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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 890: The Monstrous-talent Ordeal

Chapter 890: The Monstrous-talent Ordeal

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The sky suddenly fell dark as pieces of dark clouds were gathering together.

Among the clouds, there were deep claps of thunder and flashes of lightning.

“The Martial King Ordeal!”

The Divine Martial Emperor narrowed his eyes. He was not surprised about this.

It was so normal to have a Martial King Ordeal since Su Mo reached the Martial King Realm.

“Haha! I should say that to you!”

The emperor looked at Su Mo and smiled coldly. “You won’t survive even if I don’t make any moves.”

He then immediately moved away from Su Mo.

He now decided to let the God’s Ordeal to kill Su Mo.

The Martial King Ordeal against Su Mo must be horrible since Su Mo’s talent was so incredible. Su Mo would possibly vanish in ashes.

Of course, the emperor was not too far away from Su Mo. If Su Mo narrowly survived, he could easily kill Su Mo and then loot that Spacial Device.

Su Mo did not stop the emperor from retreating.

Because he had planned to go near the emperor when the strongest stroke of the ordeal came to him, and let that man be punished together!

While looking above, Su Mo looked solemn. He had to go through the Martial King Ordeal to reach a further achievement.

Otherwise, he would vanish.

Every Martial King Realm martial artist had gone through this step, and there was no exception.

High above the clouds, the dark clouds were still gathering. Before long, the clouds had become the Calamity Clouds, in which bolts of lightning kept flashing.

From the void around the clouds, numerous thunder snakes suddenly dashed into the Calamity Clouds.

The Calamity Clouds were expanding rapidly and became 5,000 meters wide in a short time.

Countless people stared agape at the scene.

Was this guy doing this above the imperial palace?

The palace would be no more after the ordeal!

“This guy is so incredible, and his Martial King Ordeal must be extremely horrible!”

“No doubt. I assume the Calamity Clouds can stretch 25,000 meters wide!”

“25,000 meters wide? This is so exaggerating!”

“I’m not exaggerating. This guy is more than incredible!”

There were discussions all over the city. At this moment, there were tens of millions of people watching Su Mo.

Su Mo stood straight high in the sky and stared at the Calamity Clouds.

Endless forces of thunder appeared around the Calamity Clouds and then dashed into it as it kept expanding.

Almost in 15 seconds, it reached 10,000 meters wide.

But it still kept expanding rapidly.

15,000 meters!

20,000 meters!

25,000 meters!

In 30 seconds, the Calamity Clouds had stretched 25,000 meters wide. It was so vast as if it was a sea of thunder that covered the sky.

However, there was no sign of stopping. It still kept expanding rapidly.

People were all astounded. The Calamity Clouds really reached 25,000 meters wide!

In an ordinary martial artist’s Martial King Ordeal, the Calamity Clouds normally stopped expanding when it reached 5,000 meters wide. In the history of the Divine Martial Country, the strongest Calamity Clouds was only 15,000 meters wide.

However, this guy’s Calamity Clouds had reached 25,000 meters wide!

In this level of Martial King Ordeal, a normal Lv 1 Martial King Realm martial artist would be struck into ashes by the first stroke of the Calamity Clouds.

The emperor was also shocked upon watching the expanding Calamity Clouds.

Back there in the Yin-yang Palace, he was also a talent and was trained in priority. His Calamity Clouds was only about 10,000 meters wide, which was far smaller that Su Mo’s.

Under the eyes of everybody, the Calamity Clouds had reached 40,000 meters wide in a short while.

The clouds almost covered the entire Divine Martial City.

Meanwhile, everyone in the Divine Martial City was struck dumb and looked at the Calamity Clouds.

The Calamity Clouds was 40,000 meters wide!

How could it be?

It was just too shocking! Was this a Martial King Ordeal? This was a Martial Royal Ordeal!

“Run! Let’s get outta this city!”

Someone suddenly cried out, and then the entire city became a chaos. Countless people were running out of the city madly.

The Calamity Clouds almost covered the entire Divine Martial City. It would be die-trying to stay in the city!

Therefore, everybody rushed out of the city.

Even the emperor also rapidly withdrew 50,000 meters.


Numerous bolts of lightning flashed and thundered in the massive Calamity Clouds. The force of thunder had become extremely powerful.

Su Mo felt a suffocating pressure from the clouds. His hair even stood on end.

“How wide will it reach?” Su Mo looked more serious than ever as his eyes fixed on the Calamity Clouds.

Now, Su Mo was not confident about getting over with this Martial King Ordeal. He would be confident if the clouds stopped expanding when it reached 40,000 meters wide.

There was no sign of stopping the expanding at all.

Su Mo felt uneasy, but he was not afraid of doing this.

He had nowhere to run now, so he had tried his best to face it.

“Ride or die!”

The Calamity Clouds kept expanding.

45,000 meters!

50,000 meters!

But it was still expanding.

The crowd was stupefied outside the city.

Everybody’s eyes were widened as they stared agape with faces full of shock.

The 40,000-meter-wide Calamity Clouds!

Was this a fu*king Martial King Ordeal?

No, it was not! This must be a Martial Royal Ordeal!

People did not believe that this was a Martial King Ordeal. A Martial King Ordeal should not be this horrible!

Even the emperor was stunned. He now looked like a retard.

There was a thing that the crowd did not know of. But he knew clearly since he came from the Central Continent. If the Calamity Clouds reached 50,000 meters wide, the ordeal should be called the Monstrous-talent Ordeal.

The Monstrous-talent Ordeal was the most horrible Martial King Ordeal in the histories of the Firmament and Continent. It almost killed every target.

It barely happened in every million years.

Only the most incredible, monstrous, and overpowered talents could enjoy the Monstrous-talent Ordeal.

This was the punishment from heaven. Talents that were too incredible should not exist. Only one out of ten monstrous talents could survive the Monstrous-talent Ordeal.

The Divine Martial Emperor could not be more shocked. He was witnessing a Monstrous-talent Ordeal! This kid could even call the most incredible Monstrous-talent Ordeal!

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