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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 844: The Great Legacy

Chapter 844: The Great Legacy

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“Just forget I said anything!” Su Mo smiled with embarrassment.

“Holy Son, you just concentrate on upgrading your cultivation. When your cultivation is high enough, you can have any treasures you want!”

“That’s right! If we give you a powerful treasure, it will do you more harm than good!”

The puppets replied.

“Hmm, I understand!” Su Mo nodded.

Then, Gold One asked, “Holy Son, have you found any suitable descendants for the nine palaces?”

“I’ve brought two people, I’ll find the rest slowly!” Su Mo said. He then mentally released Wenren Tiandu from the Divine Map.

As Wenren Tiandu appeared, Gold One and the nine puppets immediately turned to look at him.

Wenren Tiandu was supposedly cultivating in the Divine Map. He was startled when he suddenly left the Divine Map.

After realizing where he was, he understood at once that this was the Firmament Palace.

He had been to Firmament Palace previously, so he had a fair knowledge about the puppets.

“Brother Wenren, this is Firmament Palace!” Su Mo smiled at him.

He nodded, then turned to look at the nine puppets and cupped his fists, saying, “My respect to all the seniors!”

“Haha, young lad, never expect the Holy Son to choose you!”

Light One laughed out loud as he shone in brightness. He recognized Wenren Tiandu because he was an Illuminious Palace disciple. When Wenren Tiandu had become a disciple, he had been the one who had brought him to obtain the legacy.

“Senior Light One!” Wenren Tiandu divulged a long gone smile and paid his respects to him.

“Senior Light One, from now onwards, Brother Wenren shall be Illuminious Palace’s descendant. Please help him take over the Legacy!” Su Mo said to Light One.

“Erm!” Light One nodded. Although Wenren Tiandu’s talent was not so dazzling, Su Mo firmly believed in him.

Although the descendants of the nine palaces were very important, they were mainly there to assist Su Mo. As long as Su Mo was outstanding, it would probably be good enough.

Based on their current observations, Su Mo could achieve such cultivation in a short time span. His talent was considered excellent.

“Young lad, let’s go! I’ll bring you to the Illuminious Palace to accept Beam Emperor’s Legacy!”

After saying this, Light One’s body shone brightly and he took Wenren Tiandu with him and left the palace.

“Holy Son, didn’t you say you had brought two people? Where’s the other one?” Gold One asked curiously.

The other puppets were also watching Su Mo curiously, wondering who was going to be the other palace’s descendant.

These puppets were from the nine palaces respectively. If their palace had a descendant, then they would focus on guiding the descendant.

“Senior Fire One, do you recognize this thing?”

Su Mo looked at Fire One and smiled as a small tower appeared on his palm.

“This is…Sky-burn Tower?” Fire One saw the small tower on his hand and stared at it with his charcoal eyes. He then asked astonishingly, “Holy Son, you actually found the Sky-burn Tower?”

“That’s right. Senior Fire One. So what is the use of this Sky-burn Tower?” Su Mo asked. Apparently, this tower was a Spacial Device. Moreover, there was an Item Spirit, which was a more mysterious treasure than the Divine Map.

“This tower is my Fire scorching Palace arcanum, it’s every appointed Flame Emperor’s weapon and also a cultivating place for all Fire scorching Palace disciples!”

Fire One was sighing with emotions, yet delighted to say, “This tower was lost for countless years. I never expected the Holy Son to find it. We are so lucky!”

Su Mo was surprised. He had never expected that the tower could be used as a weapon. The tower was indeed not simple!

“The descendant of Fire scorching Palace is inside the tower!” Su Mo said to Fire One.

“Erm!” Fire One nodded, then said in a deep voice, “Holy Son, I’m wondering if you can leave this tower at Fire scorching Palace? This tower is Fire scorching Palace’s foundation. Without this tower, Fire scorching Palace will cease to exist except in name!”

“This…!” Su Mo hesitated. This tower was extraordinary; he wanted to take it for his own use!

However, since Fire scorching Palace needed it, he wouldn’t keep it for himself. Anyway, he owned the whole of Firmament Palace.

“Senior Fire One, you can have it!” As such, Su Mo passed the Sky-burn Tower to Fire One.

As Fire One got hold of Sky-burn Tower, he immediately flicked on the tower. As the Sky-burn Tower flashed with a ray of light, a shadow flew out.

The shadow was none other than Sikong Yan.

After Sikong Yan came out, he was lost in thought. When he saw the puppets, his eyes suddenly bulged, looking shocked.

This was because Gold One, Stone One, Teal One, and the rest were either made of gold, stone, or wood. It was extremely eye-catching.

“Sikong Yan, this is Firmament Palace!” Su Mo said to Sikong Yan.

“Firmament Palace!” Sikong Yan was surprised. Then he started to look around his surroundings. He had been cultivating in the Sky-burn Tower, so he had no idea when Su Mo had left Waste Domain.

“Sikong Yan, once you become the descendant of Fire scorching Palace, you will receive the Flame Emperor’s Legacy!”

Su Mo said in a deep voice, “However, you must remember the important oath. You have to be loyal to the Firmament Palace eternally!”

“I can really obtain the Great Legacy?” Sikong Yan was doubtful as he glanced at Su Mo, then scanned through the puppets. It felt like he was dreaming.

“To his surprise, it was so easy to obtain the Great Legacy?”

“Can Su Mo be so generous?”

Sikong Yan found it to be unbelievable!

“Of course!” Su Modid not speak. Fire One then spoke, saying, “Young lad, I’ve observed that you are born with a Fire Spiritual Build, which makes you quite suitable to be the descendant of Fire Scorching Palace!”

Sikong Yan pondered, then said in a deep voice, “Give me the Legacy first. If it’s indeed the Great Legacy, I will definitely be loyal to Firmament Palace!”

Sikong Yan was still not assured. His relationship with Su Mo was not good, and yet he wanted to pass him the Great Legacy. Therefore, he had to be careful, just in case Su Mo was setting him up!

Su Mo smiled disdainfully and said, “Sikong Yan, do you see the Great Legacy as something worthless? Why should it be passed to you so easily?!”

Su Mo’s voice turned cold as he continued saying, “If you still want to receive the legacy, then swear immediately that you will be loyal to Firmament Palace eternally. If you don’t, I’ll send you out of Firmament Palace now!”

“This…!” Sikong Yan hesitated. Initially, he wanted to obtain the legacy first. Once he received it, he could just be loyal to Firmament Palace verbally. He had never expected Su Mo to be so cautious as to want him to swear on it!

“Young lad, this is your Good Fortune. Don’t miss the opportunity given to you by the Holy Son!” Fire One looked at Sikong Yan as he advised him.

Fire One and the rest of the puppets could tell that Su Mo did not trust him completely.

Sikong Yan remained silent. As he shot a glance at Fire One’s Sky-burn Tower, a scorching heat flashed past his eyes.

He knew this tower was the one he had been cultivating inside for the past two weeks. Inside the tower was a sacred cultivating place for him. Because of it, his cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds.

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