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Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 892: Dead?

Chapter 892: Dead?

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The Thunder Bear reached out both paws and tried to squash Su Mo like a falling thunder mountain.

Su Mo’s body shone with golden light as he stroke again with surging Dark Force.

With only one stroke, he killed the Thunder Bear and still stayed intact.

Then, the fourth beast of the Lightning Punishment showed up.

This time, it was a Thunder Snake.

It was 3,000 meters long and had an aura that was even stronger than the bear’s. It swung its snake tail to Su Mo in an unstoppable manner.


The space exploded under the snake tail, which moved so fast that it arrived in front of Su Mo in a flash.


Without a second thought, Su Mo stroke again and cut the snake tail violently.


The snake tail was shattered with a loud bang and a thunderclap.

Meanwhile, the rampant power from the snake immediately sent Su Mo off 300 meters away and put his blood and qi in disorder.

“So powerful!”

Su Molooked serious. This was only the fourth Lightning Punishment, and he could only imagine how horrible the fifth would be.


The snake was still there, and it charged to Su Mo rapidly again.


Su Mo snarled and charged to the snake with a surging fighting desire.

The next moment, a piercing, dominant sword Qi struck the snake mercilessly.


The snake was completely shattered and exploded.


Su Mo was shaken and made a muffled sound as he was instantly sent off to the ground.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

The ground was cracked by the impact from Su Mo.

High in the sky, the thunderclouds rumbled again, brewing for the fifth attack.


All of a sudden, a high-spirited roar rose as a huge dragon head reached out from the clouds.

“A Flood dragon?”

Su Mo rose his eyebrows upon seeing this. It was just a flood dragon, not a real divine dragon.

The flood dragon’s eyes came to rest on Su Mo, and then it dashed out of the clouds and charged to Su Mo with an incredibly dominant bearing.

“So strong!”

Su Mo’s heart fell to his feet when he felt the flood dragon’s aura was twice stronger than the snake’s.

However, he was not scared of this dragon. He just worried how powerful the sixth beast would be since the fifth was already so strong.


Su Mo gnashed his teeth and then stamped his foot and skyrocketed to the flood dragon.

Before Su Mo could approach the flood dragon, it opened its mouth to shoot several huge thunder balls toward Su Mo.

Each ball was at the size of a house, and there were hundreds of them. They move toward Su Mo like huge cannonballs.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Su Mo swung out rows of sword Qi that shattered half of the thunderballs.

The other half of them dashed to Su Mo overwhelmingly.

Su Mo immediately held up the shield which then suffered continuous blows of thunder balls.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

There came countless explosions and thunderclaps. Su Mo kept descending as he was under the blows of the thunder balls.

Huge impacts kept shaking Su Mo’s body.

Moreover, the thunder power was conducting to his arms through the shield, which made his arms numb.

Soon, Su Mo was knocked back to the ground again and kept descending, which made the ground collapse into a 300-meter-hole.

After firing hundreds of thunder balls, the flood dragon’s aura obviously decreased in a huge amount.


Inside the hole, Su Mo swung his longsword in an upward arc.

The 3,000-meter-long, three-colored sword Qi carried an unrivaled, overbearing power and moved to the flood dragon.

After reaching the Martial King Realm, the sword power of Su Mo’s stroke had also multiplied.


The flood dragon snarled and rushed to the sword Qi. Subsequently, the sword Qi and the flood dragon both shattered and vanished.

Their collision produced an unimaginable shockwave which ravaged everything 50,000 meters around like a hurricane. Even the surface of the earth was scraped by 30 meters deep, which formed that area into a basin.

“Four attacks left!” Su Mo took a deep breath. By far, he could still stand the attacks.

The thunder clouds rumbled again after the flood dragon was gone. Numerous muffled thunders made people’s hair stand on end.


Another roar rose as a behemoth dashed out of it.

It was also formed by thunderbolts and 400,000 meters long. It was in the shape of a deer, with horns on its head and scale armors all over its body, and its tail looked like a cattle’s tail.

“A Kylin?” Su Mo was shocked. How can it be? This was a Divine Beast!


The Thunder Kylin roared again and then threw itself down to Su Mo.

The sky and the earth were shaking under its movement as it carried an immense and overwhelming aura.

As if the space was frozen, Su Mo felt a huge pressure at this moment.

This was a demonic beast that looked like a Kylin, and it was way more powerful than that flood dragon.


The huge thunder claws that carried with a destructive power were about to violently squash Su Mo.

Before that overbearing claws met Su Mo, he already felt a pressure that was as heavy as a huge mountain on his body. He almost knelt on the ground.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

The ground kept cracking into numerous lines of abysses.

Facing such a powerful attack, Su Mo took up his Hornet Sword, held up the shield with both hands and readied to block the attack.

His Dark Force surged like a running river and then rushed into the Earthly Shield.


A humongous Archean Dragonesque Elephant’s shadow appeared and roared to the sky, while golden scale armor covered his body.

The Earthly Shield shone a dazzling light and braced itself for the incoming claws.

The next moment, the thunder claws of the Kylin struck the shield mercilessly.


The next moment, the thunder claws of the Kylin struck the shield mercilessly.


A deafening rumble occurred as mountains collapsed and the earth cracked open with infinite dust blown to the sky.

The place where Su Mo stood was now a 300-meter-wide and bottomless big hole.

Countless lightning arcs were creeping in there and the hole’s edge was burned black.

Su Mo had completely disappeared.

The crowd far away was shocked beyond description.

They had never seen such a horrible Martial King Ordeal.

It was just so terrifying!

“Was that guy dead?”

Everybody was curious but none dared to check it out. They just waited and watched silently.

If Su Mo was dead, the thunderclouds would disappear soon because the Lightning Punishment was aimed to kill Su Mo.

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