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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 845: Martial King Ordeal

Chapter 845: Martial King Ordeal

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Sikong Yan remained silent for a while, then nodded his head, saying, “Okay, I’ll swear on it first!”

Sikong Yan raised his palm, pointed to the sky, then said in a clear voice, “If I obtain the Great Legacy from Firmament Palace, I’ll definitely be loyal to Firmament Palace in the future. If ever I breach it, I shall be condemned by Heaven and Earth!”

Sikong Yan might have sworn on it, but he left a loophole. That was, the promise was made after obtaining the Great Legacy from Firmament Palace. If he did not obtain the true Great Legacy, then the promise was not counted.

Upon seeing this, Su Mo nodded silently. Although Sikong Yan was not sincerely being loyal to Firmament Palace, he would not betray them either.

Besides, in the future, he would have means to make Sikong Yan submit to him willingly.

“Senior Fire One, take him to receive the legacy!” Su Mo said to Fire One.

Fire One nodded, then he took Sikong Yan and left the palace.

“Dear Seniors, I’m going to stay here for a few days!” Su Mo said to the rest of them.

“Holy Son, I’ll arrange your accommodation. Afterward, I’ll update you on the current situation in the palace!” Gold One said.


After this, Gold One arranged a palace for Su Mo to settle down in. The rest of the puppets also returned to their respective palaces.

Inside the palace, there was a single room meant for practicing. Su Mo sat cross-legged in his version of this room and took out the five jade slips. He then started to browse through them.

There were five cultivation skills in total. Among them, there was the gold property, known as the Golden Sacred Skill; the wood property, known as the Teal Emperor’s Mysterious Skill; the water property, known as the Water-moon Sacred Skill; the fire property, known as the Heavenly Fire Classic; as well as the earth property, known as the Earthly Tome.

These five cultivation skills were all Upper Imperial cultivation skills and fulfilled the properties of the Five Elements. To Su Mo, their valuation was beyond description.

These five cultivation skills were quite profound. Su Mo spent seven days and seven nights before he could barely comprehend half of what was needed to understand the five cultivation skills completely.

These five cultivation skills had 12 realms each. He wondered when he could perfect these skills.

He then kept the five jade slips and prepared to start cultivating.

As for the other half portion, since he had not reached that stage yet, he planned on slowly learning them later.

Su Mo started cultivating the gold property skill, known as the Golden Sacred Skill, and maneuvered his internal gold property Dark Force. Then, he started cultivating the realm one.

For the next few days, Su Mo was totally immersed with his cultivating. After cultivating the first realm of every skill, he stopped at once and changed to another skill.

He needed to hold cultivation skills of the five properties at the same realm in order to maintain their balance and combine them together.

Although they were Imperial cultivation skills, cultivating the first realm was still considered easy.

It had only been four days, and Su Mo had already succeeded in cultivating the first level of all the five cultivation skills. His internal Dark Force of the Five Elements had transformed slightly. It seemed, however, that it had grown stronger.

Although it was only the first realm, it was still an Upper Imperial cultivation skill. Thus, it couldn’t be easily compared with skills at the King or Royal levels.


Su Mo stopped cultivating for the time being. He took four days to cultivate the first realm. If he continued cultivating the second realm, it might take at least two weeks.

It seemed he didn’t have much time, so he needed to combine the Spiritual Spirals as soon as possible so that he could upgrade to the Martial King Realm.

He still needed to refine his Natal Spiritual Sword. Although he could combine his Spiritual Spirals, as well as his obtained Imperial cultivation skills, which enhanced his strength greatly, his cultivation was still too low. It would still be too risky to duel with Shangguan Hao.

Hence, he definitely needed to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword.

Su Mo sighed and stood up. He needed to go look for Gold One and the rest of the puppets in order ro check with them if Firmament Palace had any Blood-striped Seed.

Currently, Blood-striped Seed was the only material left to refine the Natal Spiritual Sword.

Boom boom boom!

At this time, a dull thunder could be heard from the sky, as there was a strong thunderous power approaching slowly.

“This is…!” Su Mo was wondering. He immediately walked out of the palace and noticed that the sky was very dim. A thunderous force with enormous power gathered and gradually became a Thunder Sea.

“Martial King Ordeal?” Su Mo was glaring because this thunderous force in the sky was being brought down by Heaven and Earth’s will. This was Heaven’s punishment!

“Whose Martial King Ordeal can this be?”

Su Mo was shocked and immediately understood that this was probably Wenren Tiandu’s Martial King Ordeal

He had little doubt who in Firmament Palace could create this. Other than Sikong Yang, there was only Wenren Tiandu.

However, the event happened only quickly. Shortly after, the Calamity Clouds in the sky disappeared without a trace.

“What’s going on?” As Su Mo was wondering, a bright light flashed past and Gold One appeared in front of him.

“Holy Son, the young lad from Illuminious Palace will be crossing the Martial King Ordeal. He has been sent out of the Firmament Palace region. You should go take a look as well! I believe you will find it useful.” Gold One said.

“Bring me there!” Su Mo nodded at once.


Subsequently, Gold One took Su Mo and flew toward the outside of Firmament Palace.

The main gate of Firmament Palace was enwrapped in a huge water curtain, which was extremely thick and solid. Gold One and Su Mo flew into the water curtain and stopped only when they had reached its edge.

At the edge of the water curtain, Stone One, Fire One and the rest of the puppets were all there. They weren’t able to leave the boundary beyond the water curtain, so they were only able to stop there.

“My respect to Holy Son!” They paid their respects to Su Mo as he came.

“Seniors, no need to stand up!” Su Mo waved his hand as he gazed far away. He then saw Wenren Tiandu standing upright a few 1,000 kilometers away, looking dignified as he watched the sky.

Su Mo was familiar with where Wenren Tiandu stood. It was near the Distant Ancient City in Firmament Divine Realm.

At this time, unlimited thunder gathered in the sky, forming into a 15 kilometers wide Thunder Sea. The Thunder Sea was tumbling and a strong thunderous power was pervading everywhere.

“I never knew a Thunder Sea could reach 15 kilometers in width!”

“This young lad is indeed not an average person!”

“Holy Son has good judgment!”

Gold One and all the puppets were shocked as they watched the Calamity Clouds formed by the Thunder Sea.

This was because an average Martial King Ordeal’s Calamity Cloud could not exceed 5 kilometers in width. Wenren Tiandu’s Martial King Ordeal, not only had reached 15 kilometers in width, it was still growing.

The stronger a martial artist’s talent and strength were, the stronger his Martial King Ordeal would be. The Calamity Clouds formed by Wenren Tiandu’s Martial King Ordeal had reached more than 15 kilometers already. It evidently showed Wenren Tiandu’s strength.

The dull thunder was heard continuously. An electric arc was flashing in the sky, and lightning could be seen continuously in the void as the thunderous power was getting stronger and stronger.

A 20 kilometers wide Thunder Sea was growling continuously as the strong thunder force was brewing in it, ready to explode at any time.

“How can he be so strong?”

“Can this young lad fight through this?”

The puppets were totally shocked and became concerned.

20 kilometers was sufficient enough to instakill a Lv 5 Martial King Realm martial artist.

Given such powerful Martial King Ordeal, it was highly likely that Wenren Tiandu would be defeated by this Lightning Punishment.

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