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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 889: The Martial King Realm

Chapter 889: The Martial King Realm

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High in the sky, Su Mow was shocked by the ultimate attack of the Divine Martial Emperor.

This one was so powerful and way stronger than the previous two finger attacks. Was this the real strength of this man?


Su Mo could not run from this colossal palm, so he descended rapidly.

In the meantime, his body glowed with starlights as a robe with star paints appeared on him.

Su Mo had worn a Royal defensive treasure, the Starry Robe.

He had to be careful to the ultimate attack of the Divine Martial Emperor.


The colossal Dark Force palm shook the heaven and earth and descended on Su Mo in an overwhelming manner.

“Slash!” Su Mo barked and poured both of his physical and cultivation strength out.

The golden light from him lit up this place. In the sky, he looked just like a mini sun.

A sword radiance occurred as he swung out a powerful attack that moved to the Dark Force palm above.

It carried an immense sword will and instantly hit the giant palm.


With a huge blow, the palm was slightly shaken but stayed intact.

However, Su Mo’s sword Qi was directly shattered and vanished.

Although Su Mo was strong, his cultivation was way under his enemy’s.

Su Mo was only at the Half Step to Martial King Realm, while the Divine Martial Emperor at the Half Step to Martial Royal Realm. Su Mo was nine levels short.

The giant Dark Force palm violently descended to Su Mo’s head.

In a split second, Su Mo tightly held up the Earthly Shield to block the attack.


The Dark Force hit the Earthly Shield and made a huge blow, madly dealing its immense power to the shield.

Su Mo’s body was shaken under the impact as blood spurted out from his mouth.

Subsequently, he was sent to the ground at an incredibly fast speed.


He looked like a falling meteor that hit on the ground of the imperial palace. The ground then cracked like a spider net as a huge amount of dust was blown about by the impact.

The crowd afar sighed upon seeing this. This man was no match for the emperor after all!

After a short while, the dust fell as the Divine Martial Emperor descended from above.

In the middle of the spider net cracks, there was a bottomless deep hole.

There was only darkness inside the hole as if it connected to the earth’s core.

“He’s not dead!”

The Divine Martial Emperor’s brow frowned tightly as he felt Su Mo’s aura still surged somewhere deep down in the hole.

“How could it be?”

He was astonished. How could he not easily kill a minor creep at only Halfstep to Martial King cultivation?

He came from the Central Continent, and he knew about some common sense in that place.

In his knowledge, even the top-notch talents of the nine superpowers did not have such an incredible cross-level combat strength!

“I have to kill him quick!”

He wanted no surprises. With that level of talent, if Su Mo reached the Martial King Realm, he would no longer be the only overpowered one in this place, and there would be troubles.

While looking down to the hole, the Divine Martial Emperor pointed out beams of finger radiance into the darkness.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Shortly thereafter, violent explosions made the earth in 3,000 meters around collapsed and then were blown into dust swirling in the air.

All of a sudden, a figure dashed out of the dust like a meteor and ascended to tens of thousands of meters high.

It was Su Mo!

Su Mo was in a terrible shape. His hair was in a mess, and his face was pale with blood stains.

But, his aura was stronger than ever. An immense aura of a king suffused in the air.

Just now, he had finally condensed the earth property divine elixir and truly reached the Martial King Realm

Now, the divine elixirs in five properties were shining brilliantly. The Qi and aura of each divine elixir were connected to each other as if they were one. They now became more imposing than ever.

Now, Su Mo was truly at the Martial King Realm!

“He has broken through?”

The Divine Martial Emperor’s face fell. This kid even upgraded under his attacks!

This humiliated him a lot. How could he fail to kill a creep while helping that creep to upgrade?

Outside the imperial palace, countless people stared agape at this scene.

Everyone watching this gasped in shock!

Shortly thereafter, the entire Divine Martial City burst into an uproar!

“Holy smokes! Who is this guy?!”

“This guy was only at the Half Step to Martial King. Not only has he survived the emperor’s attacks but also has upgraded!”

“This guy is not that weaker than the emperor now!”

“It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen this kind of cross-level combat strength!”

There were countless conversations and praises in every corner of the city. People were all shocked.

“It’s him!”

The Palace Master of the Fire Palace murmured as he looked at Su Mo and stood on a platform outside the imperial palace.

He felt the familiar aura from Su Mo, and it belonged to the person who snatched the Blood-striped Seed from his hand.

Yesterday, he had conducted an investigation for all day long and failed to find the thief. But now the thief showed himself and turned out to be so incredible.

“It’ll be a real shame if he dies in the emperor’s hand!”

The elder sighed inwardly because he thought that Su Mo still could not defeat the emperor. The gap between their cultivation was too wide.

The elder did not care about Su Mo’s life and death but Su Mo’s craftsmanship.

He could tell that Su Mo’s craftsmanship was definitely advanced.

Therefore, the elder felt so sorry about that!

If Su Mo died, his profound craftsmanship knowledge might be gone!

Above the imperial palace—


The Divine Martial Emperor also flew in front of Su Mo.

“You are still a dead man!”

The emperor looked cold. His ochre yellow robe danced with the wind.

“Am I?You will change your mind soon!”

Wearing the Starry Robe, Su Mo held the shield with his left hand and sword in his right. A confident curve of smile occurred on the corner of his mouth.

The emperor said with disdain, “Do you think that you can fight me after reaching the Martial King Realm?”

Su Mo said casually, “You won’t survive even if I don’t make any moves.”

“What do you mean?” The emperor frowned upon hearing this. “Does he have some helpers?”

Then, he swept around with his eyes and found nothing.

He snorted coldly and wanted to say something when his face fell all of a sudden.

Because the sky suddenly fell dark.

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