” A stiff smile occurred on Gold One’s metal-like face.

Su Mo smiled and shook his head. He then said in a deep voice, “Elders, I’d like to meet the Earth Palace Master!”

The puppets fell silent upon hearing this. After a while, Stone One said, “Holy Son, the Earth Palace Master has gone into a deep sleep again. He has instructed us to wake him up after you reach the Martial Royal Realm.”

Stone One looked depressed because after the Earth Palace Master woke up again, he would dissipate and be gone forever.

“The Martial Royal Realm?” Su Mo nodded when he heard it. Since he could not get to see the Earth Palace Master, he would have to ask the puppets to help him with some tasks.

“Holy Son, the Palace Master has made the necessary arrangements. He has left some stuff for you!” Stone One continued, “let’s talk in the palace!”

“Erm!” Su Mo nodded.

The nine puppets led Su Mo into a grand main hall in the Firmament Palace.

The main hall was known as Firmament Divine Hall. It was situated at the center of the Firmament Palace and was expansive, about 1,000 feet high. Whitestone pillars were standing around, supporting the entire hall.

The gold, wood, water, fire, and earth elements were carved on all the white jade stone pillars.

This was the Conference Hall. The main seat that was high up was the Firmament Palace Master’s throne.

“Holy Son, by the time you reach the Martial King Realm, the Firmament Palace will be about to surface in the world again!” Stone One said with a smile as the few of them stood in the main hall.

“This day will come soon!” Su Mo said confidently. He lifted up his head to look at the throne. The Palace Master’s throne was different from his Emperor’s Throne. It was antique and simple.

The Firmament Palace would be attacked on all sides once it appeared. Su Mo knew that he would then have to face the pressure from the entire Firmament World.

He had a great responsibility but he was not afraid. As long as he was powerful enough, he would be able to take the pressure.

“Elders, what does Elder Earth have for me?” Su Mo asked curiously as he looked at the few puppets.

When Stone One heard it, he waved his arm and a few items appeared before Su Mo.

There were a total of eight items. There were five jade slips, one green jade vase, a long yellow sword, and a purple robe.

Stone One explained, “Holy Son, these five jade slips are the cultivation skills in five properties. They’re all at Upper Imperial Rank!”

“There are eight drops of Dragonesque Elephant’s blood essence in the jade vase. The long sword is known as the Hornet Sword and it’s Lower Royal!”

“This is the Starry Robe. It’s refined from the integrated power of the stars. It can protect you against water and fire, and no weapon can pierce through it. It’ll act as a strong defense for you.” Su Mo’s eyes brightened up when he heard the briefing from Stone One. The Earth Palace Master was indeed thorough in his arrangement!

He had prepared the cultivation skills, weapon, and defensive treasure for Su Mo.

Su Mo stretched forth his hand and took the Starry Robe. It was purple in color and printed with shiny stars. It was soft to the touch and a little warm.

“Which grade does this Starry Robe belong to?” Su Mo asked Stone One. Coincidentally, he was in need of a defensive treasure.

“This is comparable to a Lower Royal treasure!” Stone One said.

Su Mo was a little disappointed when he heard it. He had thought that it was an Imperial treasure!

Although it was not an Imperial treasure, with this Starry Robe, Su Mo would have more confidence in dealing with the Martial King Realm Punishment.

After Su Mo kept the Starry Robe, he took the long yellow sword. He infused some Dark Force in it and the sword power filled up the entire main hall.

“This is a good sword!” Su Mo said. This sword was more powerful than his Sky-crushing Sword and it would greatly enhance his strength.

Su Mo then tucked the Hornet Sword and the Dragonesque Elephant’s blood essence.

The Dragonesque Elephant’s blood essence was nothing new to him. Previously, the Earth Palace Master had given much to him but Lil Eight took them all before he could take a single drop.

Su Mo then took the five jade slips. The Imperial cultivation skills that had been written on the jade slips were amazing.

With these Imperial cultivation skills, it would not be necessary for him to cultivate the Lower Royal cultivation skills!

He glanced at the five jade slips and kept them into his storage ring.

“Thank you, elders!” Su Mo thanked Stone One and the rest of the puppets.

“Holy Son, there are better weapons and defensive treasures around but since your cultivation is still low, the Earth Palace Master can only give you the Lower Royal Grade Hornet Sword and Starry Robe. When you have reached the Martial Royal Realm, he’ll give you more powerful treasures!” Stone One said.

When Su Mo heard it, he nodded. He understood the Earth Palace Master’s concern.

The Earth Palace Master was worried that people would eye on him if he possessed powerful weapons and defensive treasures. Moreover, the Earth Palace Master did not want Su Mo to be over-reliant on these external items.

However, Su Mo was not interested in the weapons. He needed a defensive treasure as he would soon be going through the Martial King Realm Punishment.

“Elders, can you give me one Imperial defensive treasure?” Su Mo asked. He felt more assured going through the Martial King Realm Punishment if he had an Imperial defensive treasure with him.

The puppets were shocked and immediately shook their head.

Fire One said, “Holy Son, we can’t give you any treasure without the Earth Palace Master’s permission!”


Su Mo was speechless. He then sighed as he could not force them to do so.

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