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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 883: Concubine Selection Started

Chapter 883: Concubine Selection Started

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Su Mo quickly returned to the Crystal Jade Palace after obtaining the Blood-striped Seeds.

He returned to his room smoothly.

In the room, Sumo sat cross-legged and took out the Blood-striped Seeds with a flip of his palm.

“Twenty four seeds”

Su Mo counted and muttered to himself. He had twenty-four Blood-striped Seeds.

Su Mo smiled brightly. He had collected all the materials and could begin to refine soon.

However, he had reached the Half Step to Martial King realm. Only his earth property elixir was not yet condensed.

At present, his top priority was to break through to the Martial King Realm.

Su Mo pondered for a moment. He was out of Spiritual Stones. He needed to find some.

Suddenly, Su Mo thought of the spiritual beast bangle. When he got it from Master of All Beasts, there were hundreds of Lv.5 demonic beasts inside.

These demonic beasts were not of a high level but a large number of them might be enough to help him break through to the Martial King Realm.

After that, Su Mo immediately entered the Divine Map and took out the spiritual beast bangle.

Then, he concentrated his mind and released all the spiritual beasts at once.


Flashes of light and all kinds of roar, hiss and shout filled up the Divine Map’s Space .

Over two hundred demonic beasts appeared in the void, including tigers, wolves, monsters, which were all Lv.5 spiritual beasts.

Among these spiritual beasts, the strongest ones were at Class 5, Lv. 5 and the weakest ones were at Class 1, Lv. 5.

As soon as they got out, half of them fled rapidly, and the rest rushed towards Su Mo.

Pets of Master of All Beasts, they certainly wouldn’t be nice to Su Mo. They attempted to either escape or attack him.

Dozens of spiritual beasts advanced towards Su Mo like mountains pressing down.

Su Mo stayed clam and quiet as if nothing was happening. He suddenly closed his eyes and released his Devouring Martial Soul.

The powerful devouring force rolled over and swept through in all directions, shrouding all the spiritual beasts inside.

In front of Su Mo’s current cultivation and his Devouring Martial Soul, these Lv. 5 spiritual beasts had no chance of resisting.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

In the face of the devouring power, all the spiritual beast exploded in succession, turning into a bloody storm.

In a flash, the over two hundred demonic beasts all died.


An endless demonic power merged with the powerful blood Qi into a mighty river, rushing towards Su Mo.

Su Mo sat with his leg crossed and concentrated on absorbing and refining the demonic power and blood Qi.

The demonic power and blood Qi were refined into pure Dark Force, which flooded into his earth property elixir. The elixir rose and shone.

With the Devouring Martial Soul, Su Mo sucked the demonic power and blood Qi at high speed into his body.

As time went by, Su Mo had completely absorbed all the demonic power and blood Qi of the over two hundred demonic beasts after half an hour. However, his earth property elixir still was not condensed fully.

“It is not enough!” Su Mo sighed as he opened his eyes. He was ready to confront the Martial King Realm Ordeal, but he failed.

These spiritual beasts were too weak. Their demonic power and blood Qi were mighty but the quality was low. It could not help him much.

Su Mo shook his head. It didn’t work and he couldn’t force it.

Only two days left before the Concubine Selection. Once he left the palace, he could easily get enough Upper Spiritual Stones for his breakthrough by selling a few of his countless trophies.

It was urgent but he could afford two more days.

Then, Su Mo prepared to refine a Natal Spiritual Sword. He needed to reach at least the Lower King craftsman level to get it done.

Although he had all the theoretical knowledge, he had no actual refining experience. Therefore, he must improve his refining skill to the King level first.

In Su Mo’s storage ring, there were plenty materials he had purchased before for refining King level weapons, enough for him to learn and practice.

However, Su Mo had to stop after a few minutes when his furnace exploded.

The crafting furnace exploded into pieces with a loud blast.

Su Mo’s craftsmanship was not the problem. His crafting furnace was too weak.

His crafting furnace was of Lv.4 that he had purchased in the Celestialspirit Sect. It wasn’t strong enough for refining a King level weapon.

In the end, Su Mo sighed helplessly. Without a crafting furnace, he could no longer refine. He had to wait until his cultivation improved after leaving the palace.

Su Mo left the Divine Map. Back in his room, he continued consolidating his cultivation while waiting for the concubine selection to begin.

Two days passed quickly.

Early in the morning, a middle-aged man dressed like a eunuch came to the Crystal Jade Palace.

“All the nominated beauties from Great Martial City, follow me to the Fairy House for the concubine selection!” He shouted clearly in front of the Crystal Jade Palace.

Upon hearing the man’s call, people of the Crystal Jade Palace came out one after another.

The ten candidates stood in front of the middle-aged eunuch.

Su Mo walked out of the palace and sized up the middle-aged eunuch, who was actually a master at Lv.6 Martial King Realm.

“Only ten? Where is the last one?”

The middle-aged eunuch glanced at the candidates and asked out of confusion. According to the records, there should be 11 beauties from Great Martial City.


Su Mo glanced across the girls and realized the missing of Bai Yin’er.

“I’m coming!”

Just then, Bai Yin’er’s voice came. Su Mo turned around and saw her walking out of the palace slowly.

Bai Yin’er in her old linen dress looked very haggard with red eyes and tears on her face.

“She cried!”

Seeing this, Su Mo sighed. He could tell she didn’t want to be here. The concubine selection seemed a torture for her.

However, Su Mo didn’t want to get involved since he had nothing to do with Bai Yin’er.

He was not a saint and he could not make everything right.

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